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Peterhouse Girls




Thursday 4th August 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians

It is with a great deal of gratitude that we come to the end of Trinity term.

Not only has it been busy, but also signals a return to everything that makes our school unique. We thankfully completed a full term of extracurricular activities and introduced the Science Fair – which was a resounding success!

Basketball was played on a refurbished facility, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Mrs Chimphondah, and the girls competed with pride and enthusiasm. The 1st Team Hockey girls went on a very successful tour to Cape Town and held their own against their South African counterparts. Remember that this was without the advantage of a home astro turf. The sound of heavy vehicles, busily moving gravel and stone is less of a distraction knowing that very soon it will usher in our own brand new facility - I can’t wait! All the junior teams enjoyed playing against other schools and the future is very bright with some outstanding results.

We were treated to the combined school play, “OLIVER with a Zimbabwean TWIST”. It was such a joy to watch our girls put on some memorable performances. But even more than that, it engaged the whole Marondera community in a way that has been missing for a long time. It is part of our school ethos that we serve and this term has shown our resolve to reach out to those who don’t share our privilege.

Furthermore, we have managed to fulfil all Inter-house competitions, including Buckland Arts, and it has contributed to both staff and pupils alike needing a good break.  

Next term will be an equally busy one with public examinations. It is of course, vital that our public examination candidates stay on top of their work during the holiday.

It remains for me to wish you all a very peaceful and restful holiday. I hope the rest gives all a chance to recharge batteries for a fruitful Michaelmas term.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Claire Hough


Sanitary Wear Drive
Girls ‘R’ Us is an organisation that sources sanitary wear for young girls in the rural areas who often fail to attend school or participate in other regular activities during their menstrual period. Peterhouse girls are encouraged to bring an extra pack of sanitary wear after the holiday in support of this very noble cause.


2.1 Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Trinity Mark Order:

D Block– Mikayla Chiremba, Vanshika Datta, Samantha Mangana, Danielle Mashumba, Rufaro Matsika, Zoe Midzi, Kenley Muchirahondo, Tafadzwa Mugabe, Yorina Mugadhi, Thando Ncube, Mufarowashe Sibanda, Sharae Trewartha and Leanne Zivanayi

C Block – Jodie Anderson, Cassandra Fernandes, Keira Findlay, Kimberley Guzha, Matifadza Madera, Natsai Mandimutsira, Munashe Matsuro, Panashe Muchandiona and Grace Murendo

B Block – Mukudzei Charumbira, Laylaa Levendale, Grace Mahofa, Mary Mahofa, Makatendeka Musa, Stephanie Rundle and Esther Tsoka

A Block – Melissa Allott, Aneni Chigwedere and Chloe Chiremba

Vth Form – Munenyasha Chitsva

VIth Form – Tawananyasha Banda

2.2 C Block Parent – Teacher Meeting
Our teachers were delighted to be able to connect with C Block parents at consultation on the last day of term. In a short presentation beforehand, Louise Hildebrand shared details of how IGCSE subject choices work with the C Block parent body. In an exciting new venture, Peterhouse is trialling software, which we hope will improve individual satisfaction with their IGCSE subject choices. As discussed, two versions of your daughter’s desired IGCSE subject choices need to be submitted to Mrs Scott Elliot (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the first day of next term (6 th September 2022). All C Block parents should receive a copy of the presentation with details of the next steps.

2.3 B Block Parent – Teacher Meeting
The B Block Parent – Teacher Meeting will be held in the dining hall at PHG on the Friday of the first Fixture Free weekend.

2.4 A Block, Vth and VIth Form
Just a reminder that there is a large bank of subject-specific resources, including past papers, on our Revision website, which can be accessed on Next term, A Block, Vth and VIth Form will start their study leave at half term. If they have not yet done so, A Block girls need to submit their Vth Form subject choices to Mr Griggs by the first day of next term. His e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
2.5 A Block Econet ICT Trip
On Monday the 4 July, fourteen excited A Block girls set out to visit and learn more about our nation’s mobile network of choice, Econet. When we arrived at the Pockets Hill Data Center, the girls were greeted by high walls and security cameras. We were welcomed by two very knowledgeable members of the Econet engineering team, who took the girls straight to the board room for a presentation on the network infrastructure. They discussed the correct terminology to use in responses
to IGCSE examination Networks questions and allowed the girls to ask relevant questions. Once the oral presentation was completed, the girls were taken on a tour around the Data Center.  The pupils were shown the servers that run the whole Econet communications network, as well as the Ecocash money transfer platform. The pupils were also taken through the control room, which has a wall full of monitors, where cameras set up at different ‘boosters sites’ around the country are viewed. The pupils also got to see some of the network devices that we have covered in class like routers, packet switches and Ethernet cables.
It was a day well spent exposing the girls to the real application of telecommunications devices and equipping the girls with correct terminology for their final ICT examination.

2.6 A and B Block French trip to Le Café de Paris in Harare
The French department took their B and A Block classes to Le Café de Paris in Harare as part of the girls’ French cultural experience. The girls spoke in French to order their meals that were then served outside, in the garden of the Café de Paris. The girls appreciated the range of meals on offer, which included buttery croissants, waffles with ice cream and chocolate sauce, the salade nordique, salade césar, millefeuille, burger gourmand and Paris Panini. It was certainly worth the visit as our girls were able to sense the French ambiance and enjoy the delicious French food.

2.7 A Block Religious Studies Trip
The A Block IGCSE Religious Studies class enjoyed a fruitful outing to a Mosque and met with the leaders of an Islamic School in Waterfalls. The pupils, having covered most of the Islamic syllabus, were able to ask questions and understood some of concepts in detail. Learning outside the classroom brought religion to life and made it more practical. This positive encounter is sure to equip our pupils for their forthcoming IGCSE examination.

2.8 Art Trip to Harare Exhibitions
The A Block IGCSE Art pupils went with Art teachers from Peterhouse to see, “The Stars Are Bright”, an exhibition of paintings by young artists from Cyrene Mission at the National Art Gallery in Harare. Lisa Masterson, the local director of the exhibition, gave an insightful talk to the group revealing more about each young artist with stories of their lives and how they related to the works on show. After seeing this beautifully curated exhibition, the group then went to Helensvale to PIKICHA – a new gallery, and saw a top Contemporary show, “ Roots and Routes”, curated by Doreen Sibanda. The largeformat, fine - art prints of both photograph and digital images by two sisters, Tamary and Natasha Kudita, were a wonderful contrast to the Cyrene Mission paintings. The girls were fortunate to meet with Natasha Kudita, who specialises in painting and new media. Ms. Kudita gave a brief introductory talk about the exhibition, and it was of great value for the pupils to meet one of the artists in person to ask them about their work. The Art outing to Harare was both thought-provoking and inspiring, but above all a real visual feast.

3.1 Cultural Results

Buckland Arts
Buckland Arts is an annual competition that takes place at Peterhouse Girls: allowing the girls to display their creativity through a variety of cultural activities. The Competition was initiated by Sue Buckland in honour of her late husband and has taken place every year since then. The competition gives the girls a chance to be innovative and compete in cultural activities that they do not normally participate in throughout the year, such as: Flower Arrangement, Photography, Décor and Dance.
This year’s theme was ‘1980’s Glitz and Glam’. The theme meant to expose the girls to a different era in history from a cultural perspective, and to create an appreciation for different genres of art, dance, music and poetry. The girls embraced the theme and came up with beautiful 1980’s pieces and performances.
The Competition, which took place between the 11- 15 July, was a success. Throughout the week, the school foyer looked vibrant and colourful with the beautiful displays from the entrants’ Decor, Flower Arrangements, Design pieces and Photographs. The Competition ended off with two entertaining concerts where the winners in each category performed for the pupil body and staff.

The girls are commended for participating and winning in their respective categories:

Choral Speaking
Juniors - 1st Kudu / 2nd Impala / 3rd Eland / 4th Sable
Middles - 1st Sable / 2nd Kudu / 3rd Impala / 4th Eland
Seniors - 1st Eland / 2nd Kudu / 3rd Impala / 4th Sable

Juniors - 1st Colette Arnold (E) / 2nd Shauna Kaja (S) / 3rd Gabrielle Mukuro (I) / 4th Veneka Mutsai (S)
Middles - 1st Kayla Gillwald (I) / 2nd Chloe Scott Elliot (K) / 3rd Naledi Ngwenya (S) / 4th Shae Macrea (S)
Seniors - 1st Kunashe Mazike (E) / 2nd Zoe Nyabereka (I) / 3rd Timea Schultz (S) / 4th Ayanda Mangenah (K)

Juniors - 1st Eland / 2nd Sable / 3rd Kudu / 4th Impala
Middles - 1st Eland / 2nd Kudu / 3rd Sable / 4th Impala
Seniors - 1st Kudu / 2nd Sable and Eland / 4th Impala

Juniors - 1st Jodie Anderson (I) / 2nd Anesu Dzvatsva (S) / 3rd Mikayla Chiremba (I) / 4th Tayana Machawira, Lorraine Njaravaza (K)
Middles - 1st Acacia Orphanides (S) / 2nd Brenna Mashungu (I) / 3rd Melissa Allott (I) / 4th Sienna Page (S)
Seniors - 1st Mazvita / Mwedziwendira (S) / 2nd Gugulethu Marima (K) / 3rd Imani Kujeke (I) / 4th Rudado Matondo (I)

Juniors - 1st Erin Eastwood (S) / 2nd Hilary Mudzamiri (K) / 3rd Mandipa Mawunga (I)
Middles - 1st Chloe Scott Elliot (K) / 2nd Acacia Orphanides(S) / 3rd Ngaakudzwe Rakabopa (E)
Seniors - 1st Ropafadzo Maumbe (K) / 2nd Tanyaradzwa Changa (E) / 3rd Cindy Chikuni (I)

Flower arrangement
Juniors - 1st Sarah Bicknell (S) / 2nd Sadie Ludick (K) / 3rd Kiera Hartman (S) / 4th Celine Muhwati (E)
Middles - 1st Acacia Orphanides (S) / 2nd Brianna Style (S) / 3rd Reina Parirenyatwa (I) / 4th Chantelle-Lee Beukes (E)
Seniors - 1st Rebecca Botha (S) / 2nd Lara Weller (I) / 3rd Amy Scott Elliot (K) / 4th Eduarda Baeta (S)

Juniors - 1st Grace Murendo (K) / 2nd Chelsea Jin (E) / 3rd Leona Marimira (I) / 
Middles - 1st Kimberly Gono (S) / 2nd Ruvimbo Kaukonde (I) / 3rd Tayamika Mandiwanzira (E)
Seniors - 1st Nicole Allott (I) / 2nd Debrah Nakhozwe (E) / 3rd Makanakaishe Dzvurumi (K)

Juniors - 1st Mana Hunter (I) / 2nd Makanaka Chagonda (E) / 3rd Keira Findlay (E)
Middles - 1st Brianna Style (S) / 2nd Nicole Saywood (S) / 3rd Kyra Peters (I)
Seniors - 1st Jodie Kuipers (S) / 2nd Courtney Marufu (E) / 3rd Daniella Anderson (I)

1st Eland / 2nd Impala / 3rd Kudu / 4th Sable

Overall Results
1st Sable 85pts
2nd Kudu 71 pts
3rd Impala 67 pts
4th Eland 63 pts

The Marondera Garden Trophy Sarah Bicknell and Acacia Orphanides
The Buckland Arts Trophy Chloe Scott Elliot
The Buckler Trophy Sable

v. Chisipite
Juniors: Won 66% - 61%. Matifadza Madera was the 2nd best speaker with 70%
Leona Marimira was the speaker with 80%
Intermediates: lost 59% - 71%. Shumirai Chigadza was the best speaker with 89%
Seniors: drew 77% Ruvimbo Chauruka was the best speaker with 78%

v. St George’s
Intermediates: lost 56% - 57%
Seniors: won 79% - 71%. Ruvimbo Chauruka was the best speaker with 82%

v. PHB
Team A: won 59%-51%. Pauline Chemhere was 2nd best speaker with 70%
Jasmine Sanhanga was 3rd best speaker with 62%
Team B: lost 66%-67%. Karishma Yakiti was the 2nd best speaker with 71%
Team A: won 67%-56%. Haylie Machaya was the best speaker with 64%
Shanelle Mpofu was the 2nd best speaker with 62%
Team B: won 64%-50%. Best speaker was Rachael Nyamayaro with 77%
Ruvarashe Muvevi was 2nd best speaker with 70%

The two big focuses of the Drama Club were, participation in the NIAA Speech and Drama Festival and the Senior Play Production: Oliver with a Zim Twist.
Perhaps not as well-prepared as they could have been, our drama pupils still performed admirably and made us proud, bringing home a fine set of NIAA results. Peterhouse Girls enjoyed a total of 6 first and 7 second grades. Next year they will begin their preparation in the Lent term to enhance their very best at NIAA.

Shakespeare Sonnets
Nicole Allott 1st Grade
Senior Monologues PHG
Nicole Allott 1st Grade
Amy Scott Elliott 1st Grade
Mpho Chimphondah 2nd Grade

Tawananyasha Banda 1st Grade
Meagan de Kock 1st Grade
Makanakaishe Dzvurumi 1st Grade
Rudado Matondo 1st Grade

Senior Poetry
Tinevimbonashe Mukonoweshuro 2nd Grade
Debrah Nakhozwe 2nd Grade

Junior Poetry
Tadiwa Ruzvidzo 1st Grade
Haylie Machaya 2nd Grade
Tayamika Mandiwanzira 2nd Grade
Chiedza Matsika 2nd Grade
Shanelle Mpofu 2nd Grade

Oliver with a Zim Twist was a resounding success and well received by the audiences. The incredible cast and crew worked slavishly for a solid three months as they waded through the demands of line memorisation, scene changes, lighting, characterisation, props, costumes and makeup. They developed into an amazing team that worked together seamlessly and professionally. Their suggestions and contributions to develop the uniqueness of the play were a true testament to their creativity, intelligence and skill and it was an absolute pleasure for Mrs Helen Allott to enjoy the highs and lows of the journey with them. Their hard work and commitment are to be highly commended.

Next term the Drama Club will be supporting the Interact Variety Show with stage setting, lighting and backstage, as well as the SVH senior play.

Environmental Club
The Environmental Club girls had a great time learning, especially those who do Chemistry, Physics and Biology during our tour to the Pepsi Cola Company in Harare. The water purification process and recycling of plastic bottles was explained thoroughly – the impact on chlorination and sand purification was exciting for the girls.

Kukura NeShungu
Peterhouse boys and girls hosted a Tracksuit Party to fundraise for Kukura NeShungu. The event was well attended by the D and C Block pupils from both schools. The music and dance helped the pupils to socialise under the supervision of staff. Special mention goes to our DJs: Varaidzo Mashava and Lillian Takaedza for the good selection of music and entertainment.

On Thursday 21 July, the Interact team visited Musha weVana Children’s Home in Nyameni, Marondera, with grocery donations from Peterhouse pupils. The donations were comprised of 3 boxes of goodies filled with chips, sweets, biscuits and stationery as well as sanitary pads. The children were so delighted. The team interacted with the children and they were entertained by a few dances from the talented children.
On Friday 29 July, the Interact Club transferred ZW$59,150.00 into St Francis Primary School account for the payment of ZIMSEC Grade 7 Examination fees for 9 orphans. The Club also donated clothes to Kukura neShungu.

On Thursday 21 July, the Peterhouse Model United Nations Club travelled to Chisipite Senior School for a joint MUN conference session. The Club members created a resolution under the topic of “The abolition of female genital mutilation” and then debated the resolution’s impacts. The girls debated well, with noteworthy participation from Munesushe Mushosho, Nyaradzai Mutsai and Tadiswa Mafara.

The Music department hosted two big musical events. On Tuesday 19 July, Peterhouse was visited by Kutandara, a USA based marimba group in conjunction with WINAD Trust Music School. The day started early, with the group giving a concert and marimba workshops at Springvale House. Later in the afternoon, our high school marimba bands also had an opportunity to work with this group for a musical exchange. In the evening, we were given a spectacular marimba concert in the PHG Music Centre. We really thank this group for having considered visiting Peterhouse during their short stay in Zimbabwe.

During the same week, on the 21st of July, PHG hosted this year’s Musician of the Year. This event saw 18 musicians compete for three cups in these categories; juniors, middles and seniors. We were honoured that Mr. Paul Colman, the London College of Music’s Senior Examiner, adjudicated this musical event. Tanatswa Matonda won the Senior Musician’s Cup.

PHG participated in the Interschool Quiz Competition held at Hellenic. 11 schools participated. Our Juniors placed 3rd and Seniors 2nd. Overall, PHG won 2nd place.

On Friday 29 July, the first ever PHG Science and Engineering Fair, PSEF was held. This was a celebration of the hardworking young scientists we have throughout the blocks where the girls presented their scientific research: finding solutions to problems we face in our school, country and around the world. The girls produced quality projects in the fields of Health and Medical Sciences, Computer Science, Microbiology, Behavioural and Social Sciences and Engineering.

Top Junior Project - Izwirashe Mutylebere, Isabel Saravoyi, Ariana Sheriff

Top Middles Project - Tayamika Mandiwanzira

Senior Project
3rd Makanakaishe Dzvurumi,
Rumbidzai Mapokotera

2nd and Most Innovative project Tania Jongi, Teris Miti

1st and Most Creative Project Munesushe Mushosho, Mafaro Musimwa

The Matonda Cup for The Most Promising Scientist Fadzai Zitsanza

We had the privilege of hearing from our guest speaker, Ms Sicelo Dube, the Zimbabwe Science Ambassador. She spoke on #Breaking the Bias in STEM towards women. She helped shed light on all girls having the capacity to be both scientists and entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. She is truly an inspiration to our young scientists, many saying they have found a new role model in her. The girls now begin their pursuits for a national seat at the Zimbabwe Science fair 2023.

3.2 Cultural Awards

Anotida Chigavazira, Kimberley Guzha, Shivani Kala, Tayamika Mandiwanzira, Hilary Mudzamiri,
Yorina Mugadhi, Naledi Taundi, Nikita Rana

Rufadzo Mangoma, Rachael Nyamayaro

Cock’s Tie
Jiayi Le, Tinotenda Masaka

Christian Fellowship
Daniella Anderson, Tawanamufaro Madzara

Cock’s Tie
Ruvimbo Chauruka, Shumirai Chigadza, Munesushe Mushosho

Half Colours
Munesushe Mushosho

Full Colours
Ruvimbo Chauruka

Tinevimbo Kwashira, Cally Muhwati

Melissa Allott, Victoria Chigumba, Danniella Hulbert, Chiedza Matsika, Debrah Nakhozwe, Tadiwa

Half Colours
Tawananyasha Banda, Mpho Chimphondah, Praise Jakaza, Munesushe Mushosho, Teris Miti

Full Colours
Meagan de Kock, Amy Scott Elliot

Environmental Club
Silver Service Tie
Tadiwa Chekai, Praise Jakaza, Tawanamufaro, Madzara, Ruvarashe Makoni, Nomalanga Mpofu, Faith
Nyatanga Maida Piccin

Interact Club
Silver Service Tie
Chido Chasara, Tadiswa Mafara, Tanaka Masunzambwa, Tanatswa Matonda, Winnet Musikavanhu

Silver Service Tie
Makanakaishe Dzvurumi

Half Colours
Ruvimbo Chauruka, Tadiswa Mafara, Nyaradzai Mutsai

Half Colours
Princess Marimira, Tanatswa Matonda, Shalom Ranganai

Musha weVana Club
Silver Service Tie
Tawanamufaro Madzara

Varaidzo Mashava, Joanne Mudzimuirema, Vatida Nhemachena

World Scholars Cup
Cock’s Tie
Makanakaishe Dzvurumi

4.1 Sports Results
In the annual Regional Archery Tournament involving national school teams from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia; Melissa Allott, representing the NASP Zimbabwe Development Team, finished 2nd in the #D and 3rd overall for the tournament (narrowly missing out on 2nd position overall by 2 points).

Heritage Tournament
1st Team Basketball competed in an Invitational U20 Tournament losing 3 games and winning 1. Leesa Mutandwa received an All Stars Award at this tournament for excellent performance.

v. Chisipite
U14 lost 4 - 7
U15 drew 8 - 8
U16 lost 12 - 13
1st Team won 11 - 6

Inter House Basketball
1st Eland 17 points
2nd Sable 12 points
3rd Impala 10 points
4th Kudu 9 points
Trevor Mushiko Cup for Inter House Basketball Eland
Mushiko Cup for Most Improved Senior Player Lysandra Zvikaramba
Rwodzi Cup for Most Improved Junior Player Danielle Kaschula and Brooke O’Neill

A League
v. Chisipite (Pearl Trophy)
1st XI drew 2 – 2

v. Lomagundi
U14A won 4 - 1
U15A lost 1 - 2
U16A drew 0 - 0
1st Team won 4 - 0

v. Falcon
U14A lost 1 - 2
U15A drew 1 - 1
U16A drew 1 - 1
1st XI lost 0 - 1

1st Team Hockey Tour to Cape Town International Hockey Tournament
Won 2, drew 1 and lost 3 matches

1st Team Hockey Golden Girls Tournament
v. Heritage won 4 - 2
v. Kyle won 3 - 0
v. Arundel lost 1 - 2
v. Falcon lost 0 - 1
v. Chisipite drew 0 - 0
v. Hillcrest won 5 - 0
PHG finished 7th overall in the tournament

B League
v. Heritage A
U14B won 1 - 0
U15B won 3 - 0
U16B drew 1 - 1
2nd XI lost 0 - 2

C League
v. Watershed B
U14C won 4-0
U15C won 6 - 0
U16C lost 1 - 2
3rs XI lost 1 - 2

v. Kyle
Cancelled by Kyle

v. Convent B
U14C won 8 - 0
U15C lost 0 - 1
U16C lost 0 - 1
3rd XI won 2 - 0

Senior Inter House Hockey
1st Kudu 7 points
2nd Sable 5 points
3rd Eland 4 points
4th Impala 0 points

Combined Inter House Hockey results including previous junior results:
1st Sable 18 points
2nd Kudu 16 points
3rd Eland 15 points
4th Impala 4 points
JG Van der Reit Trophy for Inter House Hockey Sable

Horse Riding
Adel Kotze represented the Zimbabwe U21 Polocrosse Team on tour to Underberg, KZN, South Africa.
The Zimbabwe team, combined with the Zambian team, finished as runners up in the tournament.

Taige Mannix competed in Polocrosse at Borrowdale Country Club and her team won the B Division.

International Eventing at Hillcrest
Luanna Page and Sienna Page both competed for Zimbabwe and placed 2nd overall.
Taige Mannix rode for both Zimbabwe and Kenya in the 85cm class and finished 2nd for Zimbabwe in the 85cm class, and 3rd riding for Kenya. Taige also won second most points accumulated for the 75cm class this season.

Sienna Page won the Trophy for the most points in the Junior 85cm class, and Luanna Page won most
points in the 95cm class.

Taige Mannix came 5th in the FEI World Show Jumping Challenge Category C, Leg 2.

Inter House Squash
1st Sable
2nd Impala
3rd Kudu
4th Eland

v. Chisipite
Juniors drew 1 - 1
Seniors won 3 - 0

v. Arundel
Juniors drew 1 - 1
Seniors won 1 - 0

4.2 Sports Awards
Aneni Chigwedere, Nicole Badwell, Naledi Chibanguza, Nyasha Chikuri, Danielle Kaschula, Dinell Mabinga, Rufadzo Mangoma, Courtney Marufu, Chiedza Matsika, Gina Utsiwegota, Margaret Songore, Brooke O’Neill, Lysandra Zvikaramba

Cock’s Tie
Leesa Mutandwa, Faith Nyatanga

1st Team Tracksuit
Heila Chapeyama, Zuva Mangoma, Marceline Masvikeni, Mutsa Mabhena, Kupakwashe Msemburi, Cally Muhwati, Faith Nyatanga

Nyasha Bvute, Melissa Kamusasa, Danielle Kaschula, Anike Mparuri, Chidochashe Munyonga, Reina Parirenyatwa, Stephanie Rundle, Chloe Scott Elliot

Cock’s Tie
Chido Chasara, Maliksha Goven, Naledi Jani, Jamie-Lee Kaschula, Panashe Mamvura, Erin Mann, Tinotenda Masaka, Nakai Mujaranji, Fiona Mushoma, Amber Robinson, Tanatswa Samson, Amy Scott Elliot, Emily Wood

1st Team Tracksuit
Tanyaradzwa Changa, Chido Chasara, Tanatswa Chirenda, Maliksha Goven, Naledi Jani, Melissa Kamusasa, Jamie-Lee Kaschula, Jodie Kuipers, Ayanda Mangenah, Rufaro Mapfumo, Tanyaradzwa Midzi, Anike Mparuri, Nakai Mujaranji, Chidochashe Munyonga, Reina Parirenyatwa, Amber Robinson, Amy Scott, Elliot, Emily Wood

Half Colours
Tanatswa Chirenda, Jamie-Lee Kaschula, Ayanda Mangenah, Emily Wood

Full Colours
Tanyaradzwa Changa, Maliksha Goven, Nakai Mujaranji
Most Valuable Player Awards 2022
U14C Kunashe Katema
U15C Nollin Sithole
U16C Grace Murendo
3rd XI Nicole Saywood
U14B Lhana Nel
U15B Natsai Mandimutsira
U16B Tayamika Mandiwanzira
2nd XI Taige Mannix
U14A Mia Hammond
U15A Jodie Anderson
U16A Stephanie Rundle
1st XI Chidochashe Munyonga

Horse Riding
Adel Kotze

Cock’s Tie
Nokutenda Mangwiro, Taige Mannix, Sienna Page

Full Colours
Courtney Wellock, Daniella Anderson, Luanna Page

Half Colours
Lara Weller

Catherine Munro Selection for Zimbabwe U16 Squash
1st Team Tracksuit
Deborah Davy

Full Colours
Deborah Davy

Trinity term has been a long and busy term, however, we are pleased that the Duke of Edinburgh International Award has continued running well. On the 30th of July a Silver and Gold Sailing Expedition was done in Kariba. More details of the expedition will be shared on the school website and social media pages.

Congratulations to Daniella Anderson who took part in the expedition. We look forward to seeing her receive a Gold Award soon.

If you would like your daughter to participate in this excellent youth program please email Mrs Mazwi Phiri on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries or to get further details on the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.