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Peterhouse Girls

Sports & Cultural Results


Vs Prince Edward.
As lost 0 – 20, Bs won 10 – 6 and Cs lost 5 – 10. Against PHB, As won 15 – 6, Bs lost 7 – 13, Cs won 16 – 1.

Vs Chisipite. Juniors won 274 – 263. Seniors won 219.5 – 218

PHG came 5th out of 10 schools.

Interhouse Public Speaking
The winner of the D. Holman Trophy for Junior Interhouse Public Speaking – Rutendo Magomo
The winner of the M. Holman Trophy for Intermediate Interhouse Public Speaking – Matinatsashe Hove.
The winner of the Nicola Ward Trophy for Senior Interhouse Public Speaking – Leocardia Nyamayaro.
Overall, the Mells Cup for Interhouse Public Speaking was won by Eland.


NASP Interschools Archery
1st Archers Access 1120
2nd Hellenic Academy 1100
3rd Peterhouse Girls 1065
4th St Georges 1044
5th Peterhouse 1041
6th Arundel 851
7th Celebration Center 799

Basketball vs Heritage
1st Team Won 32-17
2nd Team Won 10-6
U16A Won 12-11
U15A Won 9-7
U14A Drew 6-6

Basketball vs Lomagundi
1st Team Won 33-16
2nd Team Won 20-4
U16A Lost 8-9
U15A Lost 9-18
U14A Lost 2-6

A Teams Hockey vs Hellenic
1st Team Won 2-0
U16A Won 2-0
U15A Won 3-0
U14A Drew 0-0

A Teams Hockey vs Harare Convent
1st Team Drew 0-0
U16A Won 4-1

A Teams Hockey vs Gateway
1st Team Won 4-0
U16A Won 4-1
U15A Won 6-1
U14A Won 3-0

A Teams Hockey vs Lomagundi
1st Team Won 3-0
U16A Won 8-0
U15A Lost 0-3
U14A Won 3-0

B Teams Hockey vs Hillcrest A
2nd Team Drew 1-1
U16B Lost 0-1
U15B Lost 0-2
U14B Lost 0-2

B Teams Hockey vs Petra A
2nd Team Drew 1-1
U15B Won 2-0
U14B Drew 1-1

C Teams Hockey vs Chisipite B
3rd Team Lost 0-1
U16C Won 2-0
U15C Lost 0-6
U14C Drew 1-1

U14 Peterhouse Girls Hockey Festival

Congratulations to the PHG U14 girls’ hockey team who won the 2017 tournament without conceding a single goal. Final results were as follows:
1st Peterhouse Girls A
2nd Arundel
3rd Gateway
4th Hellenic
5th Harare Convent
6th Chisipite
7th Eaglesvale
8th Peterhouse Girls B
9th Heritage
10th Wise Owl

U15 Hellenic Academy Hockey Festival
1st Lomagundi
2nd Peterhouse Girls
3rd Arundel
4th Hellenic
5th Chisipite
6th Gateway
Overall Inter House Hockey
1st Eland
2nd Kudu
3rd Impala
4th Sable

Congratulations to Kylie Loubser and Hailey Hawkins who have been selected to represent Zimbabwe at the 1* Africa Shield in Namibia, which will be held on the 5th-6th August 2017. Only four riders from Zimbabwe were selected and Peterhouse Girls has two of the representatives. Their coach, also from the Peterhouse Equestrian Center, Celeste Wright, will be travelling as the team coach.

Arena Eventing Results:
Hailey Hawkins 2nd 110m
Kylie Loubser 2nd 1m
Katie Loubser 2nd hunter trials 80cm
Adel Kotze 2nd hunter trials 70cm

Fair Fight Indoor Competition at Nagle House
Karate had a very successful weekend where Peterhouse Girls placed second overall. The results were as follows:
1st Chitungwiza 5 Golds
2nd Peterhouse Girls 4 Golds
3rd Springvale House 3 Golds
4th Nagle House 1 Gold
5th Harare 1 Gold
6th Peterhouse Boys 0 Gold

Congratulations to the following girls for achieving the following individual results:

12-13 year olds Girls Kata
Anne Kirkman Gold Medal

Under 21 Girls Kata
Kayla Rouse Gold Medal
Leocardia Nyamayaro Silver Medal

12-13 year olds Girls Kumite
Anne Kirkman Gold Medal
Natasha Kambani Bronze Medal

Under 21 Girls Kumite
Kayla Rouse Gold Medal
Leocardia Nyamayaro Silver Medal
Shannen Wilson Bronze Medal

vs Chisi Won 4-1
vs Hellenic Won 5-0
vs Gateway Won 4-1



Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their first Mark Order, Trinity Term:

D Block - Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Anya Erasmus, Kayla Kalweit, Nandi Mbele, Idi Musimwa, Luanna Page.

C Block – Aimee Barron, Sarah Burdett, Rebecca Chihota, Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Doné Erasmus, Anne Kirkman, Laura Lagesse, Jiaxian Liu, Tinevimbo Mangadze, Tinotenda Mapani,
Gamuchirai Mhere, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa, Maja Potzas, Kyra Zartmann

B Block - Michelle Murengami, Tiffany Nyamupingidza

A Block – Chipo Chidakwa, Amy Doorman, Megan Hough, Danai Mandebvu, Shauna Meikle, Natalie Moores, Chiedza Njike, Kayla Rouse, Tatenda Zvidzai

Vth Form – Hazel Chitere, Julia Lagesse, Susan Li, Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Jessica Palmer, Deeyana Patel, Natasha Simpson

VIth Form - Julia Brightman, Tara Magner, Primrose Matembo, Irene Songore


The following are the winners of each of the categories in the Buckland Arts.

Art Juniors: Jiaxian Liu
Middles: Jessica Saunders
Seniors: Anesu Nyamupingidza

Cookery Juniors: Laura Lagesse
Middles: Amy Doorman
Seniors: Rumbidzai Hodzonge

Dance Juniors: Sable
Middles: Eland
Seniors: Impala and Sable

Design Juniors: Laura Lagesse
Middles: Kayla Rouse
Seniors: Jessica Palmer

Flower arranging Juniors: Tammy-Anne Tippett
Middles: Amy Doorman
Seniors: Lindsay Edwards

Installations Kudu

Music – Instrumental Juniors: Deborah Davy and Idi Musimwa
Middles: Anna Montgomery and Tatenda Zvidzai
Seniors: Sarah-Ann Soltau

– Vocal Juniors: Idi Musimwa
Middles: Faith Kunaka
Seniors: Chiwoneso Mvududu

– Choirs Eland

Photography Juniors: Dani Kleinschmidt
Middles: Taige Innes
Seniors: Andile Nkomo

Recitation Juniors: Mpho Chimpondah
Middles: Bekezela Mbofana
Seniors: Solethu Sibanda

Overall: 1st Sable
2nd Eland
3rd Impala
4th Kudu

Buckland Trophy for most points collected for her house: Julia Lagesse.
Marondera Garden Club Trophy for the best flower arrangement: Amy Doorman.

Vs Westridge: As won 25 – 12, Bs won 5 – 0 and Cs won 21 – 0. Against PHB: As won 18 – 5, Bs lost 7 – 18 and Cs won 9 – 6.
Vs Arundel: As lost 0 – 17, Bs won 7 – 0 and Cs won 18 – 5. Against PHB: As lost 7 – 18, Bs won 18 – 5 and Cs lost 5 – 7
Vs St John’s College: As won 12 – 1, Bs won 22 – 0 and Cs won 18 – 0. Against PHB: As lost 0 – 25, Bs lost 7 – 12 and Cs won 7 – 1

Vs Westridge: Seniors lost 71% – 72% with Leocardia Nyamayaro as the best speaker, Juniors won with 66% – 62%.
Vs Arundel: Seniors won with 216 – 213 and Juniors won with 232 – 205.

Senior Musician of the Year: Deborah Davy
Senior Vocalist of the Year: Chiwoneso Mvududu
Intermediate Musician of the Year: Keara Shumba
Junior Musician of the Year: Shirea Brits
On Thursday 8th June Brian Nhira graced us with a concert in the chapel. He was the Zimbabwean star of “The Voice” where he sang “Happy” in front of Pharell Williams who selected him for his team. He is a successful YouTube star and writes, records and performs his own music. It was a wonderful experience for the girls who stayed behind for “selfies” and autographs from him. He also conducted some vocal workshops in the afternoon which were of great use to the aspiring singers at both schools.

At Arundel: we came 12th out of 23 schools

This was held on the 7th of June. All entries were read very well and the extracts were well chosen. The four top readers were given an extract which they had one minute to prepare and then they had to read it in front of the adjudicator. The winner was Deborah Davy. Many thanks go to Mrs van Heerden who judged the competition.


National Selections
Congratulations to the following girls for being selected to represent the Zimbabwe U20 basketball team:
Shyline Kambarami, Anesu Nzenza-Grant and Kafuma Nyumbu

MCD Selections
The following girls were selected to represent the Mashonaland Country District U20 Team:

Anesu Nzenza-Grant, Kafuma Nyumbu, Anotida Zhanda, Irene Songore, Shyline Kambarami, Paidamwoyo Tswatswa, Courage Kusena

Peterhouse Girls Terry Mushiko U20 Basketball Tournament
1st Bulawayo Convent
2nd Arundel
3rd Peterhouse Girls
4th Watershed
5th Petra
6th Gateway
7th Harare Convent
8th Westridge
9th Heritage
10th Wise Owl

Basketball vs Harare Convent
1st Team Won 31-16
2nd Team Lost 7-11
U16A Lost 0-13
U15A Won 18-2
U14A Won 11-8

A Team Hockey vs Girls College
1st Team Won 7-2
U16A Won 1-0
U15A Won 3-1
U14A Lost 0-1

A Team Hockey vs Heritage
1st Team Won 6-0
U16A Won 6-0
U15A Won 2-0
U14A Won 2-0

C Team Hockey vs Watershed
3rd Team Lost 0-4
U16C Drew 1-1
U15C Lost 0-7
U14C Won 1-0

C Team Hockey vs Eaglesvale
3rd Team Lost 0-4
U16C Lost 0-1
U15C Lost 0-4
U14C Lost 0-1

MCD Hockey selections
The following girls have been selected to represent the Mashonaland Country Districts Hockey Teams:

Ruvimbo Dobbie, Cate Bartlett, Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Tannatswanashe Marimirofa, Amber Hinze and Kundai Rugube

Kudzai Chisveto, Tarisai Mudiwa, Laura Chinhundu, Jamie Soper and Georgina Lock

Sara Erasmus, Bryony Dawson, Lilian Pope, Victoria Wood, Siobhan Jones, Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Bekezela Mbofana and Courtney Brown

Katrina De Chassart, Jordan Hulley and Rebecca Gau and Non-Travelling Reserve: Chipo Chidakwa

Congratulations to Kylie Loubser and her horse Tandi, who were ranked 30th in the FEI (Federation Equestrian International) world jumping challenge category C (1.00-1.10 m) in 2016.

PHG vs Chisipite won 4-1
PHG vs Hellenic won 5-0

Amy Doorman and Courtney Brown received Mashonaland Country Districts (MCD) swimming colours. For Courtney, this is a re-award and for Amy, this is in recognition of her representing MCD swimming since 2011 and making the finals at each of the galas as well as representing Zimbabwe at the CANA Zone IV Championships in February.


Holiday Tours

St Mary’s Hockey Tour
Hockey tour this year was a new experience for a large number of girls in the team and it was great to see them all settle into their positions and onto the turf. Not all the finals could be played due to rain but thankfully we were able to finish and win the Vuvuzela.

Pool A: Played 7 Won 0 Drew 1 Lost 6
Pool J: Played 2 Won 0 Drew 2 Lost 0
Vuvuzela: Played 2 Won 2
Pool A
Paarl Gim Lost 0-1
DF Malan Lost 1-2
St Anne’s DC Lost 0-4
St John’s DSG Lost 0-1
Our Lady of Fatima Drew 1-1
Garsfontein Lost 0-1
St Mary’s, Waverley Lost 0-3
Cross Pool playoffs
St Mary’s DSG Pretoria Drew 0-0
Pretoria Girls High Drew 0-0
Vuvuzela Semi-final and final
Brescia House Won 2-0
Kingsmead Won 2-0

Menlopark U16 Hockey Tournament
15 girls and 2 members of staff travelled to Pretoria from the 5th to the 10th of April to take part in the Menlopark U16 Hockey Tournament. This is the first time the girls have participated in this tournament and they placed 4th overall. There were 10 high calibre participating schools, so to have come 4th is a great achievement.

Played 9, won 4, lost 2, drew 3, ranking us 4th in the log. The girls then played in one of 2 semi-finals, lost that match 0 - 6, and were automatically placed to play for bronze against the losers of the second semi-final. At full time the score was 0-0 which meant scores had to be settled on penalty shoot outs (the only one of the whole tournament!). The girls lost 3-0 on penalty shoot outs.
PHG vs Centurion 2 - 0
PHG vs Cornwall High 1 - 0
PHG vs Lady of Fatima 0 - 0
PHG vs Lichtenburg 1 - 0
PHG vs Menlo U15 1 - 3
PHG vs Menlo U16 2 - 1
PHG vs Noordheuwel 1 - 1
PHG vs PHS 1 - 3
PHG vs Secunda 1 – 1

4 girls: Bekezela Mbofana, Sara Erasmus, Siobhan Jones & Victoria Wood were selected to be part of the 15 strong girls team touring the Netherlands & Belgium in September 2017. This tour will no doubt be an unforgettable one with coaching clinics run by premier coaches, as well as international players from Belgium, Netherlands and Great Britain.

On Wednesday 24th May Susan Li, Jamie-Lee Soper and Deeyana Patel were invited to an awards ceremony held at Meikles Hotel to celebrate the achievements of Cambridge learners throughout Zimbabwe in the two examination series of 2016.

Susan received two awards; Top in the World for IGCSE Mathematics and Top in the Country for IGCSE Accounting, Jamie-Lee received a High Achievers Award for her IGCSE Physical Education result and Deeyana received an award for Top in the Country for IGCSE Information Communication Technology.

Congratulations to these three girls for their achievements.

Vth Form Pupils studying Travel and Tourism have just returned from a weekend in Johannesburg, which is part of the Coursework Module for the AS Level examinations. They experienced Cultural, Religious, Heritage, Mining, Culinary, Film, Leisure and Shopping Tourism during this expedition.


Vs Convent: A team lost 3 – 12, Bs lost 1 – 10 and Cs won 22 – 1. Against PHB: As lost 0 – 20, Bs won 9 – 1 and Cs won 9 – 3.

Interschools Bridge
The girls came 8th out of 10 schools.

Interhouse Debate:
Juniors: 1st Impala, 2nd Kudu, 3rd Eland, 4th Sable with Bekezela Mbofana as best speaker and Mufaro Mutangadura as second best speaker.
Seniors: 1st Impala, 2nd Eland, 3rd Kudu, 4th Sable. Best speakers Rungano Sibanda and Leocardia Nyamayaro.
Overall: 1st Impala, 2nd Eland, 3rd Kudu and 4th Sable.

Erratum: Tatenda Zvidzai 2nd Grade for solo piano, Eisteddfod.


1st Archers Access 1119
2nd St Georges 1083
2nd Hellenic Academy 1083
4th Peterhouse Girls 1076
5th Peterhouse 989

Basketball vs Eaglesvale
1st Team Won 22-13
2nd Team Won 16-0
U16 Lost 6-10
U15 Lost 7-8
U14 Won 16-0

Basketball vs Chisipite
1st Team Won 29-16
2nd Team Won 17-4
U16 Lost 6-8
U14 Lost 8-10

A Team Hockey vs Arundel
1st Team Lost 2-4
U16A Won 3-1
U15A Lost 1-2
U14A Won 2-1

B Team Hockey vs Bulawayo Convent
2nd Team Lost 1-3
U16B Lost 1-4
U15B Won 2-1
U14B Lost 1-2

B Team Hockey vs Midlands Christian College
2nd Team Won 2-0
U16B Lost 0-2
U15B Won 1-0
U14B Won 2-0

B Team Hockey vs Watershed
2nd Team Lost 0-1
U16B Drew 0-0
U15B Won 1-0
U14B Won 2-0

C Team Hockey vs Bulawayo Convent
3rd Team Drew 1-1
U16C Lost 0-1
U15C Lost 0-5
U14C Lost 0-3

C Team Hockey vs Midlands Christian College
3rd Team Lost 0-1
U16C Drew 1-1
U15C Lost 1-2
U14C Won 2-1

C Team Hockey vs Hillcrest
3rd Team Lost 2-4
U16C Lost 0-6
U15C Lost 1-6
U14C Lost 0-2

Congratulations to Courtney Brown who earned her Mashonaland Swimming Colours.