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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Nursery School Bubble Play 2017

Bubbles are a great thing to use when playing with kids and it is usually done once a week. Not only is bubble play an easy way to have fun but it’s a way to work on a number of developmental skills.

Bubble play can develop fine motor skills as the children can pop the bubbles in a number of different ways such as poke them with an index finger, squeezing them with the whole hand or using two hands to clap the bubbles. Bubble play also helps to develop visual tracking skills and good hand eye coordination.

In group play children can take turns at keeping personal space between their bodies so they don’t bump into or knock each other over as well as extreme movements of reaching up as high as possible, jumping, squatting and running.

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Waterpolo Interhouse 2017

Well done to Eland House who won both the Senior and Junior sections of our Interhouse Waterpolo.

Eland 8 points
Sable 7 points
Impala 7 points
Kudu 1 point

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PHG30 Bubbles and Broomsticks High Tea 2017

The PHG 30th Anniversary High Tea "Bubbles and Broomsticks" was held on Thursday 28th September 2017 at The Flying Frog, Highlands Harare. It was a well-supported event with 90 ladies and 1 Gentleman attending.

Among the guests were a few Petreans, Parents and friends of Peterhouse, Invited special guests included Mr Stewart Mattinson and his partner Penny, Mrs Barrie Hammond, Mrs Harriet Nel, The Headmistress of Peterhouse Girls Mrs Tracy Blignaut, The Deputy Headmistress of Peterhouse girls Mrs Claire Hough. The Head Girl of PHG, Nomkhosi Malaba, The Deputy Head Girl Primrose Matembo, The Head of D Block, Olivia Wilding-Davies and The Deputy Head of D Block, Tyla Storrer.

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B Block Chimanimani Expedition 2017

21 – 27 September 2017

66 girls and 5 members of staff departed at 0500 for the traditional expedition to the mountains of Chimanimani recently.

The expedition marked the third stage of the Outdoor Education Programme, where the girls spent 7 days and 6 nights hiking the mountains and engaged in team building activities like the Tower of Doom, Night Line, Gorge Walk, Peer Reviews etc.

This year for the first time the girls did a ‘Solo Night’ – thank you mums and dads for writing your daughters letters. I wish you could have been present to witness what a special and emotive experience this was for them. You should all be receiving replies to your letters in due course.

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MTB Spur Interschools – Magaliesburg 2017

Spur Interschools Mountain Biking at Bekker High School, Magaliesburg, South Africa, 6th and 7th October 2017.

After a series of selection races held at various CHISZ schools during the winter term, the following cyclists were selected to represent Zimbabwe at the above event:

Sub junior boys U15: Keith Elliott and Sebastian Bicknell (PHB)
Sub Junior Girls U15: Erin Elliott (PHG)
Youth Girls B U17: Reinette van Heereden (Lomagundi)
Junior Men U19: Brett Elliott (PHB) and Atkins Chinhandamba (Lomagundi)

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Harare Athletics Club (H.A.C) Trail Run 2017

Peterhouse hosted the grand finale in a series of Trail Runs organized by the Harare Athletics Club.

Two tracks were created in Calderwood Park – one of 7km and the other of 14km. There were a total of 230 runners entered with a large number of Peterhouse boys and girls also competing.

Special thanks to Mr Borlase and his Estates team for helping lay out the tracks.

Mr Andrew Shoesmith

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NIAA Form 2 Poetry 2017

Congratulations must go to Franchesca Chinhundu on winning the National Institute of Allied Arts Honours Award for Form 2 Poetry for her piece entitled ‘Dream World’.

A world where you are seen as you,
Where what one says is guaranteed true.
A peaceful place that is violence free,
Where, without being judged, I can just be me.

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Model United Nations Conference 2017

The Conference was held at Chisipite from 10th – 12th August. It was a wonderful academic programme that promoted high level modern research skills, reasoning, debating register and objective discourse. Some of the topics discussed were: (a). Enforcing the protection of women's rights in armed conflicts, (b). Elimination of international terrorism and others. The topics allowed pupils to examine current global economic, social and political crises. Pupils who attended are:

1. Tadiwa Ditima (Djibouti)
2. Rufaro Hoto (The Netherlands)
3. Praise Jaravani (Nigeria)
4. Tinodiwa Manyonga (UAE)
5. Gareth Ncube (India)

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Swimming Interschools Relays Gala 2017

We hosted an interschools relays gala at Peterhouse Girls and came 3rd place against Chisipite A and Hellenic.
Well done to all the girls who competed.

1st Chisipite A 294
2nd Hellenic 282
3rd Peterhouse Girls 232
4th Convent 226
5th Arundel 144
6th Chisipite B 110

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RIFA Educational Camp 2017

During the last week of school 9 boys and 13 girls departed from Peterhouse to the RIFA Educational Camp near Chirundu in the Zambezi valley. this is one of the last truly wild areas in Zimbabwe and the learners had the privilege of observing elephants pruning the trees in the camp 20m from where they were sitting around their campfire while a lion was roaring close by and calls of hungry hyenas ensured that all stayed in well-lit areas. Visits from civet cats and a honey badger most nights and the old buffalo bull living near the camp combined with feeding the vultures made sure that all had an unforgettable experience.

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