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Peterhouse Girls

Ayla Skye Greeff Awarded Silver 2021

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Congratulations to Ayla Skye Greeff on completing her Silver Award.

How I completed my Silver Award ?

I have just completed my silver award, it has been a great challenge for me to complete, I procrastinated doing the award very often and at the end it did not pay off, teaching me how to stay consistent.

At the beginning of the first lockdown I was very stressed with having to learn a new way of education via online lessons and my DOE was no longer my main priority for 2020, but I had the advantage of time so I refocused all my goals and realized that it was very important to complete my award.

Doing my DOE became a time where I could do something different every week, and I soon started to enjoy it.

My skill : Design & Technology

For this section of my award I worked on number of Projects that improved my Skills - in Event Decor planning; Drawing & Model work; and Wood Work.

I learnt new techniques, how to use different equipment mainly with woodwork tools.

I worked on creating and setting up a photo booth for the 2020 4th form Dance, as well as working on all the Decor for the dance too.

I also worked on 4 other little DIY woodwork projects which developed my skill in working with wood.

Throughout this time doing my silver award I kept focused on my goal and aimed in developing my skills.


My Service : Library sessions

I volunteered in our school library to make sure that I could provide a clean and tidy library for the local Peterhouse community and for pupils who use the library.

My Goal was to make sure that all the library books that were returned were logged back into the library system and placed back onto the bookshelf in the correct space. I aimed to process at least 15 books every library session.

In lockdown I tried to center my service around my goal, but it was very difficult, so I tidied up all my childhood books and the bookshelves in the house.

My Sport : Waterpolo

My goal for my sport was to improve my goal scoring and try and score 2 goals per tournament.

The way I improved my goal scoring was by increasing my fitness and strengthening my upper body, and kept practising scoring goals when training to better my ball skill and coordination.

Before lockdown I was mostly done with my silver award, so to complete my award I kept my pool fitness up and did exercises to strengthen my upper body.

Adventurous Journey : Nyanga (Nyangani)

I had the opportunity to go on an expedition with the school, it was a great experience and it really put me out of my comfort zone, I learnt so many new things about myself.

Our group goal was to study the distribution and type of trees every 200-1000 meters along our walk.

We carried pens and notepads to record what we observed, we collected a few leaves, flowers and identify the tree species that we were unsure of, and studied the deforestation along the path.