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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Girls ICT Trip to Econet 2022

Last term, fourteen excited A Block (Form 4) girls set out to visit and learn more about the nation’s mobile network of choice, Econet. When they arrived at the Pockets Hill Data Centre, the girls were greeted by high walls and security cameras.

They were welcomed by two very knowledgeable members of the Econet engineering team, who took the girls straight to the board room for a presentation on the network infrastructure.

They discussed the correct terminology to use in responses to IGCSE examination Networks questions and allowed the girls to ask relevant questions.

Once the oral presentation was completed, the girls were taken on a tour around the Data Centre.

The pupils were shown the servers that run the whole Econet communications network, as well as the Ecocash money transfer platform. The pupils were also taken through the control room, which has a wall full of monitors, where cameras set up at different ‘boosters sites’ around the country are viewed. The pupils also got to see some of the network devices that we have covered in class like routers, packet switches and Ethernet cables.

It was a day well spent exposing the girls to the real application of telecommunications devices and equipping the girls with correct terminology for their final ICT examination.
What a fun way to spend a day.