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Peterhouse Girls



Martha Querl Trophy Sportswoman of the Year: Courtney Brown
Tate Trophy for Sportsmanship: Victoria Wood

NASP Tournament at Arundel Peterhouse Girls came 2nd out of 6 schools
NASP Tournament at Arundel Peterhouse Girls came 2nd out of 6 schools
NASP Tournament at St John’s Peterhouse Girls came 3rdout of 6 schools
NASP National Representatives Nicole Allott, Shirea Brits
Zimbabwe Development Team Ria Pareekh
1st Team Tracksuit Nicole Allott

Prince Edward Sprints Challenge Peterhouse Girls came 5th out of 9 schools
Arundel Field Events Peterhouse Girls came 4th out of 5 schools
Chisipite Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 2nd out of 6 schools
Interhouse Athletics Standards Not completed
Interhouse Pentathlon Not completed
Interhouse Individual 1st Kudu, 2nd Eland, 3rd Sable, 4th Impala
Interhouse Relays Not completed
District Selection Doné Erasmus, Kimberley Gono, Nomsa Kachere, Andie Kuipers, Sophie Le Boulangé, Danielle Murrell, Leesa Mutandwa, Debrah Nakhozwe, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Maja Potzas, Zoe Robson, Nomsa Kachere
Provincial Selection Debrah Nakhozwe, Nomsa Kachere, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Gabrielle Gonye, Danielle Murrell and Leesa Mtandwa
Distinctions Debrah Nakhozwe, Nomsa Kachere, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Danielle Murrell, Gabrielle Gonye and Leesa Mtandwa
1st Team Tracksuit Leesa Mtandwa, Emily Wood, Adel Kotzé, Rukudzo Jani, Tamika Mparuri,
Tannatswa Matondo, Nakai Mujaranji, Nomsa Kachere, Jade Carlisle, Chemwemwe Msiska, Tanyaradzwa Changa, Kimberly Tambula, Naledi Jani, Karen Mharadze

League Matches Played (16) Won (14) Lost (2)
1st Team 4 3 1
2nd Team 0 0 0
U16A 4 4 0
U15A 4 4 0
U14A 4 3 1
HIS Tournament Peterhouse Girls were Runners Up
PHG U20 Tournament Not completed
Watershed U20 Tournament Not completed
Interhouse Basketball Not completed
Most improved Junior player Lesley Gundo and Reina Parirenyatwa
Most improved Senior player Takudzwa Shereni
U20 Provincial Team No selection tournament
U20 ATS Team No selection tournament
Distinctions Sasha Mukucha and Primrose Rundogo
1st Team Tracksuits Sasha Mukucha, Primrose Rundogo, Daliso Miti, Takudzwa Shereni,
Jamie-Lee Kaschula, Natasha Kambani and Leesa Mtandwa
Half Colours Sasha Mukucha
Full Colours Precious Chemhere

Peterhouse Girls Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 1st out of 9 schools
Watershed Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 1st out of 9 schools
Arundel Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 1st out of 9 schools
Lomagundi Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 1st out of 10 schools
Interhouse Cross Country 1st Sable, 2nd Eland, 3rd Impala, 4th Kudu
1st Team Tracksuits Emily Wood, Daniella Anderson, Jessica Burton, Katie Loubser and
Dhalika Goven
Full Colours Andie Kuipers and Courtney Brown

There are currently 20 active golfers at PHG working towards achieving their handicaps.

Senior 1st Team Squad Tour to Pretoria Cancelled
St. John’s Pre-season Festival Cancelled
League Matches
PHG A League Hockey PHG B League Hockey PHG C League Hockey
No season No season No season
Overall combined league results Not applicable
Golden Girls Cancelled
PHG U14 Festival Cancelled
Hellenic U15 Festival Cancelled
Interhouse Hockey Not completed
Provincial Representation U16 No selection tournament
Provincial Representation U18 No selection tournament
National Representation U16 No Selection tournament
National Representation U18 No Selection tournament
Zimbabwe U21 Junior World Cup Squad
Jade Carlisle, Courtney Brown, Victoria Wood, Tanaka Muringani and
Jamie-Lee Kacshula
Distinctions Jade Carlisle, Courtney Brown, Victoria Wood, Allyson Gillwald and
Jessica Kriel
Cock’s Ties Jade Carlisle, Courtney Brown, Victoria Wood, Allyson Gillwald, Jessica Kriel and Tanaka Muringani
Full Colours Jade Carlisle, Courtney Brown and Victoria Wood

The Davis Cup for The Joy of Riding Nyasha Bvute
Green Shield Most Improved Junior Chiedza Nazare
Celeste Trophy for Most Improved Rider Kayla Gillwald
Allen Trophy Most Promising Rider Sienna Page
Spur Trophy - Horsemanship Zack Jere (PHB)
Newmarch Memorial Trophy for Most Points Taige Mannix
Malwatte Cup - Attitude, Ability, Commitment Acacia Orphanides
Du Plessis Cup—All Four Disciplines Not awarded
Distinctions Bridget Lapham, Kyra Zartmann, Deborah Davy, Abigail Davy, Daniella Anderson, Courtney Wellock and Taige Mannix
1st Team Tracksuit Luanna Page and Katie Loubser
Cock’s Ties Luanna Page, Katie Loubser, Courtney Wellock and
Daniella Anderson
National Representation Erin Elliott, Katie Loubser and Luanna Page
Half Colours Erin Elliott

Half Colours Tawonga Nyamhingura

South African Championships Regatta (Medal Winners)
U16 Double Final 1st Place Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit (Gold)
U16 Single Final 1st Place Kayla Kalweit (Gold)

Rowing Association of Zimbabwe National Championships (Medal Winners)
Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Holly Bicknell, Victoria Wood, Megan Dunstan (Cox), Genevieve Shoesmith, Kayla Kalweit, Lara Weller, Daniella Phiri, Jewantee Yatiki, Kayleigh Weeks and Chloe Scott-Eliot (Cox) (Gold)
Junior Progress Shield for Rowing Kayleigh Weeks
Half Colours Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan
National Representatives Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan, provisional selection Victoria Wood
Zimbabwe Development Squad Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit

SOCCER No season

League matches
3rd League matches 1st Term Played 4, won 2, lost 2
3rd League matches 2nd term No season
Interhouse Squash Not completed
Senior Champion Not completed
Runner Up Not completed
Junior Champion Not completed
Runner Up Not completed
Most Improved Senior Player Bridget Lapham
National Representatives Bridget Lapham, Rebekah Royston, Deborah Davy
Half Colours Bridget Lapham, Rebekah Royston, Deborah Davy

1st Term - A Section Individual Galas
PHG Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 3rd out of 6 schools
Chisipite A Invitational Gala Peterhouse Girls came 3rd out of 6 schools
Convent Invitational Peterhouse Girls came 3rd out of 6 schools
Northern Section Finals Gala Peterhouse Girls came 3rd out of 7 schools
A Section Finals Gala Peterhouse Girls came 4th out of 8 schools
Interhouse Gala Not completed
Victrix Ludorum
U14 Not completed
U15 Not completed
U16 Not completed
Senior Not completed
Provincial Representation Courtney Brown (Mashonaland), Timea Schultz (Matabeleland),
Pareena Bhana, Lillian Takaedza, Shalom Ranganai, Lindsay and Rebecca Botha (MCD).
National Representation Courtney Brown and Timea Schultz (Zimbabwe) and Temwani Chibiya (Zambia)
1st Team Tracksuit Aimee Barron, Temwani Chibiya, Rebecca Botha
Cock’s Ties Maja Potzas, Anne Kirkman, Aimee Barron and Erin Elliott
Full Colours Courtney Brown

Melbury Cup results Not played
A League Matches Played (8) Won (5) Lost (3)
1st Team 3 2 1
U16A 3 1 1
U15A 1 1 0
U14A 1 1 1
Interhouse Tennis Not completed
National Representation Tadiwa Nduku, Eryn Montgomery (Senior) and Tanyaradzwa Midzi (Junior)
Tennis Championships
Junior Singles Winner Not completed
Senior Singles Winner Not completed
Most Improved Junior Player Not awarded
Most Improved Middles Player Not awarded
Most Improved Senior Player Not awarded
Distinctions Tanyaradzwa Midzi for continued outstanding international results on the ITF Circuit
1st Team Tracksuits Tadiwa Nduka, Nakai Mujaranji, Namitasha Mutsai, Genevieve Shoesmith
Half Colours Tadiwa Nduka and Eryn Montgomery

Juniors and seniors combined Played 25 games in total. Won 14 and lost 11
Cock’s Ties Tawonga Nyamhingura

Andie Kuipers, Erin Elliott and Brooklyn Tippett were selected to represent the Zimbabwe Triathlon team. Unfortunately this event was cancelled.
ATU Africa Cup and Zimbabwe Nationals at Troutbeck
Andie Kuipers finished 4th in the Africa Cup race and 1st overall in the U19 National Championship
Erin Elliott finished 6th in the Africa Cup race and 1st overall in the U17 National Championship
Brooklyn Tippett finished 4th in the Africa Cup race and 2nd overall in the U15 National Championship
National Selection Andie Kuipers, Erin Elliott and Brooklyn Tippett
Half Colours Erin Elliott
Full Colours Andie Kuipers

1st Term ATS U20 Selection Tournament
National Selection Precious Chemhere, Tiffany Nyamupingidza and Sasha Mukucha
3rd Term League results No season
PHG U16 Tournament Not held
Interhouse Volleyball Not completed
Half Colours Precious Chemhere, Tiffany Nyamupingidza and Sasha Mukucha
Full Colours Precious Chemhere, Tiffany Nyamupingidza and Sasha Mukucha

Interhouse Waterpolo Not completed


The Art Club’s aim is to teach a range of crafts, which promote recycling objects into something useful. The Design Technology Club provides opportunities for IGCSE exam candidates to build their coursework portfolios, as well as allow younger girls to make a range of objects to reinforce what they learn in class.
In the Lent term, the Photography sessions run by the Art Department, aimed to enable girls to learn more about their cameras and improve their photographic abilities. Although unable to continue with a full class over Digi-school, some Duke of Edinburgh girls still continued and completed their hours in Photography.

We were only able to play a limited number of schools in the Lent term, with varying results. As usual, the D Block Compulsories, under the watchful eye of our Bridge Captain, Shamiso Chikuri, took place every Thursday and helped introduce the girls to this enjoyable game. Unfortunately, the Mashonaland Pairs, Teams of Four and Inter-house Bridge Tournaments, which normally take place in the Trinity term, could not be held.

Full Colours: Shamiso Chikuri and Tanatswa Njanji.

Film Club had to halt its production of a script written in Budding Authors and edited in Film Club. The film focused on Social Media. Now, however the girls are raring to go as we rework the script to be set under lockdown conditions. Two pupils who are studying editing in Computer Science will edit the film and we hope to screen it by the middle of next year.

The Buckland Arts Competition is a tradition that was started by Mrs Sue Buckland. The competition provides a platform for Peterhouse Girls to show case their talent in a wide range of cultural activities over a period of five days. These activities include Music, Flower arrangement, Art and Photography, Dance, Recitation, Design, Cookery and Décor (which was introduced this year). This year the completion was open to the junior girls only as the seniors were already working on their IGCSE examinations.

The theme for 2020 – Celebration in Adversity, reminded the girls and the Peterhouse Girls community that despite the challenges brought about by Covid-19, we still have reason to celebrate and be grateful. For the first time the competition was virtual with the girls competing and handing in their entries online. Due to the virtual nature of the competition, some categories such as Cookery, Installations and the concerts could not be a part of the competition. Consequently, the number of entries were not as many as they would have been ordinarily.
Congratulations to the following girls who participated and won in their categories:
Flower Arrangement Imani Kujeke (I)
Recitation Rachael Nyamayaro (I)
Music Kyra Peters (I)
Art Coco Bathurst (E)
Photography Brianna Style (S)
Décor Laura Changanani (E)
Dance Tasha Chikasha and Lysandra Zvakarambwa (I)
Design Ruvarashe Nhongonema (I)

House Positions: 1st Impala, 2nd Sable, 3rd Eland, 4th Impala

The club had weekly Wednesday practices and matches. We continued to take part in ATS league matches with noticeable improvement in game technique. Interhouse Chess was played online this year with one player per house competing and the results are as follows:

Juniors: 1st Eland, 2nd Sable, 3rd Impala and 4th Kudu.
Seniors: 1st Impala, 2nd Kudu, 3rd Eland and 4th Sable
Overall Interhouse Chess results: 1st Eland,2nd Impala,3rd Sable and 4th Kudu.

Credit: Natercia Makwiranzou

Christian Fellowship aims to provide a platform for all the girls to grow in spiritual and personal relationship with God. There are senior-lead cell groups run in each house every week, which were run in the first term and continued in the third term with the seniors at school. With Digi-school, Mrs Helen Allott along with Ms Tamrin Silcock started an online ‘classroom’ in which encouraging, hearty and relevant material is posted for girls to engage with in their own time. A guest speaker is invited to speak every Friday night, whilst the CF band organises worship songs, through either a live band or praise and worship video sessions. In the Lent term ‘Mission Week’, was held, which saw the Zambezi Holidays team of volunteers spend the week teaching, answering questions and building relationships with the girls. The theme this year was ‘Your Kingdom Come’, which aimed at unpacking the themes of the Lord’s Prayer and the importance of all of the elements within our life, and was greatly enjoyed by all.

The Debate Club continues to grow setting up to enhance the speaking skills of the students and to encourage them to become orators. The club provides an avenue for self-expression and independent thinking, thereby helping the students to grow in self-confidence. We took part in several matches in the Lent term. Each match saw the quality of the speeches improve, with the girls speaking very well at the ATS Debate Tournament. COVID 19 saw us participating in Virtual Debates with Arundel and Hellenic, which was novel for us all. The teams spoke well from their various locations.

Credits: Tanatswa Ajento, Tanyaradzwa Mashayamombe
Golden Cock’s Ties: Tawana Mahari
Half Colours: Gashirai Muhwati, Rutendo Mupfumi, Sharonrose Mandudzi

The NIAA Speech and Drama Festival went virtual this year with the following girls attaining Honours for their entries in the Intermediate Solo Poetry Class: Praise Jakaza & Tanatswa Matonda.

The Interhouse plays were staged successfully with various trophies awarded:
Baxter Trophy - Best Play Overall Kudu
Laing Cup - Best Technical Production Kudu
Chiedza Rwodzi Cup - Best Novice Actress Tanaka Murengami (Impala)
Carol Gibson Cup - Best Cameo Performance Brooklyn Tippet (Sable)
Moore Trophy - Best Supporting Act Mercy Magaya (Eland)
Gibson Trophy - Best Actress Meagan de Kock (Eland) & Daliso Miti (Kudu)

Cock’s Tie: Bronwin Coleman
Full Colours: Sharonrose Mandudzi, Tanyaradzwa Kurenzvi.

The girls attended all their meetings in Lent, with an awareness program that did a presentation on Water day. We continued to meet fortnightly for discussions about how conservation measures could be carried out the during COVID 19 lockdown period.
Credits: Ashley Mavhengere, Panashe Katsi
Distinctions: Bianca Zvikaramba
Silver Service Tie: Priscilla Muhita

Though we have continued with activities that enhance the speaking of French and appreciation of the French culture, we have been limited in what we hoped to achieve by the global pandemic and the lockdown, which ensued. The Quiz and Soiree, which we had planned, were postponed.

While the Covid 19 Pandemic has brought its challenges worldwide, we have had to adapt and work with the “new normal”. An opportunity arose for 10 young men and 10 women of the Peterhouse Group Gavel club to connect with a club thousands of kilometres away in Canada. It was an evening filled with fun and what we have learnt from this situation is that we do not have to travel far to meet other schools for such events. While we appreciate the importance of human interaction, the Gavel Clubs of Peterhouse Group of Schools have used this opportunity to link up with the rest of world and have sound debates, and we are looking forward to our next meet, hopefully with a club in China.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”- Gandhi
This year the club missed out on all the occasions of the year due to the unforeseeable events of the ongoing pandemic, but we still enjoyed sessions of growth in the hospitality sector in first term as we learned the ins and outs of hospitality. This year's head of hospitality was Rutendo Mupfumi and must be commended for her hardwork and commitment to hospitality.

In the Lent term, Interact visited Musha Wevana and interacted with the children. We also went to Ida Wekwako Old People's Home and paid for the painting of their kitchen. During the Covid lockdown period, with the help of Mrs. Shoesmith, Mrs. Heathcote, Mr. Shoesmith and Outward Bound, we bought food items, which included cooking oil, mealie meal and kapenta for both Musha Wevana and Ida Wekwako. Interact paid ZESA bills for three months for Ida Wekwako.

In response to an appeal by the Lomagundi School Interact Club, which was raising money for Patience Dohwe, a cancer patient, our club sent ZW$72 000.00 to help pay Patience's medical bills. In addition, the club also paid fees of ZW$1800.00 to Msasa Vocational Training Centre in Harare for Panashe Kwari of Mwamuka Village at PHB.

Kukura neShungu is a charity organisation in Marondera for children with physical disabilities and learning challenges. The Kukura neShungu pupils visit PHG weekly to spend time with our club members. The sessions are comprised of activities, which include song and dance.

Silver Service Tie: Sasha Mukucha, Chidochashe Madeira, Panashe Katsi, Ropafadzo Mariga

The year 2020 has made an everlasting impact on every one of us, be it negative or positive. Due to COVID 19, the whole world was forced to 'shutdown' and we all had to stay indoors. The LEO club stood firm and steadfast in ensuring that we carried out our main duty, service to the community. Each week we challenged ourselves to do at least one community service, but still observing COVID 19 regulations. These included picking up litter, walking SPCA animals, giving food to the poor like Ida weKwako, or simply cheering up someone. Despite these setbacks, each one of our members managed to live up to our mandate and positively affected their societies.

The first term proceeded as normal, with a plethora of enthusiastic monitors and the library being utilized by everyone with no hint of what was to come. Then came lockdown! We reopened for Digi-school so the staff could use our facilities. Since the senior girls have returned, however, we have once again become a hive of activity (but remaining Covid compliant of course!) Especially popular have been the evening sessions for V and VI Form and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, thanks to the members of the Library Committee who have opened up for their peers, outside of the normal opening hours.

The first term was a busy time for the Magazine Club: collecting reports, checking names and captions, editing and collating information. Sections introduced this year included Creativity at PHG and Highlights of 2019, which we will continue for the 2021 edition.

Distinctions: Shamiso Chikuri, Michelle Murengami, Tanatswa Njanji

The Model United Nations club introduced the Junior MUN this year. This included A and B Block. The juniors attended the Peterhouse conference that was held on the 8th of February 2020. The theme for the conference was '' How much longer can we live like this?" Unfortunately, they were unable to attend more conferences due to Corvid19.

The Musha weVana Club members reach out to orphaned children at local children’s home, where they selflessly give up a few hours every Monday afternoon to interact, play games, and tutor the children. Girls in the club were unable to visit during lockdown, but flash cards, games and posters for the hall have been made for when we can resume our visits. Time spent with the orphans is always an uplifting experience and enriches everyone's life.

The Peterhouse Awareness of Social Teenage Issues Club (PASTIS) promotes consciousness on various topical issues that affect the youth today. In the Lent term, we studied and discussed various literary works. This broadened the girls’ views on various topical issues and forced the girls to confront different cultural perceptions from their own lives. The club had meetings with Prince Edward School, Macheke High School, Dominican Convent Harare, St Georges College and Arundel School. Notable amongst the meetings was a combined meeting held at Dominican Convent with several other schools.

Credits: Tanyaradzwa Chideme, Tanatswa Ajento

The club competed in four quiz competitions during the first term of this year. The captain, Marylene Bandera, who has been a dedicated member of the club since D Block, encouraged the junior members of the club to grow in knowledge and learn new facts in more exciting ways. During the Michaelmas term, we hosted our first online Interhouse competition and the results were as follows:

Interhouse Quiz: 1st Eland, 2nd Sable, 3rd Kudu, 4th Impala
Golden Cock’s Ties: Marylene Bandera


The Shona Club is a cultural club, which operates as an extension of the Shona lessons and allows the girls to keep in touch with their Shona roots and learn more about the Shona people’s lifestyle and traditions. Club members learn several traditional dances and songs.

Credit: Rutendo Magomo
Distinctions: Marylene Bandera

Eleven girls participated in the Annual Zimbabwe Regional Round that was hosted by Peterhouse Boys. The Theme for 2020 was ‘A World Renewed’. They participated in Team Events of Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Bowl and Scholar’s Challenge. All the girls qualified for the Regional Round. However, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, this was cancelled.
Silver Medals: Megan de Kock 1; Makanaka Mawunga 3; Teris Miti 1; Tariro Muvevi 2; Vatida Nemachena1; Faith Nyatanga 2; Makanaka Dzvurumi 4; Courtney Marufu 1; Mafaro Musimwa 1.
Gold Medals: Megan de Kock 4; Teris Miti 1; Tamika Mparuri 1; Faith Nyatanga 1; Hannah Palmer 1; Makanaka Dzvurumi 2; Courtney Marufu 1; Mafaro Musimwa 1.

Special Award as a School Top Scholar – Makanaka Dzvurumi

Team Awards were given to:
Team 327 Makanaka Mawunga, Tariro Muvevi and Faith Nyatanga
Team 328 Makanaka Dzvurumi, Mafaro Musimwa and Courtney Marufu
Team 329 Tamika Mparuri, Vatida Nhemachena
Team 330 Hannah Palmer, Meagan de Kock and Teris Miti
Teams 327, 328 and, 330 qualified for the next Global Round.

When girls turn 14, they have the opportunity to start The Duke of Edinburgh International Award. Over 6 million young people from over 100 countries are accessing this Award program. With only 3 countries in Africa that do the DOE-IA Program – South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe, Peterhouse is one of only three schools in Zimbabwe currently offering this internationally recognised and well respected programme to its pupils.
Google Classroom has been the main platform used to engage with participants and it has been pleasing to see that, this year, even under the strenuous COVID environment, a number of pupils adapted and continued to strive to complete their awards. The Gold level participants have been very active and Nyasha Kamba and Genevieve Shoesmith successfully completed their Residential Project at La Rochelle.

Bronze Award: Shani Matondo, Deborah Davy, Genevieve Shoesmith, Amber Robinson, Tinotenda
Mapani, Abigail, Mahofa, Tavonga Chirombe, Bridget Lapham, Ayla Skye Greeff, Kayla Kalweit.

Silver Award: Sarah Burdett, Kayla Kalweit, Genevieve Shoesmith


EISTEDDFOD HONOURS (before lockdown)
Due to the lockdown, this year’s Eisteddfod was cancelled. However, a few pupils managed to perform in the solo instrumental sections. Special mention goes to Aneni Chigwedere for receiving an Honours grade for Grade 6 piano.


The girls put up a spectacular virtual choir performance of “Tundra” by Ole Gjeilo.
Our senior mixed choir also competed in the World Virtual Choir games in August and managed to reach the final round with a beautiful rendition of “Singers Arise” by Victor C. Johnson, Peterhouse was one of the two schools from Zimbabwe to participate in this international event.
Sadly, due to the Covid lockdown, the Music department has not hosted the 2020 Junior and Senior Musician of the year.

At the moment, the Music department is putting together a virtual carol service for the end of the year. In the words of Victor Hugo, ‘Music goes where words cannot.’

Choir Tie: Joanne Mudzimuirema, Praise Jakaza, Tawananyasha Banda, Mazviita Chiduuro,
Shalom Ranganai

Golden Cock’s Ties: Primrose Rundogo, Tawana Mahari, Natasha Chinorwadzwa, Shani Matondo,Takunda Chitekedza, Tanyaradzwa Chideme, Tsitsi Nyatsuro, Mutsa Guma, Nyasha Kamba, Tanaka Mawunga, Shamiso Chikuri, Tadiwa Mafirambudzi, Tanaka Katemauswa, Tanyaradzwa Mashayamombe, Gashirayi Muhwati, Tinevimbo Mpofu, Sharonrose Mandudzi Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Tandiwe Samson, Audrey Chiponda
Half Colours: Deborah Davy, Msiska Chimwemwe, Mupiwa Mungoni, Rutendo Machibaya,
Jemimah Muusha
Full Colours: Anna Montgomery, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Primrose Rundogo, Tawana Mahari,
Tsitsi Nyatsuro