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Peterhouse Girls


Chapel of St Francis
The Chapel was built in the early 1950s and is dedicated to the Saint who so inspired Springvale School’s first headmaster, Canon Robert Grinham.  It is built of brick, rough plastered and white painted; its internal pillars are gum poles, as are the beams which support the thatched roof.  It is a simple, honest building; a no-nonsense expression of the Christian faith.  And as befits an Anglican foundation, it stands at the physical and spiritual centre of the school’s life.

When the Peterhouse girls moved into the buildings of Springvale School in 1987, which had been forced to close in 1979, it soon became apparent that the Chapel would have to be extended.  Under the guidance of Mr Jon Calderwood, who had already seen to the installation of a new organ, the extension was planned and executed: two transepts were added, in structure and furnishing identical to the style of the original.  In addition, a new altar was built using teak discarded by the boys’ school laboratories; a rare fusion of the spiritual with the scientific. 

With the expansion of Peterhouse Girls it was again necessary to extend the Chapel once again, this time in all directions, and was completed in 2014.  

The School Services are as follows: 
Friday  -  on a rotating basis, A to D Blocks, Eucharist
Sunday  -  Eucharist or Evensong
Wednesday  -  Hymn Practice
Thursday  -  Weekly School Service

Confirmation classes are conducted in the second and third terms.  At the end of the year the Bishop of Harare is invited to confirm Confirmands from Peterhouse Boys, Peterhouse Girls and from our village chapels.  This special occasion is attended by parents and friends of each Confirmand.

Up to two Mission Weeks are held each year with visiting speakers, some from abroad.  With missionaries staying in the boarding Houses during the week there is much interaction and fellowship.  These Mission Weeks are extremely popular and the voluntary nightly services are well attended by both pupils and staff alike.
Scripture Union
The Scripture Union group meets every Friday night for praise, worship and teaching.  Various prayer meetings are held throughout the week, often in the early hours of the morning and we try to be involved with as many projects within the community as possible.  
The School Prayer
“Almighty God, who didst put it into the hearts of men to found this school, we thank thee for the faith and vision which brought it into being.
Inspire us so to use the opportunities given to us here, that we may be fitted for the service of thee and of our fellow men.  May we grow daily in knowledge and wisdom, and in reverence of thy holy name.  Help us to heed the voice of conscience that cries out when we deny thee;  Strengthen us to share the burden of the Cross, and give to us at last the Crown of everlasting joy that waits for all they faithful servants. 
Save us and help us we humbly beseech thee O Lord; and use us to thy honour and glory, through Jesus Christ our Saviour.  Amen”

The School Hymn

1.     Lord, in this place we pray that we may find
Those bonds of service that can make us free;
Our sacrifice of body, soul and mind,
With thankful hearts we offer here to thee.

2.     Though called as saints, without thy help too weak
To follow in the way that thou hast trod;
Grant us the grace of courage, strength to seek
The hard high calling of the sons of God.

3.     Help us to know and to uphold the truth,
To fight undaunted, mindful of thine aid,
Fulfilling with our lives the dreams of youth,
Our ceaseless quest a crown that shall not fade.

4.     In humble penitence we here unfold
Our tale of failures and of deeds half-done,
False words, vain thoughts, and actions uncontrolled,
Imperfect loyalty to thy perfect Son.

5.     Forgive us, sinners easily content
With feeble strivings to attain the goal,
Who, saved by sacrifice, again present
Our threefold gift of body, mind and soul.