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Peterhouse Girls

Hair Style Regulations

Peterhouse Girls is a conservative Anglican Boarding School and girls are to keep their hair neat, tidy and tied back when in school and sports uniforms. Girls found in breach of these regulations will be punished with Dress Inspection until the correction is made. Parents will be contacted and asked to correct the breach as soon as possible.

1. Fancy / exotic hairstyles are not permitted. The styling of hair must be appropriate and uniform.
2. Hair must be tied neatly; close to the head and off the face and shirt collar.
3. Coloured hair, highlights or tints are not permitted.
4. Girls may wear their natural hair and tie it into a pony tail (if it is long enough) at the back of the head; between the ears and not at the top of the head. Elastic hair bands may be used but must be the colour of the girl’s hair, or royal blue.
5. Any loose strands must be clipped off the face and neck using blue Kerbie Grips, hair coloured bobby pins or a thin blue Alice Band.
6. White hair bands or Alice Bands may only be worn by VIth Form girls.
7. Girls may wear fringes but must be of eyebrow length and hair must not hang in the eyes. Braided or weaved hair must not include a fringe.
8. Ballet buns may be worn; they must not be messy buns or in loose knots
9. Ponytails must be worn conservatively. The hair must not be looped carelessly in the hair band.
10. Pigtails, boy cuts and the shaving of hair are not permitted.

Braids and Corn Rows
Girls with kinky hair are permitted to wear braids as a matter of convenience and not for fashionable purposes.

D – A Block
1. Length – When loose, the length must not exceed the bra-strap.
2. Style – Uniform straight lines only. Hair must also be uniform in colour and thickness. Bulky braids are not permitted and the hair must fit comfortably under a hat. Curly extensions are not permitted. Extensions must be braided to the end and must not run.
3. Width – No thicker than 1cm. Box braids are not permitted.
4. Colour – Black or dark brown i.e. colours 1, 2 or 4 only. There must not be a discrepancy between the natural hair colour and the extension colour.

Vth -VIth Form
Rules pertaining to D – A Block apply with exception of the following privileges:
1. Length – When loose, the length may reach but not exceed the navel.
2. Styles – Sewn in weaves may be worn. Wigs, lace-fronts and closures are not permitted. The weave must be straight and long enough to be tied up.