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Peterhouse Girls

Academic, Cultural & Sports Results



v PHB:
As lost 10 – 23
Bs won 12 – 0
Cs won 11 – 6

v Convent:
As won 40 – 16
Bs won 24 – 2
Cs won 13 – 0

v Dominican Convent
Juniors lost 0 – 6
Seniors lost 0 – 6

Pastis had a meeting with Marondera High School. The meeting was informative and encouraged the pupils to participate and improve their public speaking abilities.

Interhouse Plays
On Saturday 2nd March the Drama Club, along with many novices and budding thespians, put on four different plays produced by their respective houses; Eland, Impala, Kudu and Sable. The plays were directed and produced by Bekezela Mbofana, Faith Kunaka, Rufaro Songore, Matinatsashe Hove and Stephanie Lawrence. This was a successful evening of theatre that was enjoyed by all present.

The awards were as follows:
Laing Cup for Best Technical Production
Winner: Impala Runner-Up: Sable

Chiedza Rwodzi Cup for Best Novice Actress
Winner: Ruvimbo Mutyatyu (Impala) Runner Up: Tatenda Zvidzai (Sable)

Carol Gibson Cup for Best Cameo Performance
Winner: Alyssa Makina (Kudu) Runner Up: Snit Daniel (Impala)
Moore Trophy for Best Supporting Performance
Winner: Rufaro Songore (Eland) Runner Up: Nyasha Dongo (Impala)
Gibson Trophy for Best Actress
Winner: Mufaro Mutangadura (Impala)Runner up: Matinatsashe Hove (Eland)

Baxter Trophy for Best Play Overall
Winner: Eland
Runner up: Sable 3rd: Impala

Interschools Quiz Competition hosted by Heritage
Juniors came 10th out of 27 schools
Seniors came 12th out of 27 schools

Service Clubs
Interact visit to Musha weVana
On Thursday 28th February the Interact club visited the local orphanage, Musha weVana. We were welcomed by the ecstatic faces of the little ones; all geared and ready to have fun with the Interact members. The afternoon was well spent. This was the first visit to Musha weVana for new Interact members which challenged them to socialize and interact with children of different ages. Stories were shared, songs were sung and friendships were made. The fine afternoon was rounded off by the Interact board members giving clothes and school shoes to the children; they were very grateful for this kind gesture. The Interact Club thanks all who donated clothing as the children at Musha weVana really appreciated it.

Leo Visit to St Francis
On Monday 4th March, the Peterhouse Leo Club had the opportunity to visit St Francis School. As a club we were able to supply the school with items of stationery. We all took part in various games and activities with the children and had an amazing time interacting with all of them.

Unfortunately, we did not spend much time at St Francis, and it is definitely in our future plans to spend another eventful afternoon with them where we would provide drinks and food for all the children and get to know, as well as build relationships with them all.

As a club we are truly grateful to everyone who made this visit possible, we believe that as a team, if we all work together we truly will fulfil our motto - “We Serve”.

Eisteddfod Programme

Thursday 14 March
African Gospel Choir 11.05am (Gateway High School)
Western Ensembles 2.00pm (Prince Edward)
Vocal Duets 2.30pm

Friday 15 March (Prince Edward)
Marimba Ensembles Form 1-3 8.30am
Vocal solos 8.30am
Mbira solo 9.10am
Vocal solos 9.30am
Senior girls marimba 10.35am
Vocal Ensembles 2.00pm

Wednesday 20 March (Prince Edward)
Piano solo Classical G5 2.55pm
Violin solo G6 2.00pm
Cello solo G4 8.30am
Woodwind solos 10.25am
Woodwind solo G7 12.10pm
Piano Duet 4-6 3.45pm
Drum solos 1.50pm

Monday 25 March (Prince Edward)
Woodwind solos 8.30am
Violin solos 8.30am
Vocal solos 9.20am
Piano solos 10.00am
Vocal solos 10.10am
Violin solo 11.40am
Vocal solos 12.25pm
Piano solos 3.50pm

Tuesday 26 March (Harare International School)
PHG Form 1&2 choir 9.00am

Thursday 28 March (Harare International School)
PHG Senior choir 9.00am
B Block Girls’ Choir 9.00am
Senior Mixed choir 11.35am
Senior Mixed choir 3.40pm

Friday 29 March (Prince Edward)
Wind band and Orchestra 9.00am



NASP Archery at St John’s
The following girls received a certificate of achievement for the runner up senior team: Ria Pareekh, Sarah Wellock, Sallie Kloppers and Shirea Brits

Prince Edward Sprint Challenge
Chisipite 172 points
Arundel 143 points
Peterhouse Girls 133 points
Girls High School 117 points
Watershed 96 points
Lomagundi 90 points
Gateway 65 points
Eaglesvale 0 points (did not compete in all events)

Inter District Athletics
Danielle Murrell 1st Place U15 Javelin
Doné Erasmus 3rd place U17 100m Hurdles
Leesa Mutandwa 3rd place U17 long jump, 5th place U17 200m
Chaniel Yosa 5th place U17 100m, 5th place U17 200m

Congratulations to Danielle Murrell for being selected for the Mashonaland East Athletics Team.

Interhouse Individual Athletics
1st Eland, 2nd Kudu, 3rd Impala and 4th Sable

Interhouse Relays Athletics
1st Eland, 2nd Sable, 3rd Kudu and 4th Impala

v St John’s
U14A lost 2-5
U15A won 11-0
U16A won 7-5
2nd Team won 6-4
1st Team lost 24-27

v Heritage
U14 won 8-4
U15 won 14-0
U16 won 12-2
1st Team lost 20-26

National Selection
Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to represent the Zimbabwe Team in the Arlington Show in April in the following events:
Erin Elliott selected for the 80cm Team
Katie Loubser selected for the 80cm Team
Kylie Loubser selected for the 1m Eventing Team

South African Rowing Championships

Holly Bicknell came 8th in the Open Semi-Final
Victoria Wood came 27th out of 50 in her heat
Stacey Dunstan came 3rd in the U16 final
Doné Erasmus came 7th in the U16 Semi-Final
Sophie Le Boulengé came 17th out of in her heat
Krystal Barber came 36th out of 38 in her heat
Genevieve Shoesmith came 8th in the U15 final
Kayla Kalweit came 10th out of 26 in her heat
Lara Weller came 12th out of 32 in her heat
Shavaunne Stockenström came 16th out of 32 in her heat
Samantha Davis came 25th out of 32 in her heat

Holly Bicknell and Victoria Wood came 1st in the Open B final
Stacey Dunstan and Doné Erasmus came 3rd in the U16 final (Bronze)
Sophie Le Boulengé and Krystal Barber came 5th in their heat
Genevieve Shoesmith came 3rd in the U15 final (Bronze)
Lara Weller and Samantha Davis came 3rd in their heat for U15
Lara Weller and Shavaunne Stockenström came 6th in the U14 Final

Sophie Le Boulengé, Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Krystal Barber and Shavaunne Stockenström (Cox) came 8th in their U16 Final

Individual Finals Gala
Peterhouse Girls finished 3rd out of 8 schools.

CANA Zone IV Championships
Courtney Brown and Amy Doorman represented Zimbabwe at CANA in Namibia (February). Courtney Brown achieved a Bronze Medal in a relay event and Amy Doorman achieved 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal and was the team’s Co-Captain.

Amy Doorman completed the 3km Open Water Swim.

Temwani Chibiya represented the Zambian Swimming Team at CANA.

Zimbabwe Schools Squash
Laura Lagesse received a Bronze medal in the U16 age group at the Zimbabwe Schools Squash Tournament held over Half Term.

U15 and U19 National Swiss Draw
Congratulations to Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba who has been selected to represent Zimbabwe in the South African Inter Provincials in March 2019 (Pretoria).

National Selection
Erin Elliott has been invited to represent Zimbabwe Triathlon at a Development Camp in Durban (March).

Warwick Smith Tournament
v Petra
PHG U14 v U14 lost 6 – 7
v Falcon
PHG U14 v U14 won 9 – 4
PHG 1st v 1st won 8 – 2
v Chisipite
PHG U14 v U14A lost 11 – 2
PHG U15 v U15A lost 0 – 13
PHG 1st v 1st lost 0 – 13
v Hellenic
PHG U14 v U14A lost 2 – 11
PHG U15 v U15A lost 0 – 12
PHG 1st v 1st lost 0 – 12
v Girls College
PHG U15 v U15 lost 5 – 7

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards
Congratulations to Deborah Davy and Genevieve Shoesmith for attaining their Bronze Awards. They are both the first B Block girls to receive their awards and Genevieve Shoesmith is the first girl to receive her award through the Online Record Book.



Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their 1st Mark Order;

D Block – Mikayla Burl, Shumirai Chigadza, Aneni Chigwedere, Nokutenda Dhobbie, Oanaya Dongo, Kimberly Gono, Tanatsirwa Jambwa, Taonaishe Kunaka, Jiayi Le, Shae Macrae, Gamuchirai Mavhinga, Anike Mparuri, Thandiwe Mtwazi, Nadine Mudzimuirema, Chidochashe Munyonga, Mufaro Nazare, Ruvarashe Nhongonhema, Reina Parirenyatwa, Stephanie Russell, Chloe Scott Elliot, Savanna Seaman, Delph Sithole, Naledi Taundi, Gina Utsiwegota, Jewantee Yakiti

C Block – Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Takomborerwa Makiwa, Rudado Matondo, Kimberly Maworise, Munesushe Mushosho, Mafaro Musimwa, Fadzai Zitsanza

B Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Praise Jakaza, Kayla Kalweit, Tanatswa Matonda, Idi Musimwa, Luanna Page, Maida Piccin, Amy Scott-Elliot

A Block – Laura Lagesse, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa

Vth Form – Tanatswa Njanji

VIth Form – Bekezela Mbofana, Natalie Moores, Chiedza Njike


Cultural Results

As lost 8 – 14
Bs lost 26 – 39

v PHB:
As lost 5 – 21
Bs lost 1 – 18
Cs won 13 – 7

v St Johns:
As lost 12 – 15
Bs lost 8 – 13
Cs won 14 – 10

v Arundel:
As lost 1 – 8
Bs lost 0 – 12
Cs won 8 – 7

v PHB:
As won 19 – 1
Bs won 18 – 6
Cs lost 14 – 43

v Gateway:
Juniors won 223 – 221 points with Thandiwe Dube as the best speaker and Mercy Magaya as the 2nd best speaker
Seniors lost 238 – 253 points with Bekezela Mbofana as the 2nd best speaker

v Arundel:
Juniors won 244 – 215 points with Thandiwe Dube as the 2nd best speaker
Seniors won 286 – 231 points

v St Johns:
Juniors lost 231 – 233 points
Seniors lost 277 – 279 points

Juniors came 3rd out of 25 schools
Seniors came 10th out of 25 schools

Interact visit to Ida weKwako – Natalie Moores
On Thursday 24th January, the Interact Club visited Ida weKwako old age home. It was the first visit for new members of the Interact Club. Much of our time was spent speaking to the elderly, whilst the board members spoke to the owners of Ida weKwako to get information for our proposed projects of kitchen renovations.

We ended the visit with a few songs and prayers with all who were there. We also took ten loaves of bread with us, as a contribution to their meals.

Library Club Valentines Cartoon Competition
The cartoon competition the library held for Valentine’s Day was very well supported and they were overwhelmed with entries. Congratulations to our winners who each received a bar of chocolate and a rose:
Staff: Miss Bryer;
Seniors: Rufaro Songore; B Block: Kyuri Kim; C Block: Amy Ferreira; D Block: Ruvarashe Nhongonhema.


Zonal Athletics
The girls attained the following medals:
Leesa Mutandwa 200m: Gold
Triple jump: Gold
Long Jump: Gold
400m: Silver
Chaneil Yosa 100m: Gold
200m: Gold
Tamika Mparuri 100m: Silver
Thandiswa Nunu 800m: Bronze

District Athletics at Watershed
Doné Erasmus 100m Hurdles: Gold
Javelin: Silver
Chaneil Yosa 100m: Gold
200m: Gold
Leesa Mutandwa 200m: Gold
Long Jump: Gold

v Chisipite Postponed due to rain

v Convent U14A lost 4 – 16
U14B won 8 – 0
U15 won 16 – 2
U16 lost 6 – 10
1st Team won 33 – 17

Cross Country
At Arundel PHG came 1st out of 10 schools.

At Lomagundi PHG came 2nd out of 9 schools.

3 Feathers Regatta
Lara Weller came 1st in the Women’s D single 1000m
Genevieve Shoesmith came 1st in the Women’s C single 1000m
Doné Erasmus came 1st in the Women’s A single 2000m
Lara Weller and Samantha Davis came 1st in the Women’s D doubles 1000m
Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit came 1st in the Women’s C double 1000m
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 1st in the Women’s B doubles 2000m
Sophie Le Boulengé, Doné Erasmus, and Megan Dunstan came 1st in the Women’s B quad 2000m
Lara Weller (Cox), Sophie Le Boulengé, Holly Bicknell, Victoria Wood and Doné Erasmus came 1st in the Women’s A quad 2000m

RAZ National Champs
Lara Weller came 1st in the Women’s D single
Genevieve Shoesmith came 1st in the Women’s C single
Sophie Le Boulengé came 1st in the Women’s B single
Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit came 1st in the Women’s C double
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 1st in the Women’s B double
Megan Dunstan (Cox), Sophie Le Boulengé , Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan and Krystal Barber came 1st in the Women’s B quad

At Chisipite PHG came 3rd out of 3 schools

Northern Section Gala
PHG came 3rd out of 6 schools

v Arundel PHG A v A won 5 – 0
v St. John’s PHG A v C won 3 – 2
v St. Georges PHG A v C won 5 – 0

Table Tennis
v Gateway Juniors won 4 – 0
Seniors won 4 – 0

A League
v Chisipite U14A drew 6 – 6
U15A won 9 – 3
U16A won 7 – 5
1st Team won 11 – 0

v Watershed U14A won 12 – 0
U15A won 11 – 1
U16A won 12 – 0
1st Team won 10 – 2

B League
v Heritage U14B (Heritage unable to field team)
U16B (Heritage unable to field team)
U15B won 11 – 1
2nd Team drew 2 – 2

v Eaglesvale U14B won 11 – 1
U15B won 12 – 0
U16B won 12 – 0
2nd Team won 11 – 0

v Hillcrest U14B won 8 – 4
U15B won 10 – 2
U16B lost 5 – 7
2nd Team lost 4 – 8

Congratulations to Andie Kuipers who won a Silver Medal in her Category (U19 Girls) at the Discovery World Cup Triathlon in Cape Town on 10 February.

In the School Individual Category Andie placed 30th out of 344 entries and 3rd out of 121 girls.

Brooklyn Tippett came 2nd in the U15 age group at the ATU Africa Cup Triathlon, Troutbeck
Erin Elliott came 3rd in the U17 category
Andie Kuipers came 4th in the U19 category

At the National Triathlon Championships Erin Elliott came 3rd in the U17 age group and Andie Kuipers came 2nd in the U19 category. Congratulations to both triathletes who have qualified to represent the Zimbabwe Triathlon Team at the South African Championships in March

ATS Tournament
U20 pool stage
v Watershed won 2 – 0
v Eaglesvale lost 0 – 2
v Gateway won 2 – 1
v Chisipite won 2 – 0

v Arundel lost 1 – 2

Final Position: 4th out of 10 Schools

Congratulations to Anesu Nzenza-Grant, Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba and Precious Chemhere who were selected for the U20 ATS Volleyball Team.

Friday and Saturday Friendlies at Chisipite, St John’s College and Hellenic:
v Chisipite PHG U14 v U14B lost 2 – 6
PHG U14 v U14A lost 0 – 13
PHG U15 v U15B won 5 – 3
PHG U15 v U15A lost 1 – 16
PHG U16 v U16B lost 7 – 8
PHG U16 v U16B won 5 – 4
PHG 1st v 2nd Team drew 4 – 4
PHG 1st v 2nd Team lost 3 – 4

v Hellenic PHG U14 v U14A lost 3 – 13
PHG U15 v U15B lost 2 – 11
PHG U15 v U15A lost 1 – 10
PHG U16 v U16B drew 1 – 1
PHG U16 v U16B lost 1 – 6
PHG 1st v 2nd Team won 5 – 2

v St John’s PHG U16 v U16B lost 7 – 9

v CANA U17 PHG 1st Team lost 0 – 7

Senior Mermaids Trophy:
v Chisipite PHG 1st v 2nd Team lost 2 – 5
v Girls College PHG 1st v GC 1st Team lost 3 – 5



Public Examination Results For 2018
A level: The overall pass rate was 99.7% with our top girls achieving the following:
Michelle Mwenje (3A* 1A), Susan Li (3A*), Shumirai Njaravaza (2A* 1A), Natasha Simpson (1A* 2 A), Deeyana Patel (1A* 2A), Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba (3A) and Jessica Palmer (3A).

AS level: The overall pass rate for the current 6th form pupils was 86.3%.
Well done to Natalie Moores (3A) and Chipo Chidakwa and Rebecca Gau (2A).

IGCSE level: The overall pass rate was 91.1%. Congratulations to all the girls.
Academic colours for 8 A grades or better have been awarded to Shirea Brits.
Academic half colours have been awarded to Courtney Brown, Dhalika Goven and Tsitsi Nyatsuro.


PHG came 7th out of 8 teams with 3.5 points. Our best player Tatenda Ndaudzwa, won 2 of her matches. Special mention also goes to Tinotenda Mapani, Alicia Chiremba and Courtney Marufu each of whom won a

The junior Drama Club girls put on their comedy play "Candy Run". The girls worked hard and have made good progress with their acting, which is beginning to show more depth. While all the girls performed well, special mention must go to Nyasha Dongo who played the part of 'Connie' exceptionally well. The play was thoroughly enjoyed by the C and D Block girls who attended.


Past Holiday Results
Courtney Brown represented the Zimbabwe swimming team at the AUSC Region 5 U20 Youth Games in Gaborone, Botswana and achieved 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals.
Senior Nationals 2019
Amy Doorman received 4 Bronze, 2 Silver and 1 Gold medal
Amy Kluckow received 4 Bronze medals
Courtney Brown received 2 Bronze, 3 Silver and 4 Gold medals
Krystal Barber received 2 Bronze medals
Shalom Ranganai received 1 Bronze medal
Savannah Macmillan received 1 Bronze medal
Thandiswa Nunu received 1 Bronze medal

Amy Doorman, Amy Kluckow and Courtney Brown have been selected for the Zimbabwe National Swimming Team to compete at CANA (Namibia) in February.

Tanyaradzwa Midzi (D Block) achieved the following

Capetown Super 8 Growthpoint Series - Rondebosch
Mixed Doubles – Runner Up, Silver medal
Doubles – Winner, Gold Medal

Capetown Super 8 Growthpoint Series - Strand
Singles Platinum - placed 9th out of 63 girls
Doubles Platinum - Semi Finalist
Southern Africa Zonals International Tournament: Bronze Medal
Southern Africa Team Tournament - U14 Zimbabwe Team: Bronze Medal

At Arundel
Peterhouse was Runner Up as a combined girls/boys team.

Cross country
Invitational Cross Country at PHG
Peterhouse came 1st out of 7 schools. Special mention to Erin Elliot – 1st place out of 56 in the U17 age group, and Courtney Brown – 1st place out of 56 in the open age group.

Interhouse Cross Country
1st Eland 305
2nd Sable 324
3rd Kudu 465
4th Impala 494

Arington Eventing
Erin Elliott - 1st in 80cm Eventing
Katie Loubser - 2nd in 80cm Eventing
Emily Wood - 2nd in 80cm Hunter Trials

The following girls have been awarded the following grading:
Aimee Barron - Brown stripe belt 3rd - Kyu (B) 3rd class
Tariro Muvevi - Orange belt 6th - Kyu 2nd class
Natasha Kambani - Orange belt 6th - Kyu 3rd class
Tadiwanashe Nhengo - Orange belt 6th - Kyu 3rd class
Tanaka Masunzambwa - Orange belt 6th - Kyu 3rd class
Priyali Rama - Orange stripe belt 6th - Kyu (B) 2nd class
Vatida Nhemachena - Yellow stripe belt 8th

Hunyani Regatta
7 first place finishes
4 second place finishes
3 third place finishes

Invitational Gala at Hellenic
Peterhouse come 3rd out of 6 schools

A League
v Arundel
U14A won 12-0
U15A drew 6-6
U16A won 11-1
1st Team lost 4-8

B League
v Arundel
U14B won 8-0
U15B won 8-0
U16B lost 5-7
2nd Team won 8-0