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Peterhouse Girls


NEWSLETTER  -  Thursday 3rd June 2021


Dear Parents and Guardians,

At long last we have reached the end of what seemed like a never-ending term! When we started school online at the beginning of the year, we could never have guessed that the term would span twenty two weeks. A task that I never knew was possible, was not only completed, but conquered due to the perseverance of both teacher and pupil alike. I have never been more proud to be a part of an institution and community as I am to be a part of Peterhouse Girls during this time. Every one of our team: from staff to girls to you, the parents, have played a massive role in getting us over the finish line of this term! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all.

Having the girls return to school in March and back in face-to-face lessons gave us all the boost we needed to push on with the term. It was so uplifting to see them once again roaming the campus, bringing their energy and drive to the school. Our new D Block girls settled in beautifully and have coped with the transition to senior school remarkably well. This time has not been easy on anyone, but I would like to congratulate our D Block girls on being so courageous and resilient.

In saying that, every single girl has played her part in working through the rollercoaster ride of the extended Lent term. Each Peterhouse girl deserves recognition for her persistence and grit, and I wish I could give each the credit she is due. I am leaving this term fully convinced that girls who come through our system truly are women of substance.

Although I would like for the school to take credit for producing these spectacular young ladies, I cannot. You as parents should be so proud of your girls. You have incredible daughters, and I would like to give recognition to you for raising them so well and for the role you have played in getting us through this term. Thank you for standing in the gap when we couldn’t play our traditional role as teachers during the online learning period.

There has certainly been an adjustment period to being back in class after such an extensive time online, but I am happy to say we are all back in the routine of school and working hard towards the external examinations. For our senior classes, A Block, Vth and VIth Form, some rest is vital, but so too must they all engage in thorough revision. These pupils, along with the B Block girls, will all face mock and mid-year examinations on their return to school next term.

This week in assembly, I spoke to the senior girls about the importance of good sleep hygiene – that healthy sleep habits form the basis of productive revision. I encourage the girls to consider this over the holidays and as they begin the new term heading towards their external examinations.

I spoke to the junior girls about the joy that gratitude brings to life. More than ever now we need to count our blessings and give thanks for all that we have.

As you all head into what I hope will be a restful and family filled holiday, may I ask that you join me in continuing to pray for Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. We pray for safety over our nation and that a third wave may be thwarted.

You all head out into the holidays with my utmost respect and gratitude. Go well! We look forward to welcoming everyone back, healthy and happy next term.

Mrs Claire Hough


1.1 Director of Academic Advancement
Congratulations to Mrs Michelle Scott Elliot on being appointed Director of Academic Advancement, effective September 2021. This role will serve to provide strategic direction in the pursuance of a strong and robust academic programme at Peterhouse.

1.2 Term Order Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Mark Order:

C Block – Laura Changanani, Mary Mahofa, Nicole Murengami, Makatendeka Musa, Tanatswa Rukwata, Susie Worsfold
B Block – Aneni Chigwedere, Chloe Chiremba, Ruvarashe Nhongonhema
A Block – Munesushe Mushosho, Ella Pope
Vth Form – Deborah Davy
VIth Form – Chioniso Madamba, Gamuchirai Mhere, Christwish Mukandi, Natasha Muravu

D Block girls did not receive Commendations as they only had Industry grades on their reports for this Mark Order. The following D Block girls received Head’s Send-Ups:
Jodie Anderson, Colette Arnold, Keren Brits, Leanne Chanakira, Pauline Chemhere, Mazvita Chingwena, Cassandra Fernandes, Keira Findlay, Kimberley Guzha, Shivani Kala, Tatenda Kumbirai, Salome Mandudzi, Amanda Manyanda, Nyasha Masanganise, Amelie Mtongwiza, Panashe Muchandiona, Grace Murendo, Delny Nyamurera, Tinevimbo Tapfuma, Karishma Yakiti, Brooke Ziki

1.3 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards
Congratulations to Genevieve Shoesmith and Gamuchirai Mhere for their Cambridge awards from the November 2020 Examination Series.
Genevieve Shoesmith achieved the “Top in Zimbabwe” award for her IGCSE Design and Technology result.
This is the third year in a row that this award has been won by a Peterhouse girl, and congratulations must also go to Mr Whitcomb for his inspiration and dedication to our girls.
Gamuchirai Mhere achieved the “Top in Zimbabwe” for her AS Level Information Technology result.

1.4 D Block Parent/Teacher Meeting
The D Block Parent/Teacher Meeting will be held online from the 12th-15th July. Teachers will be in contact at the beginning of next term to set up meeting times.


French Club
The French soirée took place in the last weekend of the term. The girls did solo and group performances in song, dance, and short skits. The entire event was conducted in French, from D Block right up to VIth Form, and I can say with confidence that we have amazing talent at PHG! Our aspiring "Frenchies" did exceptionally well on both Friday and Saturday, showcasing their effort and talent. There was also an opportunity to sample French cuisine, and guests enjoyed escargots à l’ail (garlic snails), French cheese, and croissants.

Musha weVana
It has been wonderful for Musha weVana to be able to meet again face-to-face, or rather mask-to-mask, as a club. Although they could not visit the orphanage due to Covid restrictions, the club members have been busy making flash cards, as well as memory and number card games. They have also been brainstorming creative ways for helping the children at Musha weVana next term. Appended to this newsletter is an appeal from the Interact Board for your support in the Interact Women’s Drive.

On the 12th of May, the PASTIS club welcomed a former pupil (Ratidzo Mutangadura) to a virtual session. Her talk on teenage depression was insightful and relevant to the girls. She narrated her own experiences and taught the girls ways to identify depression and where to seek help if needed. The girls also tried to establish their roles in society regarding mental health issues. The session was worthwhile and very informative.

2.1 Cultural Results

Buckland Arts
Buckland Arts is a competition that takes place at Peterhouse Girls to showcase and celebrate the girls’ talents in various cultural activities. The competition gives the girls a chance to grow and compete in cultural activities in which they do not normally have the opportunity to participate throughout the year, such as Flower Arrangement, Photography, Décor and Dance. This year’s theme was ‘Bringing Back the Hype’ – a theme suggested by the senior girls. The competition was a great success due to the girls’ creativity and innovation. The results are as follows:

The Marondera Garden Trophy for the best flower arrangement:
Ella Pope of Eland and Praise Jakaza of Impala

The Buckland Arts Trophy for contributing the most to the competition:
Aneni Chigwedere of Impala and Munesushe Mushosho of Kudu

The Buckler Trophy for the most points overall: Impala - 84 points
Runner up: Kudu - 67 points
3rd place: Eland - 66 points
4th place: Sable - 64 points

vs. PHB
Juniors: Won 4 and lost 2
Seniors: Lost 4 and won 2

vs. PHB
Juniors: Won 245 - 239 points - Munesushe Mushosho and Shumirai Chigadza were best speakers with 70 points each.
Seniors: Lost 248 - 241 points

vs. Hellenic
Juniors: Lost 246 - 248 points
Seniors: Won 248 - 246 points - Thandiwe Dube, best speaker with 72 points.

The PHG Interhouse Plays were held from the 18th to the 20th of May, and exceptional performances were displayed by the girls.
Impala’s theme was Bullying; they performed ‘Bullies Anonymous’ by EM Bell.
Kudu’s theme was Ambition; they performed ‘Ambition’ by Tony Best.
Sable’s theme was Death; they performed ‘Death Takes the Train’ by DM Larson.
Eland’s theme was Friendship; they performed ‘Her Untold Story’, an original script written and directed by the Headgirl, Franchesca Chinhundu.

The results were as follows:
The Laing Cup for the Best Technical Production Kudu

The Chiedza Rwodzi Cup for the Best Novice Winner: Daniella Hulbert of Impala
Runner Up: Rugare Taruvinga of Kudu

The Carol Gibson Cup for the Best Cameo
Winners: Tanatswa Matonda of Eland, and Aneni Chigwedere of Impala

The Moore Trophy for Best Supporting Act
Winner: Nokutenda Mangwiro of Sable
Runner Up: Mercy Magaya of Eland

The Gibson Trophy for Best Actress Winner: Meagan de Kock of Eland
Runners Up: Chimwemwe Msiska of Kudu and Mpho Chimphondah of Sable

Baxter Trophy for Best Play Overall Winner: Eland - 85.5 points
Runner Up: Kudu - 81.5 points
3rd place: Sable - 74.5 points
4th place: Impala - 70.5 points

Public Speaking
Holman Trophy for best Junior Speaker
Winner: Rachael Nyamayaro
Runner-up: Makatendeka Musa

M. Holman Trophy for best Intermediate Speaker:
Winner : Munesushe Mushosho
Runner-up: Debrah Nakhozwe

Nicola Ward Trophy for best Seniors Speaker:
Winner: Nicole Allott
Runner-up: Tanatswa Matonda

Mells Cup for the best Public speaking house
Winner: Kudu- 857
Runner Up: Impala- 828
3rd place: Eland- 786
4th place: Sable- 565


NIAA results

Aneni Chigwedere (B block) - Piano Solo
Mercy Magaya (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Tanatswa Matonda (Vth form) - Vocal Solo
Rutendo Magomo (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Rugare Taruvinga (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Peterhouse Girls Choir (Senior Girls)
Peterhouse Senior Mixed Choir

1st Grade Plus
Joy Chauruka (Vth form) - Guitar Solo
Deborah Davy (Vth form) - Piano Solo
African Ensemble (Senior Girls) - Vocal Ensemble
VIth form Vocal Ensemble

1st Grade
Aneni Chigwedere (B block) - Vocal Solo
Imani Kujeke (A block) - Piano Solo
Takomborerwa Makiwa (A block) - Vocal Solo
Rudado Matondo (A block) - Guitar Solo
Kimberly Maworise (A block) - Vocal Solo
Keana Shumba (A block) - Vocal Solo
Naledi Taundi (B block) - Piano Solo
Anashe Ustiwegota (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Peterhouse Girls Choir (Junior Girls)
B Block Mixed Choir
Vth form Ensemble
Peterhouse Girls Form 4-6 - Marimba Ensemble
Peterhouse Senior African Gospel Choir

2nd Grade Plus
Deborah Davy (Vth form) - Vocal Solo
Daniella Hulbert (A block) - Vocal Solo
Rutendo Machibaya (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Chimwemwe Msiska (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Mupiwa Mungoni (VIth form) - Vocal Solo

2nd Grade
Tadiwa Chekai (Vth form) - Vocal Solo
Deborah Davy (Vth form) - Vocal Solo
Kupakwashe Msemburi (B block) - Vocal Solo
Jemimah Muusha (VIth form) - Vocal Solo
Kyra Peters (B block) - Vocal Solo

3rd Grade
Amy Chadwick (A block) - Piano Solo

Peterhouse won nine trophies in this year's NIAA. PHG won a total of five trophies; three for solo performance and two for the mixed choirs with PHB.
The following pupils won trophies for their solo performances:

Aneni Chigwedere (B block) - Carol Baron Trophy: awarded to the best pianist in the .
Romantic piano class.

Mafaro Musimwa (A block) - Ian Thompson Memorial Trophy: awarded to the best
Overall pipe and drummer.

Mercy Magaya (VIth form) - Esther Lacy Cup: awarded to the best vocalist overall.

2.2 Cultural Awards
Buckland Arts
For valuable assistance at Buckland Arts:
Mercy Magaya and Jemimah Muusha

For commitment and hard work during Buckland Arts:
Tanatswa Matonda

French Club
For helping out at the French soiree:
Nicole Allot, Daniella Anderson, Tadiwa Chekai, Joy Chauruka, Meagan de Kock, Deborah Davy
Sophie Le Boulengé, Tadiswa Mafara, Joanne Mudzimuirema

For showing good leadership to the juniors in the wind section of the orchestra:
Praise Jakaza
For commitment and hard work in music:
Tadiswa Mafara, Deborah Davy, Joy Chauruka, Rutendo Magomo
For dedication in orchestra and choir:
Varaidzo Mashava

For being part of the ensemble that won the Mukuru jingle challenge:
Mercy Magaya, Rutendo Magomo, Tanatswa Matonda, Chimwemwe Msiska, Jemimah Muusha and
Rugare Taruvinga.

For commitment and hard work in African choir:
Rutendo Magomo

For commitment and hard work in music:
Keren Brits and Aneni Chigwedere

Public Speaking
For valuable assistance at Interhouse Public Speaking and plays:
Franchesca Chinhundu
Alicia Chiremba
Sophie Le Boulengé
Tatenda Ndaudzwa


3.1 Highlights from January 2021
Irish Indoor Rowing Championships 23 January 2021
Danielle Kaschula (now U15) won Gold in the U14 500m and 1000m and improved her time over 1000m by almost 10 seconds

Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships 7 February 2021
Danielle Kaschula won Gold in the U19 500m and set a new World U14 Record and was invited to the World Indoor Rowing Championships on 24 February, where she achieved a Bronze Medal over 500m, again competing in the U19 age group, where she broke her own U14 World Record.

Virtual Interhouse Cross Country
1st Sable 374
2nd Eland 397
3rd Impala 407
4th Kudu 455

Junior Age Group Winner Jodie Anderson
Middles Age Group Winner Brooklyn Tippett
Senior Age Group Winner Danniella Anderson

Rowing Association of Zimbabwe (RAZ) – Zimbabwe Development Squad
The following girls were invited, through RAZ, to the South African National Rowing Championships on 1 and 2 May 2021, where they competed at Roodeport Dam, Pretoria: Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Kayla Kalweit, Kayleigh Weeks, Lara Weller (did not travel) and Danielle Kaschula.

In the Women’s U18 Quad Final, the RAZ crew consisting of 4 Peterhouse Girls (Coxswain and 3 rowers) won Gold. Namely Kayleigh Weeks (Coxswain) Doné Erasmus (Stroke), Kayla Kalweit (2), Stacey Dunstan (3). Stacey Dunstan achieved a Bronze Medal in the U18 Women’s Single Scull Final.

Mashonaland Country Districts swimming awarded MCD “flashes” to the following girls (including re-awards) for provincial representation at Nationals: Shalom Mandudzi, Rebecca Botha, Shalom Ranganai and Pareena Bhana. In addition to the above, the following girls have joined/represented MCD swimming in 2021: Timea Schultz, Susie Worsfold, Coco Bathurst, Shae Macrae, Tayleigh Taylor and Ayva Kirkman.

3.2 Sports Results
Combined Inter House Individual Athletics
U14 Individual Aggregate
Runner up Kara Exton 27 points (Sable)
Winner Jodie Anderson 36 points (Impala)

U15 Individual Aggregate
Runner up Coco Bathurst 35 points (Kudu)
Winner Junior Victrix Ludorum Nicole Badwell, 49 points (Kudu)

U16 Individual Aggregate
Runner up Tanyaradzwa Midzi 35 points (Sable)
Winner Melissa Allott 40 points (Impala)

U17 Individual Aggregate
Runner up Victoria Chigumba 36 points (Impala)
Winner Debrah Nakhozwe 43 points (Eland)

U20 Individual Aggregate
Runner up Erin Elliott 33 points (Kudu)
Winner Senior Victrix Ludorum Doné Erasmus, 36 points (Eland)

Best Senior Hurdler Doné Erasmus (Eland)

Overall results
1st Eland 663 points
2nd Impala 605 points
3rd Sable 575 points
4th Kudu 537 points

Horse Riding
Our equestrians continue to excel, with our internal riders having shown tremendous progress in riding with our PEC, developing in leaps and bounds. Special mention of the following riders who continue to represent Peterhouse Girls at external shows and events, and certainly fly the flag high for PHG: Taige Mannix, Erin Elliot, Adel Kotzé, Sienna and Luanna Paige.

Both Taige Mannix and Adel Kotzé are competing in the Polocrosse C Division, as well as Eventing, with Adel being Runner Up in the C Division, and Taige winning a Best Player award in the same division.
Adel Kotzé has been selected to play Polocrosse for Zimbabwe.
PEC Show 29th May
Pre Intermediate Riders - Gymkana Games:

“Walk and Trot”
Group 2 1st Place Elaine Musiiwa

Group 1 1st Place Mutsawashe Chigbwe

Group 1 1st Place Chelsea Jin

Advanced Riders
1st Place Erin Elliott
3rd Place Sienna Page

Working Riding Horse
Advanced Riders
2nd place Luanna Page
3rd place Lily Ascott

Intermediate Riders
1st place Jordan Kirsten
3rd place Kiara Dube

Arena Eventing
Intermediate Riders
1st Place Jodie Anderson
2nd Place Caylin Amm
3rd Place Amy Ferreria

Pre-Advanced Riders
1st Place Sienna Page
2nd Place Daniella Anderson
3rd Place Taige Mannix

Advanced Riders
1st Place Sienna Page
2nd Place Erin Elliot
3rd Place Luanna Page

Tennis (From March to date)
Tanyaradzwa Midzi (B Block) has been selected for the Zimbabwe Ladies Tennis Team that will be competing in the ladies equivalent of the Davis Cup (the Billie Jean King Cup, formerly known as the Fed Cup) in Lithuania.

Interhouse Tennis
1st Sable
2nd Impala and Kudu
3rd Eland

Small Bridge Dam, Penhalonga
Tayleigh Taylor U15 3rd Overall Supersprint
Erin Elliott U19 2nd Overall Sprint, and selection for Zimbabwe Triathlon team.

3.3 Sports Awards
For valuable assistance at Combined Individual Athletics:
Shalom Mandudzi, Ashley Dziva, Mafaro Musimwa, Tinevimbo Mukonoweshuro, Fadzai Zitsanza, Bridgit Botha, Rebecca Botha, Lindsay Botha, Courtney Marufu, Rudado Matondo, Cindy Chikuni, Daniella Antwi, Zandile Mbofana, Thando Ntini, Pareena Bhana, Maliksha Goven, Kayla Kalweit and Dani Kleinschmidt

For perseverance, commitment to training and competing at club and provincial level throughout the term:
Leesa Mutandwa

For Winning Senior Victrix Ludorum, Best Senior Hurdler, and long standing commitment to Athletics at PHG:
Doné Erasmus

For valuable assistance with Athletics Practices and Leadership as Captain of Athletics:
Maja Potzas

Cross Country
For being committed to competing in, and winning their respective age groups in the Virtual Inter House Cross Country:
Jodie Anderson, Brooklyn Tippett and Danniella Anderson

Horse Riding
For perseverance, commitment to riding and competing at a high level and for Leadership as Horse Riding Captain:
Erin Elliott

For perseverance, commitment to riding and competing and representing Peterhouse Girls at a high level
Adel Kotzé, Taige Mannix, Sienna Page and Luanna Page

For perseverance, commitment to riding and competing at a high level
Katie Loubser and Emily Wood

For continued invaluable assistance to the PEC and achievements in riding
Daniella Anderson and Courtney Wellock

For perseverance, commitment to Rowing and selection for Rowing Association of Zimbabwe Development Squad:
Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Kayla Kalweit, Kayleigh Weeks, Lara Weller, Danielle Kaschula

For exceptional performance, dedication and outstanding results in Indoor Rowing:
Daniella Kaschula

For perseverance, commitment and dedication to training and continued outstanding results:
Timea Schultz

For perseverance, commitment to training and competing at Club Level:
Susie Worsfold, Coco Bathurst, Shae Macrae, Ayva Kirkman, Tayleigh Taylor, Pareena Bhana, Shalom Mandudzi, Rebecca Botha and Thandiwe Mtwazi

For perseverance, commitment to training and competing and a high level:
Tanyaradzwa Midzi and Letticia Mugala

For pursuing self-improvement in Tennis during Online School:
Thandiwe Dube

For reselection into the Zimbabwe Triathlon Team:
Erin Elliott

For dedication and commitment to Triathlon:
Brooklyn Tippett

For perseverance in training as an emerging Triathlete:
Tayleigh Taylor

3.4 Reminders
Please can girls return to school with Winter sports kit, including gum guards and shin pads.


4.1 Lent Practice and Qualifying Adventurous Journeys
This term, a total of 15 girls completed both their Duke of Edinburgh International Award Practice, and Qualifying, Adventurous journeys. This included the first C Block girls who recently started their awards. The girls are: Nyasha Bvute, Mukudzei Charumbira, Anotida Chibanda, Anna Freeth, Sanika Goven, Shae Hanhart, Ayize Ikemefuna, Shania Jin, Erin Mann, Rudado Matondo, Elizabeth Moore-Gordan, Gigi Nyambirai, Chelsea Nyatsambo, Tadiwa Ruzvidzo and Keanna Zimbiti. Details of the journey can be found on the website and social media pages.

4.2 Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received their awards this term:
Mafaro Musimwa
Amy Scott Elliott
Kaleigh Weeks

Daniella Anderson
Precious Chemhere
Ayla Skye Greeff

4.3 Duke of Edinburgh International Award Enrolment
Congratulations to the girls who started their journey this year. If your daughter is interested in starting their Duke of Edinburgh International Award, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain an enrolment form and more details on how to get started.


5.1 Letter from the San
A lot of school time is spent ferrying girls to dentists and back. Please ensure that your daughter has a full dental check-up during the school holiday so that she does not need to miss lessons for dentistry requirements. If dental work is ongoing, try to book appointments that do not clash with school days.

If your daughter has braces please book appointments appropriately to coincide with fixture free weekends and half-term dates. We will only deal with dental emergencies when they arise.

Post-operative care
Please keep your daughter at home for the stipulated number of days following any type of surgical intervention. This includes time at home following minor operations, for example excision of verrucas or removal of ingrown toenails. Home care is vital following these minor procedures as it allows healing within an environment that your child’s immune system is used to and can cope with. Bringing your daughter back to school following even minor surgery places her at risk for post-operative infection which is difficult to control at even the most basic levels. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Girls may keep the following in their boarding houses: ointments for skin problems, inhalers for asthma or nasal preparations. No tablets of any kind are allowed to be kept in the houses, these and all vitamins should be handed in to the San.

Please ensure that your daughter is lice free before returning to school.

Warts and verrucas
Please may you ask your GP to deal with any warts or verrucas during the holidays.

Contagious Illness
Please take care to keep your daughter at home for the stipulated number of days prescribed by the Doctor. Bringing your daughter back to school too early delays her convalescence significantly as she heals.

Medical Aid
If you have recently changed your medical aid or any detail with regard to your medical aid, please inform the san.

NB **Emergency Contact Numbers**
When we need to contact you quickly we require a reliable number to call, please provide your up to date number, or a guardian’s number who can give consent for emergency needs.

Please contact the Sanatorium if you require any information concerning your daughter’s health needs at school.

Cell Phone: 077 626 1987
Extension: 371
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards
Sister Rejoice Jim and Sister Caroline Bamba