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Peterhouse Girls

Sports & Cultural Results


Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards
Natalie Moores has been invited to an awards ceremony on Thursday 24th May at Meikles Hotel to celebrate the achievements of Cambridge Learners throughout Zimbabwe in the two examination series of 2017.
She will be receiving an award for High Achievement in her Physical Education examination and we congratulate her on her outstanding performance.

2018 Peterhouse Maths Olympiad Round 1 Exam Results
The senior school Maths Olympiad Round 1 Results. Rindai Machokoto got 77 followed by Chayce Ross who got 67.

The highlighted pupils qualified for Round 2 which will take place on the 25th of July.

Machokoto Rindai 77
Ross Chayce 67
Jaravani Praise 59
Govore Tadiwa 56
Rogers David 55
Doorman Amy 54
Bore David 52
Ferguson Angus 52

Moores Natalie 37
Mungoni Mufaro 37
Zvidzai Tatenda 35
Mandebvu Danai 34
Timba Tinashe 29

v Convent: A’s won 25 – 12
B’s won 25 – 0
C’s won 12 – 9

v PHB: A’s won 14 – 7
B’s lost 5 – 16
C’s won 11 – 9

v PHB: A’s won 26 – 8
B’s won 25 – 15
C’s lost 8 – 32

v Arundel: Seniors won 1 and lost 3, Juniors drew 1 and lost 3. Overall, Arundel won 6 – 1.
The culture department extends a large thank you to the Choga family who donated five chess boards to our chess club.

v Chisipite: Seniors won 213 – 195 with Shamiso Chigadza as the best speaker
Juniors lost 214 – 114 with Rutendo Mupfumi as the best speaker.
v Gateway: Seniors drew 218 – 218 with Alyssa Makina as the best speaker.
Juniors won

The drama girls had a busy start to the term with two workshops taking place over the closed weekend. The first workshop was facilitated by the talented “Handlebards”, who once again, graced Peterhouse with their performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on Saturday 12th May. They are a dynamic group of women who taught the girls how to adapt their characters in a more physical manner for performance. On Sunday 13th June another workshop was conducted by Mr Musa Saruro, from the National Institute of Allied Arts. It was an eye opening experience for the girls who participated and gave them the opportunity to hone their stage craft. This was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all who attended.

Interact Visit To Kukura Neshungu (Faith Tsuroh)
When we set off from school, most of us were worried that this would be an uncomfortable visit where our ability to socialise with the physically and mentally disadvantaged members of the Marondera community would be found wanting. The visit to Kukura Neshungu was a touching one; we were welcomed by the students who were very happy to see us. We learnt about the people at Kukura Neshungu and their different "disabilities" and what they are taught at their school. The experience was touching: shaking the hand of a girl who can't make out a greeting but smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug was a significant life experience; and having this same girl show you how to make yourself a rug is another. While we saw 26 out of the possible 30 students who learn here, this particular visit to Kukura Neshungu reminded us of the values we need to remember when interacting with other human beings: to be patient with each other, to show humility amongst other people and to appreciate that with which we have been blessed.


Past Holiday Tours

Two Oceans Marathon
Four girls travelled to Cape Town for the Two Oceans Marathon and competed in the 21.1km race which took place during Easter on the 31st of March. There were 9259 female racers in total and 110 racers in the 16 – 19 year olds category. The girls did exceptionally well and all of them managed to finish with a medal.

Results were as follows:
Jamie-Lee Soper
Time 2:05.03
Gender position 735
16-19 year olds 15

Tyla MacIntosh
Time 2:37.53
Gender position 3957
16-19 year olds 50

Amber Charles
Time 2:37.55
Gender position 3960
16-19 year olds 51

Matinatsashe Hove
Time 2:33:46
Gender position 3389
16-19 year olds 44

1st Team Squad – Hockey Tour to Bundu Bashers Festival, Pietermaritzburg
We travelled to South Africa with a relatively “young” squad of 16 (a few of the old guard from 2017 and several A Block girls now players as Seniors). Largely, a development side, most of whom had not played together in the previous season. The festival started on Wednesday 4th April and we played two matches. We won against Hoerskool Transvalia: 1-0. We lost narrowly to Jeppe High for Girls: 1-2, trying a number of combinations but really focusing on integrating the younger players with the more experienced girls. Our third match was another closely fought contest with us going down 2-3, but some outstanding hockey played. The girls lifted their spirits and had a wonderful win against Redhill High: 4-0. The girls fought hard against Fourways High, losing 3-4 and our final game ending in a nail biting draw against Hoereskool Noordheuwel.

On our final Saturday we were privileged to travel to Michaelhouse for a very good leadership talk by Tim Jarvis and Keith Fairweather. The girls were very excited to see where the movie ‘Spud’ had been set and filmed. It was a great opportunity to visit the place that Peterhouse is modelled on and to see some of our school’s history. We also stopped at the Nelson Mandela Capture Sight for a walk around and to view the spectacular sculpture of Mandela. The extraordinary sculpture by artist Marco Cianfanelli comprises 50 steel column constructions – each between 6.5 and 9.5 metres tall, all set into the landscape. After reading through the History of ANC and South Africa, and making the ‘Long Walk to Freedon’ to see the sculpture, we returned to the Liberty Mall for some more retail therapy. We gathered for our final meal as a team on Saturday night and returned to pack up.

A memorable experience for all of our girls, an invaluable learning curve and creation of a strong team dynamic that we have taken with us into the start of the 2018 Season.

Sports Results

NASP Archery at St. Georges - Shirea Brits achieved the Best Senior Girl score with a total of 287 points.

v Lomagundi U14 Lost 2 - 6
U15 Won 7 – 0
U16 Lost 1 – 10
2nd Team Won 10 – 6
1st Team Won 23 – 17

v Heritage U14 Lost 0 - 5
U15 Away
U16 Lost 8 - 14
2nd Team Won 5 - 2
1st Team Lost 21 – 27

MCD Trials
The following were selected for Mashonaland Country Districts:

Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
Kundai Rugube
Merce’des Beekes
Lilian Pope
Ruvimbo Dobbie
Bryony Dawson

Laura Chinhundu
Jamie-Lee Soper
Rebecca Gau

Courtney Brown
Kimberley Joseph
Victoria Wood
Doné Erasmus
Rutendo Mandivenga
Jessica Kriel
Jade Carlisle
Rachel Palmer
Ropafadzo Madziwanyika
Stacey Dunstan
Tinashe Mutoko
Chaniel Yosa
Franchesca Chinhundu
Siobhan Jones
Rafilwe Molai (non-travelling reserve)

League Matches
PHG A v Lomagundi U14A Lost 0 – 1
U16A Won 1 – 0
1st Team Won 3 – 0

PHG A v Hillcrest U14A Drew 0 – 0
U15A Won 3 – 0
U16A Won 3 – 1
1st Team Won 6 – 0

PHG A v Harare Convent U14A Won 2 – 0
U15A Drew 1 – 1
U16A Won 3 – 2
1st Team Won 7 – 1

PHG B v MCC A U14B Won 2 – 0
U15B Won 1 – 0
U16B Won 3 – 0
2nd Team Drew 0 – 0

PHG C v Chisipite C U14C Won 2 – 0
U15C Drew 0 – 0
U16C Lost 2 – 0
3rd Team Won 4 – 1

Table Tennis
v Gateway Juniors Won 4 – 0
Seniors Won 4 – 0