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Peterhouse Girls



Martha Querl Trophy Sportswoman of the Year: Courtney Brown
Tate Trophy for Sportsmanship: Victoria Wood

NASP Tournament at Arundel Peterhouse Girls came 2nd out of 6 schools
NASP Tournament at Arundel Peterhouse Girls came 2nd out of 6 schools
NASP Tournament at St John’s Peterhouse Girls came 3rdout of 6 schools
NASP National Representatives Nicole Allott, Shirea Brits
Zimbabwe Development Team Ria Pareekh
1st Team Tracksuit Nicole Allott

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Community Service

This is the junior arm of Rotary International and is only available to Sixth Form boys and girls.  Selection is by the previous years’ members, and is based on applications made by hopeful Fifth Formers.  The club has a committee with President, vice-President, Treasurer and other functions.

The club meets once a week either to discuss ways in which they can help the local community, or they pay visits to local beneficiaries to establish what their needs are, and how best the club can help.  Funds are raised every year by selling roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, as well as the sale of seats at the Interact Variety Show held in the second term.
Beneficiaries have been the Children’s Hospital, the Orphanage, and St Francis School for workers’ children.

To learn more about Interact Clubs and Rotary International - Click Here

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Competitive Houses

Peterhouse Girls has four competitive houses that compete in areas such as academics, cultural and sporting activities. They are named after some of the first animals that were found in Gosho Park.  Each House has a Procter and a Head of House and staff are allocated duties.

Each House has about 120 girls from D Block (Form 1) to VIth Form. The Houses are also involved in charity work in the Marondera community helping out the Musha weVana Orphanage, Ida weKwako Old People’s Home and taking care of the St Francis Nursery School.

There are competitions throughout the year and House points are awarded.  The competative houses must not be confused with the boarding houses.

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At Peterhouse Girls we have a Director of Cultural Activities who ensures that all pupils experience growth and enrichment in the cultural life of the school.
Cultural activities on offer include art, bridge, charity work and community service in the form of Interact Club, Leo Club, Library Club, Musha weVana and Kukura neShungu; Chess, Christian Forum, conservation, drama, debate, modern dancing, public speaking, quiz club, sewing & embroidery, Shona club, Toastmasters and of course music which encompasses choirs, choral society, orchestra, windband and strings.
Certain clubs and activities are only available to senior girls and for some activities the girls join the boys at Peterhouse Boys, e.g. drama, mixed choirs, choral society, orchestra, windband and strings. There are various Inter-House events held through the year such as the Buckland Art Competition, Inter-House bridge, Inter-House Chess, Inter-House Debate and the Inter-House Plays and Public Speaking Competitions.

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Hair Style Regulations

Peterhouse Girls is a conservative Anglican Boarding School and girls are to keep their hair neat, tidy and tied back when in school and sports uniforms. Girls found in breach of these regulations will be punished with Dress Inspection until the correction is made. Parents will be contacted and asked to correct the breach as soon as possible.

1. Fancy / exotic hairstyles are not permitted. The styling of hair must be appropriate and uniform.
2. Hair must be tied neatly; close to the head and off the face and shirt collar.
3. Coloured hair, highlights or tints are not permitted.
4. Girls may wear their natural hair and tie it into a pony tail (if it is long enough) at the back of the head; between the ears and not at the top of the head. Elastic hair bands may be used but must be the colour of the girl’s hair, or royal blue.
5. Any loose strands must be clipped off the face and neck using blue Kerbie Grips, hair coloured bobby pins or a thin blue Alice Band.
6. White hair bands or Alice Bands may only be worn by VIth Form girls.
7. Girls may wear fringes but must be of eyebrow length and hair must not hang in the eyes. Braided or weaved hair must not include a fringe.
8. Ballet buns may be worn; they must not be messy buns or in loose knots
9. Ponytails must be worn conservatively. The hair must not be looped carelessly in the hair band.
10. Pigtails, boy cuts and the shaving of hair are not permitted.

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Infinity Programme

“Building character and creating lifelong learners who prepare, care and dare”


The Infinity Programme incorporates the following components:
i. Life Skills, Personal and Career Development
ii. Outdoor Education Programme
iii. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
iv. Leadership Development Programme
v. Tutor Programme

The Infinity Programme is designed to integrate the above mentioned programmes so that all dovetail into an holistic pupil development package that will nurture and support each and every pupil from various developmental angles by a range of competent, motivated and well trained staff during a career at Peterhouse.

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Peterhouse Boys

The relationship between the three schools within the Peterhouse Group is best described as an adoption of the diamond system, sometimes used in England and much admired.  At the lowest point of the diamond we have a co-educational primary school (Springvale House); at their entry into secondary education the boys and girls are split (Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls), and for the last two years, when coeducation is desirable for academic and social reasons, the boys and girls come together again at the highest point of the diamond.

After their A Level classes at Peterhouse Boys each day, the girls return to Peterhouse Girls where they are accommodated in attractive cottages in which they work as well as sleep.    

The younger girls are not isolated from the boys over the road.  Right at the beginning of their Peterhouse experience, boys and girls get to know one another at a D Block (Form 1) Social and such age-group socials and House socials are encouraged.  Moreover, Peterhouse boys are welcome visitors to Peterhouse Girls every Sunday.

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Chapel of St Francis
The Chapel was built in the early 1950s and is dedicated to the Saint who so inspired Springvale School’s first headmaster, Canon Robert Grinham.  It is built of brick, rough plastered and white painted; its internal pillars are gum poles, as are the beams which support the thatched roof.  It is a simple, honest building; a no-nonsense expression of the Christian faith.  And as befits an Anglican foundation, it stands at the physical and spiritual centre of the school’s life.

When the Peterhouse girls moved into the buildings of Springvale School in 1987, which had been forced to close in 1979, it soon became apparent that the Chapel would have to be extended.  Under the guidance of Mr Jon Calderwood, who had already seen to the installation of a new organ, the extension was planned and executed: two transepts were added, in structure and furnishing identical to the style of the original.  In addition, a new altar was built using teak discarded by the boys’ school laboratories; a rare fusion of the spiritual with the scientific. 

With the expansion of Peterhouse Girls it was again necessary to extend the Chapel once again, this time in all directions, and was completed in 2014.  

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Peterhouse Girls has become a force to reckon with as a sporting side in the country. This is attributed to its policies on sport. When girls join the school in D Block (Form 1), sports such as athletics, basketball, hockey, squash, swimming, tennis and volleyball are compulsory. This ensures that all girls are exposed to new sports and their talents are identified and nurtured early.

In the first term, we offer athletics, swimming, tennis, rowing, waterpolo, horse riding and volleyball as main sports. In the second term, basketball and hockey are offered as winter sports while in the third term we have swimming, tennis, rowing, waterpolo, horse riding and volleyball. We have a small group of girls who take golf throughout the year. The Introduction of Archery at Peterhouse since 2014 has produced 8 National Archers in the past 2 years.
Table Tennis and Soccer are played on a more social level, with matches occasionally, while Triathlon and Horse-Riding become more popular each year.

Peterhouse Girls is proud of the selections made each year for National Teams in Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, Rowing, Squash, Triathlon, Archery, Swimming and Tennis. The staff, coaches and girls are committed to sport and continue to excel in all disciplines.

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