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Peterhouse Girls

Peterhouse Girls – Environment Club Trip to Pepsi Cola 2022

Last term our Peterhouse Girls Environmental Club girls, especially those who study Chemistry, Physics and Biology, had a great time learning interesting processes during a tour to the Pepsi Cola Company in Harare.

The water purification process and recycling of plastic bottles was explained thoroughly.

The impact on Chlorination and Sand purification was fascinating.

All in all this was an exciting field trip for our girls.

Peterhouse Music Food & Wine Festival 2022

After a two year break, our Peterhouse Music, Food and Wine Festival sprung into life on Saturday 10th September.

Held on the Springvale House field, opposite Gosho Park, the Peebles Pavilion transformed into a stunning concert venue with a carefully curated array of music. Kicking off the afternoon we welcomed Deon with his country set, followed by FaB Ovation with some golden oldies. The Basics were up next with some good old folk music and Sunn Tee with a selection of great Jazz. The Tribe took over for our sundowner set before DJ JonSolo took over for some EDM and House to get everyone up and dancing.

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Meet Scotty Jones – Director of Sport at Peterhouse Girls

Scotty joined Peterhouse Girls in the Sports Department earlier this year in preparation for his position as Director of Sport with effect from 1st September 2022.

Scotty has been involved in coaching in the school system for 16 years, having previously worked at St John’s College/Prep, Bryden and Lilfordia School.

He has played sport at the highest level and knows what it takes to perform on the international stage. Scotty has played for the National 7s and 15s Rugby Team and for the National Hockey Team. He has also represented Zimbabwe at squash and athletics at school level.

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Peterhouse Equestrian Centre Paper Chase 2022

How many schools are able to set up their very own Interhouse Paper Chase on horseback?

Recently, the Peterhouse Equestrian Centre held just an event on the grounds, and along a similar route to the equine cross-country course, which borders Gosho Park.

Teams of pupils, of differing age groups and abilities, were grouped together and tasked with navigating the course, while stopping to read questions pinned to trees and jotting down their ‘true or false’ answers. In-between each question, a little jump would need to be completed by a member of the group, experienced in jumping that height.

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Peterhouse Girls ICT Trip to Econet 2022

Last term, fourteen excited A Block (Form 4) girls set out to visit and learn more about the nation’s mobile network of choice, Econet. When they arrived at the Pockets Hill Data Centre, the girls were greeted by high walls and security cameras.

They were welcomed by two very knowledgeable members of the Econet engineering team, who took the girls straight to the board room for a presentation on the network infrastructure.

They discussed the correct terminology to use in responses to IGCSE examination Networks questions and allowed the girls to ask relevant questions.

Once the oral presentation was completed, the girls were taken on a tour around the Data Centre.

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Peterhouse Blood Donation 2022

It’s been quite a while since our Peterhouse pupils have been able to donate blood to the National Blood Transfusion Service of Zimbabwe (NBTZ).

Based in the Sanatoriums at each school, there were queues of senior pupils outside before the nurses were even able to set up.  Screening was done and our anxious volunteers waited patiently to be able to give the gift of blood.

Thank you, to each and every pupil, who made a donation – this will go a long way to helping those in critical need.

Did You Know That We Work With Introwise Caterers?

#didyouknow - that we are delighted to be working with Introwise and their team to ensure our pupils are being fed a healthy balanced diet.

With three hot meals a day, salads, deserts, sambo’s, cocoa breaks and the odd extra treat thrown in here and there, our pupils are well fed.

Concerned about food allergies or intolerances? A number of our pupils are on special diets for medical or religious reasons and our kitchens ensure they receive what they need.

Kutandara Marimba Group Visits Peterhouse 2022

This term the Peterhouse Music Department was delighted to welcome Kutandara, a USA based marimba group in conjunction with WINAD Trust music school.

The day started in the morning with the group giving a concert and marimba workshops at Springvale House.

Later in the afternoon, our high school marimba bands also had an opportunity to work with this group as a music exchange.

In the evening, we were given a spectacular marimba concert in the Peterhouse Girls Music Centre.

Many thanks to Kutandara for managing to visit Peterhouse during their short stay in Zimbabwe.

Peterhouse Girls Religious Studies Trip 2022

The A Block IGCSE Religious Studies class enjoyed a fruitful outing to a Mosque and met with the leaders of an Islamic School in Waterfalls, Harare.

The pupils, having covered most of the Islamic syllabus, were able to ask questions and understood some of the concepts in detail. Learning outside the classroom brought religion to life and made it more practical.

This positive encounter is sure to equip our pupils for their forthcoming IGCSE examination.

Oliver ‘with a Zim’ Twist – 'Please, sir, I want some more. '

Oliver with a Zim Twist was a resounding success and well received by our audiences.

Our incredible cast and crew worked slavishly for a solid three months as they waded through the demands of line memorisation, scene changes, lighting, characterisation, props, costumes and makeup.

They developed into an amazing team that worked together seamlessly and professionally.

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Peterhouse Girls Science & Engineering Fair 2022

At the end of the Trinity term the first ever Peterhouse Science and Engineering Fair, PSEF was held. This was a celebration of the hardworking young scientists we have throughout the blocks, where the girls presented their scientific research, finding solutions to problems we face in our school, country and around the world.

The girls produced quality projects in the fields of Health and Medical sciences, Computer science, Microbiology, Behavioural and Social sciences and Engineering.

Well done to the following girls who receives awards:

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