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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Equestrian Centre Paper Chase 2022

How many schools are able to set up their very own Interhouse Paper Chase on horseback?

Recently, the Peterhouse Equestrian Centre held just an event on the grounds, and along a similar route to the equine cross-country course, which borders Gosho Park.

Teams of pupils, of differing age groups and abilities, were grouped together and tasked with navigating the course, while stopping to read questions pinned to trees and jotting down their ‘true or false’ answers. In-between each question, a little jump would need to be completed by a member of the group, experienced in jumping that height.

Some questions and jumps were missed and some teams backtracked, or circled, to find their missing check-ins. There was much laughing and giggling and an immense amount of fun was had by all.

Houses were scored on ‘time around course’ with anything from forty minutes to an hour logged. Well done to Impala House who won ‘best time’ and well done to Sable House who managed to answer the most questions correctly.