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Peterhouse Girls


Friday 19 March 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,


With the approach of Easter, we remain conscious of the fact that parents are seeking clarity on a post Easter-weekend return date to school. The following guidance from the Association of Trust Schools (ATS) has been shared with member schools. Please note the following with respect to the issue of a deviation to the revised term dates for 2021.
• As an ATS member, we will respect the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s (MOPSE) directive that our request for a deviation to the revised term dates was not granted and we will adhere to the revised dates set out by the Ministry.
• We have been assured by ATS that they continue to engage with MOPSE to find a way forward for member schools.
• Furthermore, we are encouraged that CHISZ will continue to work with Heads to share means that will help schools manage these extended term dates.
• Given the complexities of the circumstances, our request is that parents be patient as we adjust to this new situation. ATS, in their ongoing discussions, are fully aware of, and empathetic to, the needs and expectations of pupils, parents, and staff in affiliated schools.

While appreciating that this is not “first prize” for our school community we are cognisant of our responsibilities to both MOPSE and ATS.

On a far more positive note, the return of our examination classes last Monday has brought “life” back to the school and we are delighted to have the pupils back. Once again, there is lively banter in the corridors, music in the boarding houses, and a real sense of purpose around the school. The academic programme swung into action on Tuesday, with both teachers and pupils appreciating the opportunity to be back in the classroom. To this end, space has been created in our routine to “catch up” on practical work and to increase classroom contact time. Understanding that Easter is only two weeks away, this time is crucial in re-establishing the academic tone in the school.

On Sunday, we will welcome back D, C and B Blocks. For the D Block in particular, this will be a very important time, as it will allow them to engage with, and orient themselves to, the school. It has been a long wait for them and we, for our part, look forward to their arrival. The first week back for the D Block will be geared toward a comprehensive Orientation Programme which will include their “base camp” experience.

On the cultural front our debaters continue to excel. The Oxford Debate finals took place on Saturday the 13th of March, during which Charles Moscrop and Shaune Uriri not only beat many prestigious global debating teams, but also came first in the Africa section. Shaune and Charles are the first African debaters to have participated in the Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard Debating Championships in a single year. Consequently, they will be receiving National Colours for Culture.

The adjudication of the NIAA Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod has begun. There are a total of 118 entries across the Peterhouse Group of Schools and we wish all participants the best of luck. Honours and First Class performances will be posted on the NIAA social media platforms (YouTube and Facebook) in due course.

Despite lockdown the Duke of Edinburgh programme continues and special congratulations must go to the following awardees who have completed their DoE-International Awards:
Silver – Precious Chemhere and Ayla-Skye Greeff
Bronze – Amy Scott-Elliott

For the D, C and B Blocks returning on Sunday 21 March please note the following arrangements:
08h00 – 10h00 D Block return to Tinokura/Tatanga
09h30 Tea for D Block parents
10h00 Welcome for Parents (PHB – Amphitheatre; PHG – St Francis Chapel)
10h00 Start of the D Block Orientation Programme
12h30 Lunch for D Block only
14h00 – 16h00 C and B Block return to Houses

On returning to school please ensure that you present the Medical Declaration Form and your Financial Clearance Letter on entry to the school.

While uncertainties around the Easter break remain and are far from ideal, we value your patience and support in appreciating the sensitivities surrounding this issue.

With warm regards,

Jon Trafford