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Peterhouse Girls

Head's Welcome

Welcome to the Peterhouse Girls’ website. I hope you will find it useful and informative, and I hope too that it will give you a glimpse into life here at our beautiful school.

The campus is centred around St Francis Chapel just as our school ethos is based upon our Anglican faith and our seven core values: loyalty, honesty, decency, humility, service, self-sacrifice and respect. We believe that every member of our community has infinite value and infinite potential and we strive to create an environment in which we appreciate each person’s value and unlock their potential.
Peterhouse is a school steeped in tradition but we also look to the future, to prepare our young ladies for the world which awaits them.This preparation is based upon developing 6 core competencies (the 6 Cs): Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Character, Collaboration and Cross-Cultural skills; all of which are essential to success in today’s rapidly changing and highly innovative work place.We promote academic excellence by embracing and encouraging a growth mind-set, and by effectively teaching and using these 6C’s in all aspects of school life.

Pupils, parents and teachers are all vital members of our community and we strive to build and strengthen these relationships by constantly seeking ways to improve communication and create a calendar of events which enable our community to come together in a variety of ways throughout the year.
We want our girls to be well-educated in the broadest sense of the word. We believe in a breadth of education which focuses on academic excellence in the classroom and develops their character and interests beyond it. We have a wide range of sporting, musical and extra-curricular activities on offer and plenty of other remarkable challenges like reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro and hiking to Everest Base Camp.
We believe that school should be fun and rewarding but that does not mean it should not have its challenges. We strongly believe in developing commitment and grit and we do this in a variety of ways including our outdoor education programme, and many of our girls are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.  
We provide opportunities to empower, enable and encourage each of our girls to develop their sense of self; thus enabling them to build loving relationships based on mutual respect, to serve their community effectively and to recognise, develop and utilise their God-given talents.
I do hope that you will be able to visit Peterhouse; I know that you will be most impressed with our facilities, by the pupils and staff you meet and by the warmth of the welcome you receive.
Mrs Claire Hough