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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Equestrian Show 2021

We held our Peterhouse Equestrian Show at the end of last term and here are some of the results:
Pre Intermediate Riders - Gymkana Games:

“Walk and Trot”
Group 2 - 1st Place - Elaine Musiiwa

Group 1 - 1st Place - Mutsawashe Chigbwe

Group 1 - 1st Place - Chelsea Jin

Advanced Riders
1st Place - Erin Elliott
3rd Place - Sienna Page


Working Riding Horse
Advanced Riders
2nd place - Luanna Page
3rd place - Lily Ascott

Intermediate Riders
1st place - Jordan Kirsten
3rd place - Kiara Dube

Arena Eventing
Intermediate Riders
1st Place - Jodie Anderson
2nd Place - Caylin Amm
3rd Place - Amy Ferreria


Pre-Advanced Riders
1st Place - Sienna Page
2nd Place - Daniella Anderson
3rd Place - Taige Mannix

Advanced Riders
1st Place - Sienna Page
2nd Place - Erin Elliot
3rd Place - Luanna Page