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Peterhouse Girls

Academic, Cultural & Sports Results



Academic Awards

Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Trinity Mid-Term Mark Order:

D Block – Naomi Abang, Jordan Carlisle, Vanshika Datta, Anesu Dzvatsva, Samantha Mangana, Danielle Mashumba, Peace Mhlanga, Zoe Midzi, Kenley Muchirahondo, Yorina Mugadhi, Thando Ncube, Sharae Trewartha, Leanne Zivanayi

C Block – Pauline Chemhere, Cassandra Fernandes, Keira Findlay, Kimberley Guzha, Shivani Kala, Matifadza Madera, Ropafadzo Makororo, Natsai Mandimutsira, Grace Murendo, Munashe Matsuro, Brooke Ziki

B Block – Mukudzei Charumbira, Anotidashe Chibanda, Grace Mahofa, Mary Mahofa, Nicole Murengami, Tanatswa Rukwata, Stephanie Rundle

A Block – Melissa Allott, Aneni Chigwedere

Vth Form – Munenyasha Chitsva, Danniella Hulbert

VIth Form –Tawananyasha Banda, Deborah Davy, Meagan De Kock, Amber Robinson


v. Hellenic
Juniors: lost 66% - 67%. Leona Marimira was the 2nd best speaker with 70%
Intermediates: won 73% - 67%.Tayamika Mandiwanzira 2nd best speaker with 80%, Shumirai Chigadza 3rd best speaker with 79%
Senior: won 82% - 69%. Joy Chauruka was the best speaker with 99%

v. Arundel
Juniors: lost 90% - 92%. Leona Marimira was the 2nd best speaker with 73%
Intermediates: won 80% - 79%. Shumirai Chigadza was the best speaker with 80%
Seniors: won 89% - 83%. Munesushe Mushosho was the best speaker with 81%

v. Arundel
Juniors: lost 2.5 - 3.5 points.
Special mention goes to Yorina Mugadhi for winning her first competitive game and Nikita Rana who drew her first ever competitive chess game.
Seniors: lost 2 - 4.
Special mention goes to Anotida Chigavazira for stepping up to represent the Senior team.

Model United Nations (MUN) at St John’s College
Over the FFW, the Peterhouse MUN Club participated in the SJCMUN, a Model United Nations Conference held at St John’s College. The theme of the conference was “Evaluating the Past to Guarantee a Transition to a Post-Pandemic World”. Participants created and debated resolutions on real-world issues ranging from ensuring equitable access to Covid-19 vaccinations in Sub-Saharan Africa, all the way to addressing the civil war in the Tigray Region. Peterhouse Girls did extremely well. Congratulations to Munesushe Mushosho for receiving an award as the best delegate in her committee and Tadiswa Mafara for best Co-Chair in the conference as a whole.

Peterhouse Girls attended a PASTIS meeting with Macheke High School. The discussion was lively and heated, at some point. The topics discussed were: 'Are we living in a world where morals no longer matter: Who is responsible?' and 'Is it right to pick out a career based solely on the salary you may get.' The discussion on morals was closely linked to culture by most pupils. The definitions of culture and morals were assessed. The meeting ended with some light-hearted humorous contributions from the Macheke High School pupils.

Interhouse Public Speaking
D. Holman Trophy for Best Junior Speaker Winner : Celine Muhwati
M. Holman Trophy for Best Intermediate Speaker Winner: Chiedza Matsika
Runner-up: Chloe Scott Elliot
Nicola Ward Trophy for Best Senior Speaker Winner : Munesushe Mushosho
Runner-up: Teris Miti
Mells Cup for Best Public Speaking House Winner : Eland - 436
Runner Up: Kudu - 426
3rd place: Impala - 418
4th place: Sable - 371

Shona Club Quiz
v. Gateway and Wise Owl
Wise Owl 27/40 points
PHG 26/40 points
Gateway 25/40 points
PHG came 2nd out of three schools


Inter-Provincial Athletics Meet, Bulawayo
Melissa Allott placed 9th in the 100m Final (Senior Age Group)
Leesa Mutandwa placed 5th in the 200m Final and 1st in the 4 x 100m Relay Final

Africa Day Tournaments:
U14 won all their pool games and lost in the Final to Chisipite (Silver Medal)
U15 won all of their pool games and won the Final (Gold Medal)
U16 won all of their pool games and won the Final (Gold Medal)

The U16 Zimbabwe Basketball trials were completed and the following girls were selected:
Nicole Badwell, Nyasha Chikuri, Danielle Kaschula, Dinell Mabinga, Rufadzo Mangoma, Margaret Songore.

After the 1st Team Basketball Tournament earlier in the term, the following players were selected for the ATS Schools U20 side: Heila Chapeyama, Marceline Masvikeni, Cally Muhwati, Leesa Mutandwa. Congratulations to our basketball players.

v. Arundel
U14 won 10 - 0
U15 drew 4 - 4
U16 won 8 - 4
2nd no game (Arundel did not have a 2nd team side)
1st lost 12 - 14

Congratulations to our hockey players who were selected to represent Mashonaland Country Districts Hockey teams at the Inter-Provincial Tournament (Zimbabwe Schools U16 and U18 Hockey Trials 24 – 26 June in Harare). Of the 90 team places available, and 6 schools at trials, PHG had 48 players selected meaning that Mashonaland Country Districts Hockey comprises over 50% PHG hockey players.

Age groups: U18 (Lower 6 and Upper 6)
U16 (Form 3 and 4)

These players will compete in the Inter-Provincial Hockey Tournament (IPT) 24 – 26 June in Harare; where the Zimbabwe Schools U16A/B and U18A/B sides will be selected:

MCD U18C Represents:
Rebecca Botha PHG 2nd XI
Sarah Brown PHG 2nd XI
Ayla Greeff PHG 2nd XI
Shalom Ranganai PHG 2nd XI
Brooklyn Tippett PHG 2nd XI

MCD U18B Represents:
Jamie-Lee Kaschula PHG 1st XI
Rufaro Mapfumo PHG 1st XI/PHG 2nd XI
Zandile Mbofana PHG 1st XI
Thando Ntini PHG 2nd XI
Amber Robinson PHG 1st XI
Amy Scott Elliot PHG 1st XI

MCD U18A Represents:
Tanyaradzwa Changa PHG 1st XI
Chido Chasara PHG 1st XI
Tanatswa Chirenda PHG 1st XI
Naledi Jani PHG 1st XI
Maliksha Goven PHG 1st XI
Adel Kotze PHG 2nd XI
Jodie Kuipers PHG 1st XI
Ayanda Mangena PHG 1st XI
Nakai Mujaranji PHG 1st XI
Emily Wood PHG 1st XI

MCD U16C Represents:
Nicole Badwell PHG U16B
Mazvita Chingwena PHG U16B
Tayamika Mandiwanwanzira PHG U16B
Nicole Murengami PHG U16A
Emily Taylor PHG U16A

MCD U16B Represents:
Coco Bathurst PHG U16A
Sanika Goven PHG U16A
Danielle Kaschula PHG U16A
Elizabeth Moore-Gordon PHG 2nd XI
Tavimba Mukozho PHG 2nd XI
Margaret Songore PHG U16A
Karishma Yakiti PHG U16A
Planty Zikhali PHG U16A

MCD U16A Represents:
Nyasha Bvute PHG U16A
Marilena Fernandes PHG 2nd XI
Melissa Kamusasa PHG 1st XI
Nandipha Manyika PHG 2nd XI
Tanyaradzwa Midzi PHG 1st XI
Anike Mparuri PHG 1st XI
Chidochashe Munyonga PHG 1st XI
Ruvarashe Nhongonhema PHG 2nd XI
Reina Parirenyatwa PHG 1st XI
Stephanie Rundle PHG U16A
Chloe Scott Elliot PHG 2nd XI
Tayleigh Taylor PHG U16A

A League
v. Convent (Hre)
U14A won 4 - 1
U15A won 8 - 0
U16A won 2 - 0
1st XI won 3 - 0

v. Girls College
U14A won 5 - 0
U15A won 1 - 0
U16A won 1 - 0
1st XI lost 0 - 2

Statistics to date – all A teams combined results:
Goals scored: 63
Goals conceded: 18
Matches played: 20 (15 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw)

B League
v. Watershed
U14B won 3 - 0
U15B won 3 - 0
U16B won 6 - 0
2nd XI won 3 - 0

v. Arundel
U14B won 4 - 0
U15B won 2 - 0
U16B won 4 - 0
2nd XI won 2 - 0

v. Convent (Byo)
U14B drew 0 - 0
U15B drew 1 - 1
U16B won 5 - 0
2nd XI won 2 - 0

Statistics to date – all B teams combined results:
Goals scored: 90
Goals conceded: 3
Matches played: 24 (21 wins, 0 losses and 3 draws)

C League
v. Chisipite
Chisipite sent one U14 team to play.
U14C won 1 - 0

v. Falcon
U14C won 5 - 0
U15C won 4 - 0
U16B won 2 - 1
3rd XI won 3 - 1

v. Gateway
U14C won 4 - 0
U15C won 8 - 0
U16 C won 2 - 0
Gateway could not raise a Senior Team so no match for PHG 3rd XI.

Statistics to date – all C teams combined results:
Goals scored: 39
Goals conceded: 8
Matches played: 12 (10 wins, 2 losses)

Horse Riding
Adele Kotze and Taige Mannix both participated in the Junior Classic Polocrosse Tournament where Taige’s team came first and Adel’s team came second. Taige was awarded best number 2 player in the tournament! On the same weekend, Luanna Page placed 1st in the 90cm eventing at Hillcrest.

Kate Wilding-Davies competed in the Pony Show at HIPEC where she placed 2nd in the Novice 2 Dressage Test.

FEI World Dressage at HIPEC
Kate Wilding-Davies placed 1st in the Novice 4 and 1st in the 7 Nations Elementary classes. She also received her second qualification for the 7 Nations and FEI World Challenge.

Over the FFW, Lara Weller and Daniella Phiri travelled to Roodeplaat Dam in South Africa to compete in the SA National Championships. In the Junior Women’s U18 Doubles Final, the pair placed 4th whilst in the Women’s B Sculls, Lara Weller placed 2nd winning a Silver Medal and Daniella Phiri placed 5th.

Zimbabwe Open Squash Tournament
Deborah Davy won in the U19 girls age group and will represent Zimbabwe at the South African U19 IPT in Cape Town in June. In the U16 age group, Catherine Munro finished 6th out of 24 and will also represent Zimbabwe at the South African U16 IPT in Pretoria. Well done to Brenna Mashungu who finished 15th out of 24 and Naledi Ngwenya who finished 19th.
v Hellenic
PHG lost 2 - 3

v Hellenic
Seniors lost 1 - 2
Juniors lost 1 - 2

27th May 2022


v. Dominican Convent
A Team 1st pair lost 5 -11
A Team 2nd pair lost 2 - 9
B Team won 5 - 0
C Team won 4 - 1

v. Watershed College
Juniors: Won 71% - 54%
Shumirai Chigadza was best speaker with 76%
Seniors: Won 72% - 70%
Munesushe Mushosho was the best with 76%

v. Dominican Convent
Juniors: Won 70% - 64%
Shumirai Chigadza was the best speaker with 75%
Seniors: won 73 - 72%
Nicole Allott and Winnet Musikavanhu were co-best speaker with 75%

v. Watershed College
Juniors lost 0 - 3
Seniors won 4 - 2

On Thursday 12 May, the Interact Club visited Ida WeKwako. They were welcomed with warm smiles and even warmer hugs. In no time, they were all fully engrossed in their endless stories and words of wisdom- even from their oldest member, a 102-year-old man! We managed to deliver several goods: washing soap, cooking oil, various juices, biscuits and other treats. Although, to be honest, the real treats were the tears of joy shed by one of the elderly women. Her joy was truly a sight to behold.

The PASTIS Club had their first meeting at Prince Edward School. The topics discussed challenged the girls to think outside the box and realize the influence that they each individually have on each other. Peer pressure can be positive and negative. Associations with like-minded people who promote growth and positivity was encouraged. The flawed standards of beauty in our society were also analyzed.

Public Speaking
v. PHB -  PHG won
Nicole Allott was best Senior Speaker; Chiedza Matsika was the best Intermediate Speaker

Shona Club
The Shona Club took part in the Wise Owl Music and Drama Competition. The girls’ enthusiasm was very encouraging. They did a skit that was based on ‘Chimwe NeChimwe’ by Jah Prayzah. Leona Marimira won best actress for her role and Jasmine Sanhanga, supporting actress. In the second set piece, ‘Haarore’, by Takura– Leona Marimira was voted best actress for the second time. This event gave the Club members a chance to showcase their acting and dancing skills on stage.

Tadiswa Mafara and Tanatswa Matonda qualified to represent Zimbabwe in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). They worked diligently over the holidays finalizing their project. They participated in a preparation training camp in Nyanga National Park from 5 - 8 April. It was an interactive camp where they were mentored virtually by previous ISEF participants and received invaluable tips.

Their journey to ISEF was captured by the National Geographic Documentary Team. ISEF is the largest preuniversity science fair in the world, with the best STEM talent from countries around the world competing in the "Olympics of Science”. This year, ISEF had 1 750 finalists from 63 countries. The fair took place in Atlanta, Georgia USA from 7 - 13 May. Tanatswa and Tadiswa's project was categorised under the Behavioural and Social Science, entitled: "Mechatronics in a Zimbabwean Girl’s World: Cultivating Interest in STEM Among Female Students in Zimbabwe by Using Mechatronics."

At the Grand awards on Friday 13 May 2022 they came 2nd, winning $USD2000! In Tanatswa's words: "Only one other Zimbabwean has ever received a 2nd place grand award in this world-renowned competition thus far and we have now followed after the foundation she set. So far, our entire Zimbabwean team has received one special award, one 2nd place, 3rd place and 4th place award. Our delegation is setting records!!" 
Congratulations to them both, for such a remarkable achievement, lifting not only the Zimbabwean flag high, but the Peterhouse Crown, too. From their experience, the PHG STEM Club is now making progress on planning the first ever Internal Science Fair, which will be held on Friday 31 July 2022.

Highlights from April School Holidays

30 April – 1 May 2022
NAAZ Junior Championships at the National Sports Stadium. The athletes below achieved the following results, all competing in the Open Age Group:
Melissa Allott (U17) placed 7th in the 100m Final
Victoria Chigumba (U18) placed 7th in the 100m Final
Leesa Mutandwa (U20) placed 5th in the 100m Final and 4th in the 200m Final

1st Team and U16 Basketball Team attended a combined camp at PHG from 25 – 27 April where they carried out training and team building. The 1st Team played a practice game against Bradford College winning 24 - 2.

The 1st Team Hockey girls went into training camp from 25 - 28 April inclusive, to prepare for the pre-season St. John’s Festival which was held in Harare from 29 April - 1 May. The results were as follows:
1st XI Girls – St. Johns Festival 29 April – 1 May 2022
v. Hellenic won 5 - 0
v. Lomagundi won 2 - 0
v. Arundel drew 0 - 0
v. Falcon won 3 - 0
v. Chisipite lost 0 - 2

Horse Riding
Adel Kotze competed for Zimbabwe Polocrosse in an international tournament between Zimbabwe and South Africa, with Zimbabwe winning the series. Adel also competed in the Junior Classic Tournament in South Africa.

14 – 17 April 2022
CANA Zone VI, Lusaka, Zambia
Timea Schultz represented the Zimbabwe Swimming Team at the above meet Championship where she attained the following in the U17 – U19 Age Group:
Bronze 50m Backstroke
Silver 200m Backstroke
Gold 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay
Gold 4 x 50m Medley Relay

Tanyaradzwa Midzi took part in two tournaments in Botswana. She reached the singles quarter and semi-finals respectively. In the first tournament she overcame Karolina Golda (Poland) 6 - 0, 7 - 5 in the 1st round, then Claire Jaramba (South Africa) 6 - 0, 6 - 2 in the 2nd round. She then fell to hard hitter Imogen Haddad (Great Britain) 2 - 6, 3 - 6 in the round of 8.
In the doubles she reached the semi-finals.

In the second tournament that started on the 18th of May she performed better than in the first and narrowly missed the final after losing in a 3rd set in the semi-finals. In the first round she overcame Angelique van de Walt (South Africa) 6 - 2, 6 - 1 while in the 2nd round she beat Melissa Mwakha (Kenya) 3 - 6, 6 - 1, 6 - 1. In the quarter finals she again met Imogen Haddad (Great Britain) and turned the tables 6 - 2, 7 - 6 to book a spot in the semi-finals. There she met Tayla Wilmot (South Africa) and put up a brave fight but lost 3 - 6, 6 - 4, 0 - 6 in the 3rd set.

Tanyaradzwa has again been selected for the Zimbabwe Women’s Tennis Team, and will be representing the country at the Women’s World Cup of Tennis, the Billie Jean King Cup, and Africa/Europe Group III Event.
The event will be held in Montenegro from 4 - 12 June 2022. We wish her all the very best.

Sports Results ths term

15 May 2022
Interschool’s Archery at Chisipite Junior School – Peterhouse finished 2nd overall in the 3D with Nicole Allott finishing 3rd overall in the Bullseye Division.

14 May 2022
Leesa Mutandwa competed at the Botswana National Championships in Gaborone, Botswana coming 3rd and 1st in the 100m and 200m heats respectively, but unfortunately not making the finals in these events. We commend Leesa for her continued effort in Athletics.

13 May 2022 v. Lomagundi
U14A lost 6 - 10
U15A (Away at Outback)
U16A won 16 - 4
2nd Team won 8 - 4
1st Team won 20 - 14

20 May 2022 v. Convent (Harare)
U14A won 14 - 0
U15A won 7 - 2
U16A lost 1 - 6
2nd Team won 9 - 7
1st Team lost 14 - 16

21 May 2022
1st Team Basketball Invitational (PHG)
1st Team won all pool matches and proceeded to the quarter finals, where they were knocked out by Watershed.
After the tournament the following players were selected for the ATS Select U20 Basketball Team: Heila Chapeyama, Marceline Masvikeni, Leesa Mutandwa, Cally Muhwati.

A League 7 May 2022 v. Kyle College
U14A won 8 - 0
U15A won 2 - 0
U16A won 9 - 0
1st XI won 2 - 1

14 May 2022 v. Hellenic
U14A lost 1 - 4
U15A won 4 - 1
U16A lost 1 - 3
1st XI drew 2 - 2

21 May 2022 v. Arundel
U14A won 6 - 0
U15A won 1 - 0
U16A won 2 - 1
1st XI lost 1 - 3

Statistics to date – all A teams combined results:
Goals scored : 39
Goals conceded: 15
Matches played: 12 (8 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw)

B League 
7 May 2022 v. Eaglesvale
U14B won 8 - 0
U15B won 5 - 0
U16B won 6 - 1
2nd XI won 1 - 0

14 May 2022 v. Goldridge
U14B won 2 - 0
U15B won 5 - 0
U16B won 4 - 0
2nd XI won 4 - 0

21 May 2022 v. MCC
U14B won 8 - 0
U15B won 5 - 0
U16B won 7 - 0
2nd XI drew 1 - 1

Statistics to date all B teams combined results:
Goals scored : 55
Goals conceded : 2
Matches played : 12 (11 wins, 1 draw)

C League
7 May 2022 v. Rydings
Matches cancelled by Rydings who were unable to field teams

14 May 2022 v. Westridge and Lomagundi
Match cancelled by Westridge
v. Lomagundi
U14C won 6 - 0
U15C lost 0 - 1
U16B lost 1 - 5
3rd XI won 3 - 0

21 May 2022 v. Tynwald
Matches postponed by PHG as Tynwald only had 1 field available. To be rescheduled to a date where PHG
can host.

Statistics to date all C teams combined results:
Goals scored : 10
Goals conceded : 6
Matches played : 4 (2 wins, 2 losses)

Horse Riding
14 -15 May 2022
Dressage at HIPEC
Kate Wilding-Davies – Hermes- Champion for Junior Novice 2, 3 and 5; placed 1st in the Seven Nations Elementary Class.
Luanna Page- Chum- ranked 3rd nationwide on the Eventing Circuit from January to date; this includes all adult and junior competitors.

Confirmation of Grading received from Kurai Kofukan Karate Club as follows:
Mazvita Chingwena Yellow Belt Kyu 3rd Class
Keira Hartmann Yellow Belt Kyu 2nd Class
Natasha Masanganise Orange Stripe Kyu (B) 3rd Class

11 May 2022 v. Convent
Juniors won 1 - 0
Seniors drew 1 - 1

18 May 2022 v. Gateway
Gateway were only able to field one team of senior players and the game ended in a 0 – 0 draw.

18 May 22 v. St. Johns College
lost 2 – 3
In the final match with the scores being equal (PHG 2 - SJC 2) the game went down to the wire with PHG losing the best of 5 games; 9 - 11 in the last deciding game.

Table Tennis
11 May 2022 v. Gateway
Juniors won overall and Seniors won

18 May 2022 v. Heritage
Juniors lost 3 - 2
Seniors won 4 - 2

Sports Awards

Athletics Awards from Lent 2022

Coco Bathurst, Sarah Bicknell, Tanyaradzwa Changa, Tamuonashe Chisvo, Kara Exton, Kimberly Gono, Briony Gombedza, Victoria Mabuyaye, Gracia Mwemba-Onema, Lorraine Njaravaza, Megan Ruchiyo, Chloe Scott Elliot, Mackenzee Watt, Planty Zikhali.

Melissa Allott, Nicole Allott, Daniella Anderson, Sarah Brown, Victoria Chigumba, Gabrielle Gonye, Erin Mann, Taige Mannix, Lynelle Mutimusakwa, Timea Schultz,Tamika Mparuri.

Cock’s Ties:
Daniella Anderson, Jessica Burton, Sarah Brown, Victoria Chigumba, Ruvarashe Chimuka, Gabrielle Gonye, Rukudzo Jani, Adel Kotze, Erin Mann, Tanatswa Matonda, Tamika Mparuri, Nakai Mujaranji, Leesa Mutandwa, Debrah Nakhozwe, Zoe Robson, Mackenzee Watt, Emily Wood.

1st Team Tracksuits:
Melissa Allott, Victoria Chigumba, Gabrielle Gonye, Mutsa Mabhena, Debrah Nakhozwe and Tabitha Tunney.

Half Colours:
Gabrielle Gonye, Adel Kotze, Debrah Nakhozwe, Tabitha Tunney, Emily Wood.