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Peterhouse Girls

Sports & Cultural Results



v St John’s: v PHB:
As won 16 – 0 As won 22 – 2
Bs won 29 – 7 Bs lost 12 – 18
Cs won 20 – 0 Cs won 11 – 1

v PE: v PHB
As won 5 – 3 As drew 9 – 9
Bs won 15 – 4 Bs won 11 – 6
Cs lost 7 – 15 Cs lost 0 – 13

Tournament at St John’s Juniors came 5th out of 13 schools.

v St John’s: Seniors lost 232 – 235 with Shamiso Chigadza as the best speaker.
Juniors had a friendly debate
v Chisipite: Juniors won 290 – 288, the Senior match was cancelled.

Over the half term break, four students: Kudzaishe Rufasha, Sibusisiwe Maswaure, Chayce Ross and Julia Lagesse, and former pupil, Sarah-Ann Soltau, travelled to the Eastern Highlands to give performances at La Rochelle Country House and White Horse Inn. The five soloists performed pieces they are preparing for the upcoming National Eisteddfod and ABRSM Instrumental Examinations. Both performances had each venue packed to capacity for the occasion.

The weekend was enjoyable for both the students and accompanying staff, with trips to Tony’s and the Mutare Museum, among other exciting sites. We are very grateful to the Lagesse and Ross families for providing transport and assistance throughout the weekend.

At Gateway: Seniors came 15th out of 19 schools
Juniors came 17th out of 17 schools


Interact visit to Ida weKwakwo
On Monday the 26th of February, the Interact Club visited Ida weKwakwo, a retirement home in Marondera. On this visit, the conversations with the older citizens were deeper than ever. The old men and women of Ida weKwakwo reminded us of the right things to do as youngsters. The senior citizens told compelling stories from which we gathered valuable life lessons.

Some people may fear visiting the elderly, but visits like this one remind us of what we can learn from a person who has gone through the many stages of life. Where else, other than an old age home, will you get to meet a man who was born on the 7th of a month he cannot remember in 1918? Or a man who can still tell you where he was born and about his wife and three children at the age of 99.

This was definitely the most emotional visit we have had as a club so far. We asked, “Where is Sekuru Matches?” We were all saddened to find out that he was very sick. As a club we have developed very strong relationships with the old people and always look forward to the next visit.


Interhouse Athletics – Individual Events:
1st Eland 648 points
2nd Sable 617 points
3rd Impala 524 points
4th Kudu 503 points

Prince Edward Sprints Challenge:
1st Chisipite
2nd Arundel
3rd Sodbury
4th Gateway
5th PHG
6th Girls High School

Arundel Field Events at Arundel:
Postponed due to rain

Peterhouse Girls Invitation Relay Events:
1st PHG 570 points
2nd Chisipite 568 points
3rd Arundel 564 points
4th Gateway 356 points
5th Watershed 288 points
6th Convent 158 points

v Convent at Convent:
U14 won 10 – 2
U15 won 12 – 6
U16 won 12 – 6
2nd Team won 12 – 3
1st Team won 26 – 13

v Chisipite at PHG:
Postponed due to rain

Horse Riding
Ruwa Eventing:
Kylie Loubser 1st in the 80cm
Erin Elliott 3rd in the 80cm and 3rd in the 90cm
Hailey Hawkins 1st in the 1m Hunter Trials

Youth Olympic Games Hockey Trials:
The following girls were selected for the Zimbabwe Youth Olympic Squad to participate in the Youth Olympic Qualifying Games in Algiers in July:

Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
Lilian Pope
Merce’des Beekes
Bekezela Mbofana
Ruvimbo Dobbie

Kayla Rouse received a bronze medal in her age group.

The Peterhouse Boat Club won the co-ed trophy for the third year in a row.

South African Championships:

Lindsay Edwards came 6th in the Open B final
Aqua Evans came 31st out of 41 in her heat
Holly Bicknell came 3rd in the U16 final (Bronze Medal)
Jade O’Donovan came 15th out 32 in her heat
Emma Kuipers came 17th out of 32 in her heat
Victoria Wood came 18th out of 32 in her heat
Doné Erasmus came 6th in the U15 final
Stacey Dunstan came 8th in the U15 semi-final
Deborah Davy came 36th out of 39 in her heat
Genevieve Shoesmith came 2nd in the U14 final (Silver Medal)
Kayla Kalweit came 7th in the U14 final

Lindsay Edwards and Aqua Evans came 3rd in the Open B final
Holly Bicknell and Victoria Wood came 4th in the U16 final
Jade O’Donovan and Emma Kuipers came 8th in the U16 final
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 5th in the U15 final
Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit came 8th in the U15 final

Holly Bicknell, Emma Kuipers, Jade O’Donovan, Victoria Wood & Deborah Davy (cox) came 3rd in the U16 final (Bronze Medal)
Doné Erasmus, Genevieve Shoesmith, Kayla Kalweit, Stacey Dunstan & Deborah Davy (cox) came 4th in the U15 final

v Arundel:
PHG won 2 – 0

v Chisipite:
PHG lost 1 – 4

IPT in Bulawayo:
Mashonaland Country Districts representatives – Amy Kluckow, Amy Doorman, Shalom Ranganai and Courtney Herring
Mashonaland representative – Courtney Brown
Manicaland representative – Aimee Barron

National Selection – Courtney Brown

Finals Gala at Les Brown:
1st Chisipite A 468 points
2nd Hellenic 363 points
3rd Girls College 340 points
4th Harare Convent 338 points
5th PHG 333 points
6th Chisipite B 194 points
7th Arundel 177 points
8th Petra 121 points

Table Tennis
v Queen Elizabeth:
Juniors won 3 – 1
Seniors won 4 – 0

v BMC:
Fixture cancelled by BMC

v PHB:
Lost 8 – 10 overall

v Arundel:
1st team won 7 – 5
2nd team lost 4 – 8
U16A won 8 – 4
U16B won 8 – 4
U15A drew 6 – 6
U15B won 9 – 0
U14A won 8 – 4
U14B won 11 – 0

A Teams v Lomagundi:
Cancelled by Lomagundi due to Athletics

B Teams v Gateway:
Cancelled by Gateway due to Athletics

Mashonaland East Provincial Selection:
U15 A
Eryn Montgomery
Tavonga Chirombe
Rutendo Mandivenga
Anashe Utsiwegota

U15 B
Tanaka Mudiwa
Thandiwe Dube
Idi Musimwa

U19 A
Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
Bryony Dawson
Rumbidzai Mvududu

U19 B
Ella Parham
Audrey Chiponda
Katrina de Chassart
Rebecca Gau

Zimbabwe Tennis IPT
Selected as non-travelling reserves:
U15 Eryn Montgomery
U19 Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

Bonaqua Troutbeck Africa and National Championships
Africa Cup Result National Result
Junior Women: U19 Jamie Soper 2nd 2nd
U17 Andie Kuipers 4th 2nd
Youth Girls: U15 Erin Elliott 1st 1st

Peterhouse Girls selected for Zimbabwe Triathlon to compete at the SA Championships:

Jamie Soper
Erin Elliott

ATS Tournament and National Selection at St. George’s

The following girls were selected for Zimbabwe U20 Volleyball tour to South Africa in July: Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Anesu Nzenza-Grant, Tannatswanashe Marimirofa and Ruvimbo Dobbie.

Warwick Smith Trophy
1st Chisipite 33 points
2nd Hellenic 19 points
3rd Girls College 13 points
4th PHG 4 points


Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who were awarded their Bronze Award Certificates: Caitlin Wilson,
Ruvarashe Nyika, Tannatswanashe Marimirofa, Kylie Loubser and Kimberley Gumbo.


Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their 1st Mark Order:

D Block – Hannah Borlase, Rebecca Botha, Cydney Buckler, Ruvarashe Chimuka, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Caroline Gobvu, Kyuri Kim, Danielle Machibaya, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Rudado Matondo, Ropafadzo Maumbe, Zandile Mbofana, Tinotenda Mtize, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Tyler Rorbye

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Kayla Kalweit, Varaidzo Mashava, Joanne Mudzimuirema, Ruvarashe Mugwisi, Idi Musimwa, Maida Piccin

B Block – Sarah Burdett, Rebecca Chihota, Franchesca Chinhundu, Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Doné Erasmus, Anne Kirkman, Laura Lagesse, Tinaishe Madavo, Abigail Mahofa, Gamuchirai Mhere, Chimwemwe Msiska, Sandlasenkosi Mushambavanhu, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa, Rebekah Royston

A Block – Dhalika Goven

Vth Form – Amy Baxter, Wadzanai Chiweshe, Amy Doorman, Katrina Dumont De Chassart, Rebecca Gau, Danai Mandebvu, Shauna Meikle, Chiedza Njike, Kayla Rouse, Rufaro Songore

VIth Form - Hazel Chitere, Kumikidzo Mukozho, Michelle Mwenje, Shumirai Njaravaza, Deeyana Patel, Natasha Simpson

Cultural Results

Vs Convent: Vs PHB:
As won 19 – 7 As lost 9 – 15
Bs won 7 – 1 Bs won 4 – 1
Cs won 5 – 2

Vs Westridge: Vs PHB:
As and Bs won 43 – 1 As and Bs won 33 – 16
Cs won 15 – 1 Cs lost 0 – 5

Vs Arundel: Vs PHB:
As lost 0 – 8 As lost 10 – 11
Bs lost 7 – 12 Bs won 24 – 11
Cs lost 6 – 10 Cs lost 3 – 10

Vs Westridge: Juniors won 257 – 252
Seniors drew 212 – 212 with Shamiso Chigadza as the 2nd best speaker
Vs Arundel: Juniors won with Rutendo Mupfumi as best speaker
Seniors lost with Bekezela Mbofana as the best speaker
ATS Senior Debate: We came 20th with a team collective of 847 points. Shamiso Chigadza ranked as the top Peterhouse Girls’ speaker, coming 44th out of 100 speakers.

At Hellenic: Juniors came 14th out of 17
Seniors came 12th out of 17
At Prince Edward: Juniors came 13th out of 18
Seniors came 16th out of 18

Interact Club Visit to Musha weVana – Faith Tsuroh
On Thursday 1st February we visited Musha weVana, a children’s home in Marondera. We were welcomed by the boys and girls who were more than ready to have fun for the afternoon. We were able to give each child his or her own packet of biscuits, and our experiences there reminded us of our childhood memories. We played games with the children, played on the swing sets, and sang songs with them. Some members of our club noticed small things which could be replaced or which we could help the home with, such as vegetable seeds which they can plant in their garden, and new balls for the children. Closer to the end of our visit, we took a lot of photos and added to the memories by singing more songs. Sadly, time ran out and we had to say our good-byes to people we would not forget. We left having given more than just some packets of biscuits, but our time as well, which we as a club feel is a true representation of “Service above Self”. We are looking forward to our next visit to Ida Wekwako in a few weeks’ time.

House Visits
On Saturday the 3rd February, Eland house took time to visit a Catholic Children’s Home in Marondera. The orphanage currently has 10 children between the ages of 1 and 13 years. We were warmly welcomed, and we started off by giving them some donated items such as biscuits, cereal, fruit juices, cooking oil, bar soap and detergents. Everyone in Eland house had helped by bringing some of the donations. Thereafter, we were given a tour of the home which helped us to know what to bring for them in the future. We rounded off our visit by interacting with the children and playing games. This outing was nothing short of amazing, it was a humbling experience as well as a reminder to take the time to look around our community and see how we can help to improve it, despite how overwhelming our own lives can be.


Cross Country
Interhouse cross country
1st Eland 502
2nd Kudu 584
3rd Sable 685
4th Impala 686

Cross country at Arundel
1st PHG 192
2nd Hellenic 224
3rd Arundel 402

Cross Country at Lomagundi College
1st PHG 230
2nd Hellenic 238
3rd Lomagundi 342

Interschools golf at Royal Harare
PHG came 1st with an overall score of 39/50

3 Feathers Regatta at Mazowe
Lindsay Edwards came 2nd in the Women’s A Single Scull
Lindsay Edwards and Aqua Evans came 2nd in the Women’s Double Scull
Holly Bicknell came 1st in the Women’s B Single Scull
Holly Bicknell, Emma Kuipers, Jade O’Donovan, and Victoria Wood came 1st in the Women’s B Quad
Doné Erasmus came 1st in the Women’s C Single Scull, with Genevieve Shoesmith a close second
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 1st in the Women’s Double Scull, with Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit in a close 2nd.
Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Genevieve Shoesmith, and Kayla Kalweit came first in the Women’s C Quad, coxed by Deborah Davy
Sophie Le Boulengé came first in the Women’s D Single Scull
Sophie Le Boulengé and Abigail Davy came first in the Women’s D Double
Sophie Le Boulengé, Abigail Davy, Megan Dunstan, and Bronwin Coleman came 1st in the Women’s D Quad, coxed by Deborah Davy

National champs Regatta
Tinevimbo Mangadze, Ayanda Fambisayi, Kate Adams, and Tinashe Mutoko came 1st in the Quad Novice Race
Ayanda Fambisayi came 1st in the Novice Single
Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Genevieve Shoesmith, Kayla Kalweit, and Deborah Davy came 1st in the Women’s C Quad
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 1st in the Women's C Double
Doné Erasmus came 1st in the Women's C Scull
Overall PHG came 2nd to Chisipite

Congratulations to Courtney Brown on making the Mashonaland Senior Swimming Team.

Hellenic Friendly Interschools Gala
1st Chisipite A 354
2nd Hellenic 270
3rd Peterhouse 267

Northern A Section Finals Gala
1st Chisipite A 446
2nd Hellenic 346
3rd PHG and Convent 312

PHG squash vs Convent won 5-0

Jade O’Donovan came 3rd in the Mashonaland U16 trials
Courtney Herring and Lilian Pope won medals; PHG Winners, 3rd League, 2017

PHG squash vs Hellenic
PHG A vs Hellenic won 5-0

Table Tennis
Table tennis at BMC
Juniors v BMC Won 4-1
Juniors v PHB Won 3-2
Seniors v BMC Won 3-2
Seniors v PHB Lost 2-3

Table tennis at PHB
PHG v PHB Lost 8-2

Tennis v Chisipite
1st team Won 7 - 5
2nd team Won 8 - 4
U16A Lost 4 – 8
U16B Won 11 - 1
U15A Drew 6 – 6
U15B Won 9 - 3
U14A Lost 4 – 8
U14B Won 8 - 4

Triathlon at Mt Pleasant
1st Jamie Soper in the U19 half standard distance
1st Erin Elliot in the U15 quarter standard distance

Mermaids Trophy
1st Chisipite
2nd Hellenic
3rd Girls College
4th PHG


Vs Convent: A’s won 19 – 7, B’s won 7 – 1 and C’s won 5 – 2. Vs PHB: A’s lost 9 – 15, and B’s won 4 – 1.

The new club members were inducted into the club during a lunch time ceremony this past Sunday. We welcome them to their new roles and wish them success in their endeavours this year.

In order to encourage reading amongst our young ladies, the library will be holding a book swap on Tuesday 30th January. We have requested that they each bring back a ‘pre-loved’ book to school after the fixture-free weekend, which can be swopped with another book. Hopefully, they will enjoy this just as much, while at the same time, giving someone else pleasure.

During the last week of the December school holidays a few of our girls participated in a Waterpolo clinic held at Hellenic Academy, with international players and coaches from Australia and Greece.

NASP (Heritage): PHG finished 2nd
Sallie Kloppers – Best Senior Girl with a score of 288/300

Harare International School PHG lost 11 - 15
Tournament at Harare International School PHG finished 3rd

Inaugural Peterhouse Girls Invitational Cross Country PHG finished 1st
Watershed Invitational Cross Country PHG finished 1st

PEC – Eventing 19 and 20 January 2018
Kylie Loubser 2nd Place100cm
Katie Loubser 1st Place 90cm
Janine Coetsee 2nd Place 80cm
Erin Elliot 2nd Place 80cm Hunter Trials

Mazowe HRC Regatta
1st Place Quad Kayla Kalweit, Genevieve Shoesmith, Don? Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan
1st Place Double Don? Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan
1st Place Single Genevieve Shoesmith
1st Place Single Don? Erasmus
1st Place Single Holly Bicknell
1st Place Double Holly Bicknell and Emma Kuipers
1st Place Quad Holly Bicknell, Emma Kuipers, Victoria Wood, Jade O’Donovan
1st Place Double Aqua Evans and Lindsay Edwards

Mazowe ABC Regatta
1st Place Quad Kayla Kalweit, Genevieve Shoesmith, Don? Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan
1st Place Single A Lindsay Edwards
1st Place Single B Holly Bicknell
1st Place Single C Don? Erasmus
1st Place Single D Kayla Kalweit
1st Place Double Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit
1st Place Double Holly Bicknell and Victoria Wood
1st Place Quad Don? Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Genevieve Shoesmith, Kayla Kalweit
1st Place Quad Holly Bicknell, Lindsay Edwards, Victoria Wood, Aqua Evans

PHG A beat St Johns C 4-1

Convent Invitation Relays Gala
Peterhouse Girls placed 4th out of 6 schools

vs Gateway
PHG Won 8-0

A Teams tennis vs Watershed
1st Team Won 11-1
U16A Won 12-0
U15A Won 11-1
U14A Won 12-0

B Teams tennis vs Eaglesvale
2nd Team Won 8-0
U16B Won 12-0
U15B Won 10-2
U14B Won 12-0

A Teams tennis vs Hellenic
1st Team Lost 5-7
U16A Won 9-3
U15A Lost 4-8
U14A Lost 1-11

B Teams tennis vs Heritage
2nd Team Lost 4-8
U15B Won 8-4
U14B Heritage had no U14B side

Peterhouse Girls First Team placed 5th in the Zwart Trophy (19 – 20 January)