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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Girls Speech Day 2021 – Head Girl’s Speech

A very good morning to our guest of honour Mrs. Bwanya, the Rector Mr. Trafford, the Headmistress Mrs. Hough, invited guests, the Peterhouse Group of Schools staff and every single one of the Peterhouse Girls present here today… well Vth and VIth Form.

Someone once said "Try new things every day. Don't be afraid of failures. You will not lose anything. But your brain will be packed with experiences." If I could speak to this person today, I’d respectfully ask them to rearrange a few words, because after receiving my first nasal swab Covid test here on campus, I felt that I hadn’t quite ‘packed’ my brain ‘with experience,’ but rather picked it- really hard- with a long cotton swab. And unfortunately, I think I did lose something: a few brain cells, along with the will to try new things.

I think it goes without saying, that Covid-19 this year, yet again threw many challenges in our face. But equally, I think it would be unfair to speak of these at large without acknowledging the sheer talent, hard work and resilience that shone through it all.

Upon being appointed as Head Girl for 2021, I somewhat assumed that this year would be my greatest year of service to the school. I was under the impression that it would be a year of giving back and inspiring the student community here on campus. And whilst I can confirm to my past self that it was all these things, in addition, I’d certainly say that it was also my greatest year of appreciation. I found myself constantly amazed by the successes of the students that surround me.

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Peterhouse Girls Speech Day 2021 - Prize Winners

We were delighted to be able to hold the Peterhouse Girls Speech Day and combined Leavers Service this year. It is a time of the year where we congratulate those girls who have worked diligently to achieve success in a variety of aspects in the school, as well as a time to say farewell to VIth Form girls that we have become so close to.

What a privilege it was to be joined by Mrs Sharon Bwanya as our Guest of Honour. Sharon spoke on the positive role of women in the workplace, as well as the world in general and gave a powerful and meaningful message to our girls that no doubt sparked further determination in their hearts.

Mrs Claire Hough gave a rundown of all the many special events, results and achievements for the year while Head Girl, Franchesca Chinhundu, spoke to her peers and reminisced on their six incredible years together.

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Cana Zone VI Virtual Swimming Champs Achievements

A number of our pupils took part in the first Cana Zone IV Virtual Swimming Championships held in Harare over the weekend. The follow pupils did very well with ‘personal best’ improvements in the majority of their events:

Peterhouse Girls
Brits Keren
Kirkman Ayva
Salome Mandudzi
Amelie Mtongwiza
Thandiwe Mtwazi

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Diving into the weekend at the Dorados Swimming Camp

Recently some of our U14 and U15 girls participated in a Dorados Swimming Camp held at Peterhouse Girls over two days.

Some of our senior girls volunteered to attend as a refreshing break from their intensive exam study.

Three sessions were held and facilitated by Mr Masi Takaedza, our Head of Swimming, which covered aspects such as Team Building (KLC), Stroke Correction and Technical Development, Starts & Turns Clinic (with a Harare Swimming Board Representative) as well as Diving and Underwater Work.

The weekend proved to be a valuable time for girls to brush up on their skills and learn new techniques ahead of the upcoming swimming season.

National Archery Selection for December Tournament

Congratulations to our archers who have been selected to represent Zimbabwe at a regional tournament in December.

Zimbabwe National Team
Nicole and Melissa Allott, Jacobus Botha, Paolo Marucchi-Chierro, Ethan Schultz and Xuan Ze Hong

Development Team
Tawana Banda, Mpho Chimpondah, Garth Clements, Josh Eggersglusz, Amber Maclaughlin, Gianmarco Marucchi-Chierro and Skye Shanahan.

AS Level Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2021

The 5th Form Travel and Tourism class held a very successful exhibition earlier this term, in the Megahey Centre, with the aim of marketing three tourist destinations to their peers.

The class was divided into small groups and each group consisted of six pupils who were tasked with marketing different destinations. We chose to do research on the Maldives, Mukuvusi woodlands and the Seychelles because these are destinations that are not very familiar to us as a year group.

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Peterhouse Learner Guides Exploring Bulawayo

Our VIth Form Learner Guides recently travelled to Bulawayo to write their National Parks Exams. There are always some surprises in these papers and our pupils are anxiously waiting for their results.

We took the opportunity to visit the Bulawayo Natural History Museum where there are some new displays and plenty of interesting specimens to look at.

Our Learner Guides spent one night in the Matobo National Park – climbed granite whalebacks, looked at bushman paintings and visited the grave of Cecil Rhodes and his ‘View of the World’.

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Peterhouse Girls B Block Taking on Chimanimani

Seventy girls, 7 instructors and 6 staff quickly and efficiently packed on the afternoon of Saturday 10th September in anticipation of the early Sunday morning departure.

The 2400m high cliffs of the Chimanimani Mountains greeted the girls upon their arrival at Charleswood Farm. Soon the call of “Packs on” was heard and the girls took off on their 6km hike to the Chimanimani National Parks Basecamp for the first night.

‘Rising’ was at 5.20 on Monday morning and the group of girls volunteering the longer walk had substantially (and impressively) grown from 15 to 24 after a good night’s rest.

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Peterhouse Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Recently we have been discussing the importance of Pink Day with our pupils, in their tutorial sessions, providing them with information and educational videos to promote cancer awareness.

If you would like to support The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe, contact them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on +263 242707444/2705522.

BonAqua Troutbeck Africa Cup Triathlon 2021

Congratulations to the following pupils who achieved such fantastic results at Troutbeck over the past weekend.

Results as follows:

Junior Ladies Supersprint
5th Tayleigh Taylor 14-15 yr

Off Road Standard
3rd Keith Elliott (men)
1st Erin Elliott (ladies)

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Exciting New Appointments this October

Important Notice

We have had a few major shifts within our staff at Peterhouse Girls and we would like to wish the following ladies all the very best in their new positions.

Mrs M Scott-Elliot has been appointed the Peterhouse Group of Schools Director of Academic Advancement.
Dr L Hildebrand has been appointed Director of Studies at Peterhouse Girls.
Mrs S Kaschula has been appointed D Block (Form 1) Housemistress at Peterhouse Girls. 

We know your visions will become a reality...