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Peterhouse Girls

CHISZ Charter for Sport

There is no denying that the CHISZ schools take great delight in the many sporting achievements of this small country on the world stage. However, the CHISZ schools take as much delight from the achievements of our youngsters in many other fields all around the world, not least in the character that is developed and honed at our schools.

With regard to education, CHISZ unequivocally believes that:
•    Education is about the whole child
•    Education is about attitude as much as about aptitude.
•    Education is for life.
•    Education is about all children in the school, not just a few.

CHISZ also unequivocally believes that SPORT plays a vital role in the education of EVERY child in order to produce a balanced, principled youngster. CHISZ believes that:
•    Sport is to be played for enjoyment
•    Sport is to be played for health and fitness
•    Sport teaches important lessons
•    Sport provides vital healthy competition. Sport is, by very nature, competitive – a large number of schools competing at a similar level will benefit the sport greatly.
•    Sport brings people together from all walks of life.
•    Sport is a worldwide industry providing career opportunities
In addition CHISZ firmly believes that
•    Sport is not about winning at all costs or trophy hunting.
•    Sport is about DOING YOUR BEST, not simply about being the best.
•    Values are as important as skills; progress is more important than success.
•    Lessons are learnt as much through losing as through winning.
•    National representation should not occur below Under 16 age group.
•    Children will benefit more from playing in different positions and sports
•    Safety of participants in sport is of the utmost concern.

Parents can play a huge part in the development of a child’s sporting career, through their good example, their positive encouragement, their unwavering enthusiasm in victory or defeat OR they can play a debilitating part in their child’s sporting (and personal) development by their bad behaviour, their negative criticism  and their desperate pursuit of success at all costs. Schools value enormously positive, enthusiastic support from parents.

CHISZ schools unashamedly remain committed to offering quality sports coaching, fixtures and entertainment for all pupils within a balanced, principled framework. We respect the positive contributions from many parents as we seek to ensure sport is a meaningful and enjoyable experience. We expect the following Code to be observed by all parents and other spectators and will not tolerate any breach of the Code.


•    Encourage your child to learn the rules and play within them.
•    Discourage your child and your child’s team from unfair play.
•    Help your child to recognize good performance, not just results.
•    Encourage your child to be a team player.
•    Be supportive of all the players on the team. Cheer the team not individuals. 
•    Give positive feedback.
•    Respect the officials (no questioning or abuse of officials, direct or indirect, during or immediately after matches); accept their decisions.
•    Respect the role of the coach and refrain from coaching your child during games.
•    Address or report any parent who will not abide by this Code of Conduct.
•    Use correct and proper language at all times (no swearing or abusive language).
•    Refrain from criticising the opposing team.
•    Do not interfere with team selection, coaching or fixtures.
•    No betting on school matches by parents to be allowed
•    No alcohol to be consumed before or during school matches