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Peterhouse Girls

Academic, Cultural & Sports Results



Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Term Mark Order:

D Block – Cydney Buckler, Amy Chadwick, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Kyuri Kim, Tayla Lowden-Stoole, Danielle Machibaya, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Ropafadzo Maumbe, Kimberly Maworise, Zandile Mbofana, Tavimba Mukozho, Makanaka Musadaidzwa, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Priyali Rama, Brooklyn Tippett, Chrissy Wenham, Fadzai Zitsanza

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Nandi Mbele, Vatida Nhemachena, Luanna Page

B Block – Erin Elliott, Laura Lagesse, Tinotenda Mapani, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa

A Block – Tanatswa Njanji

Vth Form – Matinatsashe Hove, Shannen Wilson

VIth Form - Hailey Hawkins, Susan Li, Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Michelle Mwenje, Shumirai Njaravaza, Jessica Palmer, Deeyana Patel, Natasha Simpson


v PE: As lost 1 – 6
Bs lost 6 – 14
Cs lost 4 – 13

v PHB: As won 7 – 2
Bs lost 0 – 20
Cs won 18 – 3

v Hillcrest: As won 12 – 7
Bs lost 1 – 6

v PHB: As lost 11 – 18
Bs lost 1 – 6

v PHB: Seniors lost all matches
Juniors lost all matches

Night of debators at St Georges: On the 14th of July, the Senior Debate attended an evening of debators at St. Georges College. It was an evening of fruitful conversation with other debators and it had a positive public speaking energy. The guest speaker, Dr N Maraire, a successful neurologist, inspired us to strive to reach our goals.

Interhouse Debate
1st Sable, 2nd Kudu, 3rd Impala, 4th Eland. Best speaker for the juniors was Rutendo Magomo (Kudu) and the Best speaker for the seniors was Shamiso Chigadza (Sable).

This year there were 58 entries in total to the NIAA Speech and Drama Festival. The junior girls obtained 3 third grades, 14 second grades, 11 first grades. The D Block play “Doom” written and performed by the D Block girls received a well-deserved Honours grade.

The senior girls obtained 9 second grades, 17 first grades and Honours were awarded to Rugaro Songore for Improv and Bekezela Mbofana for her Prepared Speech. Special mention goes to Rufaro Songore for being named the top Peterhouse Girl performer of the festival.

The Interact Variety Show was definitely worth the amount of work we put in as a club. We had to meet deadlines which arrived earlier than expected, create documents we did not know about until the last minute and stay within the sensible restrictions which were set by the higher powers of the school, all while producing a show which we hoped people would feel was “value for their money.” However, we as a club were very satisfied with the outcome of our hard work and we thank everyone who participated and allowed the show to happen.

Leo Dance and Fun Day
This year, the Leo Club has done exceptionally well, despite the cold weather. We were able to raise $ 1 323.00 from the fun day and $ 3 633 from the dance. These were both held over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of July. Both fundraisers were a success, and we have set high standards for the incoming Leos. The dance was by far the highlight of this year’s achievements – from planning, to carrying out the tasks required. And that serves to prove that collective efforts outweigh individual ones.

On the 14th of July, the Peterhouse Model United Nations Society took part in the annual ChiMUN conference hosted by Chisipite. The seminar this year was themed "Breaking Barriers". The conference was divided into 5 different rooms: the General Assembly, Security Council, ECOSOC, Human Rights Commission and the Environmental commission. Resolutions were made from each room to combat current global issues, including protecting the rights of Women in factory setups and child marriages.

Almost all of the resolutions were passed and the debate was fruitful. Courage Kusena, Bekezela Mbofana and Michelle Mwenje were all recognised for their efforts in this conference.


NASP Tournament at Chisipite Junior School – Peterhouse Girls came second overall out of 5 schools
Shirea Brits – Best Senior Girls
Ria Pareekh – Runner Up

Interhouse 1st Eland - 18 points
2nd Kudu - 14 points
3rd Impala - 12 points
4th Sable - 5 points

v Chisipite U14 lost 2-12
U15 lost 6-11
U16 won 13-1
2nd Team lost 8-11
1st Team lost 18-23

U20 Tournament at Watershed
The girls lost all their games in the pool stages and therefore did not qualify to play in the final stages of the tournament.

Interhouse 11-a-side 1st Eland - 34 points
2nd Kudu - 12 points
3rd Impala - 11 points
4th Sable - 10 points

A League
v Kyle U14A won 1-0
U15A won 3-0
U16A won 6-0
1st Team won 3-1

v Gateway A U14A won 2-0
U15A lost 0-2
U16A won 10-0
1st Team won 5-3

v Arundel U14A lost 1-2
U15A lost 0-1
U16A won 1-0
1st Team lost 2-4

B League
v Hellenic U14B drew 0-0
U15B won 4-0
U16B won 4-0
2nd Team won 2-1

v Petra U15B won 4-0
U16B won 2-0
2nd Team drew 2-2

v Heritage U14B won 5-2
U15B won 4-1
U16B lost 0-1
2nd Team won 7-1

v Watershed U14B drew 0-0
U15B won 2-1
U16B drew 1-1
2nd Team won 2-0

v Chisipite U14B drew 0-0
U15B won 2-0
U16B lost 3-0
2nd Team won 4-1

C League
v Gateway U14C won 6-0
U15C won 5-0
U16C won 9-0
3rd Team won 3-0

v Westridge U14C won 2-0
U15C won 2-0
U16C won 1-0
3rd Team lost 2-1


Pony Show
Achievement Award - Katie Loubser
Dressage – 2nd place Adele Kotze
Best Gymkhana combination Horse and Rider – Emily Wood
1st Place 60cms Accumulator Show Jumping – Luanna Page
3rd place 80cms Welcome Show Jumping/2nd Place Gymkhana Cans – Erin Mann
2nd Place 50cms Accumulator Show Jumping – Hannah Palmer
2nd Place Gymkhana Sack Race, 1st Place Gymkhana Poles Bending and 1st Place 1mts Accumulator Show Jumping – Katie Loubser
2nd Place 50cms Welcome Show Jumping – Courtney Wellock
2nd Place 80cms Welcome Show Jumping, 2nd Place 80cms Accumulator Show Jumping, Gymkhana 2nd place Poles Bending, 3rd place Sack and 1st Place Cans – Emily Wood
Team Eagles – 1st Place 70cms Event – Luanna Page and Trinity Buckler
Team Woodpeckers – 1st Place 80cms Event – Katie Loubser
Team Egret – 1st 90cm’s Event – Katie Loubser

v Arundel lost 1-3
v Hellenic drew 0-0
v Chisipite lost 1-2

v St John’s College lost 5-0


Rutendo Machibaya passed her ABRSM Grade 5 Singing with merit.
Danielle Machibaya passed her ABRSM Grade 5 Singing.

At the Dorados/MCD AGM Amy Doorman was re-awarded MCD Colours for Outstanding Performance, and a new award for Outstanding Performance was awarded to Courtney Herring who is also the 2018 MCD Swimming Captain.

Mashonaland Swimming Colours were re-awarded to Courtney Brown

Zimbabwe and French University Championships
Andie Kuipers has been selected by the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee to represent Zimbabwe at the African Youth Games in Algiers, Algeria.

Andie Kuipers also attended a training camp in the South of France for 10 days and went on to race in the French University Championships. Andie came 2nd in the U17-U19 age group and placed 6th in the overall championship.


Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Residential Project – Congratulations to the following girls who received their Bronze Level Awards: Sarah Burdett, Rebecca Gau and Annie Kirkman.




Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their first Mark Order, Trinity Term:

D Block –Cydney Buckler, Samantha Davis, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Kyuri Kim, Tayla Lowden-Stoole, Rufaro Mapfumo, Ropafadzo Maumbe, Kimberly Maworise, Zandile Mbofana, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Brooklyn Tippett

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Praise Jakaza, Nandi Mbele, Luanna Page, Amber Robinson, Genevieve Shoesmith

B Block – Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Laura Lagesse, Abigail Mahofa, Tinotenda Mapani, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa

A Block – Tadiwa Mafirambudzi

Vth Form – Rebecca Gau, Matinatsashe Hove, Bekezela Mbofana, Natalie Moores, Chiedza Njike

VIth Form – Susan Li, Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Kumikidzo Mukozho, Ruvarashe Musarurwa, Michelle Mwenje, Shumirai Njaravaza, Jessica Palmer, Deeyana Patel, Natasha Simpson


v Arundel: A’s lost 8 – 21 v PHB A’s won 13 – 1
Bs drew 13 – 13 B’s won 12 – 2
C’s lost 2 – 8 C’s lost 0 – 10

v St John’s College: A’s lost 14 – 20 v PHB A’s lost 0 – 25
B’s won 18 – 2 B’s won 16 – 1
C’s lost 0 – 8 C’s lost 0 – 28
Interschools Bridge: PHG came 5th in the A room and 1st in the B room. Special mention
goes to Susan Li and Laura Lagesse for calling and making a slam.
v Convent: Juniors lost 0 – 6
Seniors lost 1 – 5
v St John’s College: Seniors lost 190 – 160 with Keara Shumba as the second best speaker
Juniors won 195 – 175
Tinashe Rwodzi Invitational Debate: Congratulations to Shamiso Chigadza who was placed in the top 5 speakers at this event.

Environmental Club
Plastic pollution is becoming an epidemic as every year people produce enough plastic waste that is enough to circle the earth four times. World Environmental Day, this year, was centered around beating plastic pollution.

All girls were dressed up in green and we had a prize for the “most green” in each Block, chosen by club members. There was an awareness campaign on plastic pollution where Kudzwaishe Chisveto, the club president, presented facts on plastic pollution and what can be done to reduce plastic pollution. She urged everyone to reduce the use of plastic and to foster this, a competition to collect the most plastic around the school was completed. This was a gratifying step in the right direction in reducing, reusing and refusing PLASTIC.

The winners of the Green Day contest were:
D Block: Ella Pope
C Block: Gabriella du Plessis
B Block: Rutendo Mandivenga
A Block: Priscilla Muhita
Vth Form: Megan Hough
VIth Form: Natasha Simpson
Staff: Mrs Claire Hough
The girls who collected the most plastic were Chaneil Yosa and Kimberley Joseph.

Buckland Arts
This has been a very successful year for the Buckland Arts. The quality of the pieces of work created was outstanding.
Congratulations go to the following girls who won in their categories:
Flower Arranging
Juniors Tammy-Anne Tippett (S)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Julia Lagesse (S)
Overall 1st Sable, 2nd Impala, 3rd Kudu, 4th Eland
Juniors Meagan De Kock (E)
Middles Alicia Chiremba (I)
Seniors Rufaro Songore (E)
Choral Sable
Overall 1st Eland, 2nd Impala, 3rd Sable, 4th Kudu
Juniors Amy Scott-Elliot (K) and Hannah Martin (E)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Amy Doorman (I)
Overall 1st Impala, 2nd Eland, 3rd Sable, 4th Kudu
Juniors Katie Loubser (S)
Middles Allyson Gillwald (I)
Seniors Taige Innes (E)
Overall 1st Eland, 2nd Sable, 3rd Impala, 4th Kudu
Juniors Mackenzee Watt (I)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Ella Parham (S)
Overall 1st Sable, 2nd Impala, 3rd Kudu, 4th Eland
Juniors Daniella Anderson (I)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Jessica Saunders (I)
Overall 1st Impala, 2nd Sable, 3rd Eland, 4th Kudu
Juniors Kudu
Middles Kudu and Impala
Seniors Kudu
Overall 1st Kudu, 2nd Impala and Eland, 4th Sable
Juniors Deborah Davy (S)
Middles Anna Montgomery (E)
Seniors Sibusisiwe Maswaure (K)
Juniors Shalom Mandudzi (E)
Middles Tyra Matizanhau (E)
Seniors Anotidaishe Musa (I)
Choirs Impala
Overall 1st Sable and Eland, 3rd Impala, 4th Kudu
1st Sable, 2nd Eland, 4th Impala and Kudu
The Marondera Garden Trophy for the best flower arrangement went to Tammy-Anne Tippett
The Buckler Trophy for the most contribution to her house went to Laura Lagesse
The Buckland Trophy for the most points overall went to Sable
Overall 1st Sable, 2nd Impala, 3rd Eland, 4th Kudu

Interact visit to Musha weVana
We all look forward to our visit to Musha we Vana at the beginning of the term. This term we donated 50 books, thanks to the English Department. This generated a lot of excitement at the orphanage and it was encouraging to see the Grade 7s utilizing the books, even before we left.

The Fantastic Leo Weekend (7th and 8th July 2018)
The LEO Club is holding two events on the weekend of 7th and 8th July to raise funds for various charities around Marondera.

There will be a dance on the 7th July with an entrance cost of $15 and a Fun Day on the 8th July with an entrance cost of $5.

The dance is going to be an amazing evening of fun and dance. It is themed in line with the recent big hit movie, Black Panther. If your child is planning on attending this extravagant dance, please be advised to ensure all dresses and suits are brought to school after the half-term break. The dance is open to A Block and above.

The Junior end of the school is invited to share in the festivities of the weekend at the Fun Day being held at the Springvale House Pavilion on Sunday 8th July. There will be multiple activities in throughout the day, including the fun park from Kingdom Inflatables.

These events will be charged to your account if your child wishes to attend.
Please send an email to Mrs Shamiso Mukucha, PHG (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Mr Taurai Mhete PHB (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you do not want your account to be charged.


PHG was Runner-up Senior Team against St Georges, Hellenic, Gateway, PHB and Archer’s Access -
Shirea Brits won best senior girl with a score of 286/300.

Basketball v St John’s High U14 won 11-0
U15 lost 1-4
U16 lost 3-14
2nd Team won 5-4
1st Team lost 9-35

Basketball v Convent U14 drew 4-4
U15 lost 5-6
U16 lost 4-12
2nd Team lost 2-4
1st Team lost 20-28

U15 Festival at Eaglesvale PHG finished 5th out of 6 schools

U16 Festival at Arundel PHG finished 3rd out of 6 schools

MCD Basketball Trials
The following girls were selected for Mashonaland Country Districts:
Ruvarashe Marufu, Yemurai Machacha, Shumirai Njaravaza, Anesu Nzenza-Grant, Precious Chemhere

U20 IPT Tournament
Anesu Nzenza-Grant was selected for the ATS U20 Zimbabwe Select Basketball Team.

Interschools Golf was held at Hillside Golf Club, Mutare. PHG finished 4th out of 6 schools.

The following girls were selected for the Zimbabwe School Girl’s Hockey Teams:
U18A Ruvimbo Dobbie, Bryony Dawson and Lilian Pope
U18B Jamie Lee Soper and Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
U16A Courtney Brown and Doné Erasmus
U16B Victoria Wood and Jessica Kriel

A League Hockey
v Chisipite U14A won 1-0
U15A drew 0-0
U16A lost 1-2
1st Team lost 3-1

v Hellenic U14A drew 0-0
U15A won 3-0
U16A lost 3-0
1st Team drew 1-1
B League Hockey
v Arundel B U14B won 8-1
U15B won 2-1
U16B won 3-1
2nd Team won 4-0

v Bulawayo Convent A U14B won 6-0
U15B won 5-0
U16B lost 2-1
2nd Team drew 1-1
C League Hockey
v Goldridge A U14C (Goldridge forfeited)
U15C lost 3-0
U16C lost 3-1
3rd Team drew 1-1

v St John’s Emerald High A U15 Social won 1 - 0
U16C lost 0 - 3
3rd Team drew 0 - 0
Mountain Biking
A beautiful track was cut through the miombo woodland of Calderwood Park and early on Sunday morning, nearly 40 riders turned up at Dombo Dam to race each other on it. We had competitors from Falcon, St Johns, Lomagundi, Peterhouse Girls and Peterhouse Boys.

Erin Elliot finished in 1st position out of the girls beating many of the boys’ times as well.

v Convent won 1-0
v Arundel lost 2-3

v Chisipite lost 2-3
v Hellenic lost 0-5
v St Georges lost 0-5

Table Tennis
v Westridge Juniors won 4-1
Seniors won 3-0

v PE Juniors lost 4-0
Seniors won 4-0
Andie Kuipers was awarded Junior National Colours for Triathon.



Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards
Natalie Moores has been invited to an awards ceremony on Thursday 24th May at Meikles Hotel to celebrate the achievements of Cambridge Learners throughout Zimbabwe in the two examination series of 2017.
She will be receiving an award for High Achievement in her Physical Education examination and we congratulate her on her outstanding performance.

2018 Peterhouse Maths Olympiad Round 1 Exam Results
The senior school Maths Olympiad Round 1 Results. Rindai Machokoto got 77 followed by Chayce Ross who got 67.

The highlighted pupils qualified for Round 2 which will take place on the 25th of July.

Machokoto Rindai 77
Ross Chayce 67
Jaravani Praise 59
Govore Tadiwa 56
Rogers David 55
Doorman Amy 54
Bore David 52
Ferguson Angus 52

Moores Natalie 37
Mungoni Mufaro 37
Zvidzai Tatenda 35
Mandebvu Danai 34
Timba Tinashe 29

v Convent: A’s won 25 – 12
B’s won 25 – 0
C’s won 12 – 9

v PHB: A’s won 14 – 7
B’s lost 5 – 16
C’s won 11 – 9

v PHB: A’s won 26 – 8
B’s won 25 – 15
C’s lost 8 – 32

v Arundel: Seniors won 1 and lost 3, Juniors drew 1 and lost 3. Overall, Arundel won 6 – 1.
The culture department extends a large thank you to the Choga family who donated five chess boards to our chess club.

v Chisipite: Seniors won 213 – 195 with Shamiso Chigadza as the best speaker
Juniors lost 214 – 114 with Rutendo Mupfumi as the best speaker.
v Gateway: Seniors drew 218 – 218 with Alyssa Makina as the best speaker.
Juniors won

The drama girls had a busy start to the term with two workshops taking place over the closed weekend. The first workshop was facilitated by the talented “Handlebards”, who once again, graced Peterhouse with their performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on Saturday 12th May. They are a dynamic group of women who taught the girls how to adapt their characters in a more physical manner for performance. On Sunday 13th June another workshop was conducted by Mr Musa Saruro, from the National Institute of Allied Arts. It was an eye opening experience for the girls who participated and gave them the opportunity to hone their stage craft. This was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all who attended.

Interact Visit To Kukura Neshungu (Faith Tsuroh)
When we set off from school, most of us were worried that this would be an uncomfortable visit where our ability to socialise with the physically and mentally disadvantaged members of the Marondera community would be found wanting. The visit to Kukura Neshungu was a touching one; we were welcomed by the students who were very happy to see us. We learnt about the people at Kukura Neshungu and their different "disabilities" and what they are taught at their school. The experience was touching: shaking the hand of a girl who can't make out a greeting but smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug was a significant life experience; and having this same girl show you how to make yourself a rug is another. While we saw 26 out of the possible 30 students who learn here, this particular visit to Kukura Neshungu reminded us of the values we need to remember when interacting with other human beings: to be patient with each other, to show humility amongst other people and to appreciate that with which we have been blessed.


Past Holiday Tours

Two Oceans Marathon
Four girls travelled to Cape Town for the Two Oceans Marathon and competed in the 21.1km race which took place during Easter on the 31st of March. There were 9259 female racers in total and 110 racers in the 16 – 19 year olds category. The girls did exceptionally well and all of them managed to finish with a medal.

Results were as follows:
Jamie-Lee Soper
Time 2:05.03
Gender position 735
16-19 year olds 15

Tyla MacIntosh
Time 2:37.53
Gender position 3957
16-19 year olds 50

Amber Charles
Time 2:37.55
Gender position 3960
16-19 year olds 51

Matinatsashe Hove
Time 2:33:46
Gender position 3389
16-19 year olds 44

1st Team Squad – Hockey Tour to Bundu Bashers Festival, Pietermaritzburg
We travelled to South Africa with a relatively “young” squad of 16 (a few of the old guard from 2017 and several A Block girls now players as Seniors). Largely, a development side, most of whom had not played together in the previous season. The festival started on Wednesday 4th April and we played two matches. We won against Hoerskool Transvalia: 1-0. We lost narrowly to Jeppe High for Girls: 1-2, trying a number of combinations but really focusing on integrating the younger players with the more experienced girls. Our third match was another closely fought contest with us going down 2-3, but some outstanding hockey played. The girls lifted their spirits and had a wonderful win against Redhill High: 4-0. The girls fought hard against Fourways High, losing 3-4 and our final game ending in a nail biting draw against Hoereskool Noordheuwel.

On our final Saturday we were privileged to travel to Michaelhouse for a very good leadership talk by Tim Jarvis and Keith Fairweather. The girls were very excited to see where the movie ‘Spud’ had been set and filmed. It was a great opportunity to visit the place that Peterhouse is modelled on and to see some of our school’s history. We also stopped at the Nelson Mandela Capture Sight for a walk around and to view the spectacular sculpture of Mandela. The extraordinary sculpture by artist Marco Cianfanelli comprises 50 steel column constructions – each between 6.5 and 9.5 metres tall, all set into the landscape. After reading through the History of ANC and South Africa, and making the ‘Long Walk to Freedon’ to see the sculpture, we returned to the Liberty Mall for some more retail therapy. We gathered for our final meal as a team on Saturday night and returned to pack up.

A memorable experience for all of our girls, an invaluable learning curve and creation of a strong team dynamic that we have taken with us into the start of the 2018 Season.

Sports Results

NASP Archery at St. Georges - Shirea Brits achieved the Best Senior Girl score with a total of 287 points.

v Lomagundi U14 Lost 2 - 6
U15 Won 7 – 0
U16 Lost 1 – 10
2nd Team Won 10 – 6
1st Team Won 23 – 17

v Heritage U14 Lost 0 - 5
U15 Away
U16 Lost 8 - 14
2nd Team Won 5 - 2
1st Team Lost 21 – 27

MCD Trials
The following were selected for Mashonaland Country Districts:

Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
Kundai Rugube
Merce’des Beekes
Lilian Pope
Ruvimbo Dobbie
Bryony Dawson

Laura Chinhundu
Jamie-Lee Soper
Rebecca Gau

Courtney Brown
Kimberley Joseph
Victoria Wood
Doné Erasmus
Rutendo Mandivenga
Jessica Kriel
Jade Carlisle
Rachel Palmer
Ropafadzo Madziwanyika
Stacey Dunstan
Tinashe Mutoko
Chaniel Yosa
Franchesca Chinhundu
Siobhan Jones
Rafilwe Molai (non-travelling reserve)

League Matches
PHG A v Lomagundi U14A Lost 0 – 1
U16A Won 1 – 0
1st Team Won 3 – 0

PHG A v Hillcrest U14A Drew 0 – 0
U15A Won 3 – 0
U16A Won 3 – 1
1st Team Won 6 – 0

PHG A v Harare Convent U14A Won 2 – 0
U15A Drew 1 – 1
U16A Won 3 – 2
1st Team Won 7 – 1

PHG B v MCC A U14B Won 2 – 0
U15B Won 1 – 0
U16B Won 3 – 0
2nd Team Drew 0 – 0

PHG C v Chisipite C U14C Won 2 – 0
U15C Drew 0 – 0
U16C Lost 2 – 0
3rd Team Won 4 – 1

Table Tennis
v Gateway Juniors Won 4 – 0
Seniors Won 4 – 0