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Peterhouse Girls

Welcome to Digi-School 2022

Welcome back to school and a very special welcome to all our new pupils joining us this year.

Although Digi-School is not ideal, we encourage you to work and study hard over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t forget to keep fit and start preparing for cross-country.

Cambridge A & AS Level Results November 2021

A huge congratulations to our 2021 Vth and VIth Form - you did it!

The following pupils did exceptionally well in the Cambridge International Examinations and achieved the following results:

Academic Colours Awarded at AS Level

Tawanyasha Banda 3A, 1B
Ruvimbo Chauruka 3A, 1B
Joshua Chinyama 3A, 1B
Deborah Davy 3A, 1B
Keith Elliot 4A
Anotida Nhondova 3A, 1B
Lovedale Njaravaza 4A
Maida Piccin 3A, 1B

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Equestrian Achievements November 2021

Well done to our Peterhouse girls on their outstanding performances at the National Show Jumping Championships held in Harare on the 19th, 20th and 21st November 2021. Their results are as follows:

Luanna Page
2nd in the 1m Junior Two-phase
5th in the Junior 1m Championship class

Sienna Page
1st in the 90cm Junior Two-phase
3rd in the 1m Junior Two-phase
5th in the 90cm Junior Welcome Stakes

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Swimming Harare Gala 2021

Great positioning for our Peterhouse swimmers who took part in the Harare Gala held at Les Brown in Harare last weekend. The results are as follows:

Peterhouse Girls
Collette Arnold and Salome Mandudzi - made 1 final and got all pbs (Personal Bests)
Keren Brits and Amelie - made 3 finals and achieved pbs in all events
Ayva Kirkman - made 5 finals with best finish of 4th in 200 breast-stroke
Shae Macrae - made 1 final and swam well throughout the competition
Timea Schultz - mostly pbs, won gold in the 100 back-stroke and 100 free-style, silver in 400 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 50 butterfly, and bronze in the 50 breast-stroke
Stephanie Rundle - entered in 8 events and competed with heart, made 6 finals and got a silver in the 400 freestyle

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Peterhouse Junior Interhouse Swimming Gala 2021

Well done to our junior swimmers who competed in the Interhouse Combined Gala held at Peterhouse Girls last week. The results are as follows:

Peterhouse Girls Results

U14 Individual Aggregate
Winner - Keren Brits - Eland
Runner Up - Jodie Anderson - Impala

U15 Individual Aggregate
Winner - Tayleigh Taylor - Impala
Runner Up - Stephanie Rundle - Sable

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Peterhouse Cricket Coaching Certificates Awarded

During the months of August and September 2021, the Peterhouse Cricket Centre of Excellence conducted an Intermediate Cricket Coaching Course for staff coaches from the Peterhouse Group. Apart from the obvious Batting, Bowling and Fielding modules; the course also involved sessions on:

Role of the Coach
Long Term Athlete Development
Teaching Cricket Specific Skills
Game and Lesson Planning
Mental and Tactical Awareness

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ZAU Open Water Swim at Kushinga Dam 2021

The freedom of swimming in open water.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Aquatic Union (ZAU) organised an Open Water Swim event at Kushinga Dam, adjacent to Peterhouse Girls.

Although some pupils were nervous at first, having never competed in an Open Water event before, once the race started they raced hard and gave it their best. In the end, all of them were over the fear of ‘weeds’ and ‘things’ in the water and just enjoyed themselves.

Some of the events included: 3000m open water swim, 1500m open water swim, 750m open water swim and the 4 x 500m relay.

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Peterhouse Girls Leadership Camp 2021

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

A group of 40 Peterhouse Girls House Prefects excitedly made their way into Gosho Park for the Prefect’s selection camp held over the weekend of Friday 12 November to Saturday 13 November 2021..

Given the option to sleep back in their houses after an afternoon of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, the girls opted to spend the night in the cabins. The atmosphere in Gosho, was characterised by laughter, ominous rain clouds, drenched clothes, strained muscles and stretched patience-yet through it all, singing voices could be heard ringing through the trees after the successful completion of a task.

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Peterhouse Girls Office Bearers 2022

What a special and emotional time of the year, 2022 Peterhouse Girls Office Bearers Announcement

Well done and congratulations to the following girls, we are looking forward to watching you lead in the new year:

Head Girl - Tawananyasha Banda

Deputy Head Girl - Lindsay Botha

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Peterhouse Girls Leaver's Service 2021

We bid farewell to our leavers recently at the Leaver's Service and very special Leaver's Lunch. 

We wish our Class of 2021 all the very best in their future – we know you will achieve greatness in whatever it is you choose to pursue.

Some special words from VIth Form Housemistress Mrs Jo Schultz

Good morning. It is an honour for me to be here as we bid farewell to our beautiful, feisty class of 2021.

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Peterhouse Girls Speech Day 2021 – Headmistress' Speech

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times.......

This quote is nearly two hundred years old. It’s Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

And yet, it rings true today. What will we say in 10 years about our experience of the last two?
Will it be the foundation blocks of fortified character and determination or will it signal the beginning of what was a spiral into self-pity. What we determine today will govern the outcome tomorrow.

Good morning guest of honour, Mrs Sharon Bwanya and Mr Bwanya, the Rector, Mr Jon Trafford and Mrs Trafford, Head of Springvale House, Mr Paul Martin and Mrs Martin, Business Director, Mr Mark Whitaker, Chairman of Exco, Dr Peter Hildebrand, staff, parents and pupils.

I am convinced that Peterhouse remains a place of hope in times of darkness. Along with the rest of the world, we as a school have had our lives turned upside down, but in the midst I have seen teachers go above and beyond the call of duty and I have seen pupils display resilience of extraordinary proportions.
I am proud to be a servant in this institution and it makes me glad to be a woman

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