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Peterhouse Girls

Academic, Cultural & Sports Results



Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Term Mark Order;

D Block – Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Kyuri Kim, Danielle Machibaya, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Rudado Matondo, Kimberly Maworise, Kunashe Mazike, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Fadzai Zitsanza

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Kayla Kalweit, Nandi Mbele, Vatida Nhemachena, Luanna Page

B Block – Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Laura Lagesse, Tinotenda Mapani, Jemimah Muusha


ATS Junior Debate Tournament C and D Block
Although they came last out of 16 teams, the girls must be congratulated for taking part in their first tournament. From this they learnt a lot and appreciate that there is still more to learn. They are grateful for the exposure and being given the opportunity to participate.

The eight 2019 Interact Board members completed the Shoebox Challenge of 2018. Enough stationery was donated by pupils in all three schools to fill 160 shoeboxes. These shoeboxes were given to pupils of St Francis, and other pupils in schools in Rusape and Harare. There were smiles of appreciation on the faces of the St Francis children as they received their boxes from pupils at Springvale, PHG and PHB this week.

The Interact Club thanks all pupils of the Peterhouse Group for their generous donations.

Kukura Neshungu 2018 Report
The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate and to make a difference.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Kukura Neshungu club had a couple of fundraising functions earlier this year and raised in excess of $2,600. From these proceeds, the club donated $2,000 towards the much needed repair of the gutters at Kukura Neshungu home in Dombotombo Township in Marondera.

The club also successfully sourced 35 tracksuits for the staff as well as the pupils of Kukura Neshungu. The club members were inspired by the words of mother Theresa to help the physically and mentally challenged pupils of Kukura Neshungu when she wrote: Love is not patronising, and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same - with charity you give love, so don’t just give money and material things but reach out your hand instead.

Shona Club
The girls were excited to see and experience the national heritage monument at Tsindi Ruins. A lot of time was spent rock-climbing, sight-seeing and enjoying the coolness of the caves on a very hot day. Interestingly, upon seeing the ruins, they were able to identify the dry masonry skill used which is very similar to Great Zimbabwe – in the middle of the bush just a stone’s throw away from Peterhouse.

St George’s Interschools Quiz
A Team came 1st out of 12 schools
B Team came 3rd out of 10 schools
Overall Peterhouse girls came 1st out of 12 schools


PHG came 3rd out of 3 schools at NASP Archery held at Chisipite Junior School
Shirea Brits won a Bronze Medal – 3rd place in the Senior Girls age group

PHG sent 13 teams to the Arundel Aquathon and achieved the top 3 places:

1st place Debrah Nakhozwe, Maja Potzas and Jessica Burton
2nd place Brooklyn Tippett, Doné Erasmus and Rachel Palmer
3rd place Ella Pope, Kayla Kalweit and Jodie Kuipers

CBC Sprints Regatta at Mazowe
Doné Erasmus came 1st in the Woman’s A single 2000m
Sophie le Boulengé came 1st in the Woman’s B single 500m
Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan came 1st in the Woman’s B double

National Sprints Gala – Mutare
Amy Doorman won 2 Gold medals
Siobhan Jones won 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals

Mashonaland Seeded Gala – Les Brown
Amy Kluckow won 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in individual events, and 3 Bronze medals in relay events.

Amy Doorman won 3 Gold medals and 2 Bronze medals in individual events and 3 Bronze medals in relay events.

Siobhan Jones won 1 Bronze medal in an individual event and 3 Bronze medals in relay events

Courtney Brown won 2 Silver medals in individual events

Savannah Macmillan won 1 Bronze medal in an individual event and 1 Bronze in a relay event

Thandiswa Nunu, Krystal Barber, Pareena Niranjan-Bhana, Ayla-Skye Greeff achieved Bronze medals in relay events.

Manicaland Amateur Swimming Gala - Mutare
Aimee Barron came tie 1st place in the U15/16 girl’s age group and won 4 Gold and 3 Silver medals.

Congratulations to Courtney Brown who has been included in the Zimbabwe Swimming team attending the AUSC Region 5 U20 Youth Games which will take place between the 6th and the 16th of December in Gaborone, Botswana.

A League
v Convent
U14A won 11-1
U15A won 11-1
U16A won 12-0

B League
v Hillcrest
U14B won 5-3
U15B lost 2-6
U16B won 5-3

Triathlon at Mt Pleasant
Andie Kuipers came 1st and Erin Elliott came 2nd in the U16-17 Half distance event.




Environmental Club
The Environmental Club hosted their first ever Debate Tournament. PHG came 2nd out of 3 schools.

Theatre Sports
A group of 10 Drama Club girls have started an interesting new activity at Reps Theatre called 'Theatre Sports'. This venture exposes the girls to improvisational acting as well as allowing them to interact with pupils from other schools in Harare. This will be beneficial to them as it will develop not only their acting ability but their confidence as well.

Shona Club Night in Gosho Park
This was the first time the Shona Club camped as a group. This gave the girls a chance to experience life outside their comfort zone. They enjoyed learning about relationships and the role of family in the Shona culture. Story telling around the fire was a means of entertainment and education. An educational talk was given to the young girls on growing up in the Shona culture.

Gavel Club
This year the Gavel club took the place of our traditional Toastmasters Club, where the girls now register with the International Gavel Club Association in the USA. The concept of learning public speaking effectively has not changed, and the guidance the girls get from the association is invaluable. The cost of registration and supply of the material they use during weekly meetings is US$10 for the year.


PEC Annual Show
Demonstrations 1st Kyuri Kim, 2nd Ashleigh Dobbie, 3rd Raquel Dias
Dressage –Arena A 1st Jodie Kuipers, 2nd Kyra Zartmann, 3rd Isabella Hayes
Dressage –Arena B 1st Kylie Loubser, 2nd Janine Coetsee, 3rd Adel Kotze
Utility Class: 1st Mazvita Mwedziwendira, 2nd Ella Pope, 3rd Ashley Dziva

Show Jumping and Cross country
60cm Class 1st Anna Freeth, 2nd Katie Loubser, 3rd Amy Ferreira
70cm Class 1st Daniella Anderson, 2nd Luanna Page, 3rd Holly Wallace
80cm Class 1st Emily Wood, 2nd Dedre Nieuwoudt, 3rd Luanna Page
90cm Class 1st Janine Coetsee, 2nd Katie Loubser, 3rd Kylie Loubser
National Show Jumping Championships
Kylie Loubser (Junior) Two 3rd places for the 1m class
90cm 1st,, 2nd,, 3rd places awarded
90cm National Champion and Best turned out for the 1m class

Katie Loubser (Child) 2nd place in the 80cm class
90cm pony riders – 2 1st places and a 2nd place
90cm National Champion and best turned out for the 90cm class

Davis Cup for the joy of riding Bridget Lapham
Green Shield for most improved junior Ashley Dziva
Celeste Trophy for most improved Luanna Page
Allen Trophy for most promising rider Adel Kotze
Spur Trophy for Horsemanship Hailey Hawkins
Malwatte Cup for ability and commitment Daniella Anderson
Newmarch Memorial Trophy for the most points Kylie Loubser

Friendly Tournament at the Italian Club
v Arundel drew 0-0
v Convent won 1-0
v Rufaro lost 0-3

National Sprint Gala held in Mutare
Amy Doorman won 2 gold medals.
Siobhan Jones won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Amy Doorman won 2 gold medals and came first in her 200 IM event
Siobhan Jones won 2 silver and 2 bronze medals
Many thanks to Mr Masi Takaedza for all of his input here in helping these swimmers reach their goals and potential.

MCD Swimming awards
Amy Doorman was re-awarded a performance award in recognition of her representation of MCD at Senior Nationals since 2011, making finals at Senior Nationals every year since 2012 and achieving 21 points at Senior Nationals. Courtney Herring was awarded a performance award in recognition of representing MCD at Senior Nationals since 2015, making finals in each year since 2015 and Captaining the MCD team in 2017 and 2018.

A League
v Arundel A
U14A won 9-3
U15A won 10-2
U16A won 10-2

v Watershed A
U14A won 8-4
U15A won 11-1
U16A won 11-1

v Hellenic A
U14A lost 2-10
U15A drew 6-6
U16A won 11-1

B League
v Arundel B
U14B won 11-1
U15B won 8-4
U16B won 10-2

v Eaglesvale A
U14B won 8-0
U15B won 5-3
U16B won 8-0

v Hellenic B
U14B won 8-0
U15B won 6-2
U16B won 8-0

Triathlon at Mt Pleasant
Andie Kuipers came 1st and Erin Elliott Came 2nd in the U17 quarter distance.


Duke of Edinburgh International Award
Congratulations to the following girls who received their Awards:
Gold Awards: Hailey Hawkins, Jessica Palmer, Aqua Evans and Lindsay Edwards.
Silver Awards: Hannah Philp, Shanie Blake.
Bronze Awards: Aimee Barron, Emily Watson, Bronwin Coleman, Precious Chemhere, Tapiwanashe Matiza, Julie Foot, Nyasha Kamba, Zororai Musikavanhu.



Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Mid-Term Mark Order;

D Block – Ruvarashe Chimuka, Samantha Davis, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Kyuri Kim, Danielle Machibaya, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Kimberly Maworise, Munesushe Mushosho, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Praise Jakaza, Kayla Kalweit, Idi Musimwa, Vatida Nhemachena, Luanna Page

B Block – Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Anne Kirkman, Laura Lagesse, Bridget Lapham, Tinotenda Mapani, Gamuchirai Mhere, Jemimah Muusha


Cock’s Ties Ndada Chiadzwa, Chiedza Njike
Half Colours Ndada Chiadzwa, Chiedza Njike

Distinction Shamiso Chigadza
Credit Bekezela Mbofana, Nyasha Ndudzo, Liseli Nyumbu
Cock’s Ties Shamiso Chigadza, Bekezela Mbofana, Mufaro Mutangadura, Keara Shumba

Distinction Amy Doorman
Cock’s Ties Bekezela Mbofana, Natasha Nathoo
Half Colours Bekezela Mbofana, Caroline Mufanebadza
Full Colours Megan Hough, Matinatsashe Hove

Service Ties Matinatsashe Hove, Stephanie Lawrence, Chiedza Njike

Service Ties Anusha Chonzi, Bekezela Mbofana, Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

Kukura neShungu
Service Ties Tanyaradzwa Kurenzvi, Ropafadzo Mariga, Tanyaradzwa Masaire, Sasha Mukucha, Tadiwa Mushita, Deidre Sagonda

Shona Club
Cock’s Ties Marylene Bandera, Shamiso Chigadza, Mitchelle Mafusire

Cock’s Ties Marylene Bandera, Haley Kingsley, Tanyaradzwa Masaire


v Arundel
As won 11 – 6
Bs won 16 – 11
Cs won 12 – 7

As lost 9 – 27
Bs won 11 – 7
Cs won 18 – 1

v St Johns
As won 10 – 7
Bs lost 12 – 33
Cs lost 1 – 14

As won 13 – 2
Bs lost 1 – 2
Cs won 18 – 1

Interhouse Bridge
1st Kudu, 2nd Impala, 3rd Sable, 4th Eland

The library club hosted World Literacy Day where everyone was encouraged to dress up as a character from a book. A prize was presented to the best dressed in each block. The winners were as follows:
D Block: Tinotenda Mafirambudzi, Amy Ferreira
C Block: Isabella Kirby, Deborah Davy
B Block: Bridget Lapham
A Block: Jessica Kriel and Holly Wallace, Andie and Emma Kuipers
V Form: Kayla Rouse
Staff: Miss Silcock, Miss Whitcomb

Public Speaking
The results of the interhouse public speaking are as follows
Juniors: Munesushe Mushosho (K)
Seniors: Bekezela Mbofana (I)
Overall: 1st Kudu, 2nd Eland, 3rd Sable, 4th Impala


Sports Awards
Tate Trophy for Sportsmanship 2018
Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

Martha Querl Trophy 2018 Sports Woman of the Year
Runner up: Ruvimbo Dobbie
Winner: Jamie-Lee Soper

Athletics (omitted from Lent Term)
Half Colours Zororai Musikvanhu

Archery (Michaelmas Term)
1st Team Tracksuits Shirea Brits, Sallie Kloppers, Sarah Wellock, Ria Pareekh

Cock’s Ties
Jessica Palmer
Deeyana Patel
Karen Nleya
Natasha Nathoo

Horse Riding
Wadzanai Chiweshe

Cock’s Ties
Holly Wallace
Tanya Glennie

1st Team Tracksuit
Holly Wallace
Tanya Glennie

1st Team Tracksuit
Kayla Rouse

Half Colours
Kayla Rouse

Table Tennis
Cock’s Tie
Deidre Sagonda
Bianca Zvikaramba
Tawonga Nyamhingura

Jessica Saunders
Samantha Davies

1st Team Tracksuits
Audrey Chiponda
Rebecca Gau
Tinkerbelle Kennedy

Half Colours
Katrina de Chassart
Bryony Dawson
Rebecca Gau
Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
Ella Parham

Cock’s Ties
Jade Carlisle
Emma Kuipers
Holly Bicknell

1st Team Tracksuits
Jade Carlise
Emma Kuipers

Cock’s Ties
Robyn Edwards
Megan Hough

1st Team Tracksuits
Megan Hough
Madeleine Norton
Jade Carlisle
Courtney Brown
Emma Kuipers

Sports Results

Horse riding
Wendover Estate Marondera
Katie Loubser - 1st place in 75cm child, 95cm child and 3rd place in 95cm junior
Daniella Anderson - 1st place in 75cm junior
Erin Mann - 3rd place in 75cm child

A League
v Chisipite A
U14 lost 5-7
U15 lost 3-9
U16 lost 5-7

B League
v Chisipite B
U14 won 12-0
U15 won 11-1
U16 won 7-5

School Championships
Junior Doubles Winners
Tavonga Chirombe and Rutendo Mandivenga

Runners up
Eryn Montgomery and Rafilwe Molai

Senior Doubles Winners
Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba and Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

Runner up
Audrey Chiponda and Natsai Muyeye

Junior Singles Winner
Eryn Montgomery

Runner up
Rafilwe Molai

Senior Singles Winner
Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

Runner up
Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

Interhouse Tennis
1st Eland, 2nd Sable, 3rd Kudu, 4th Impala

v Chisipite
U14 won 2-0
U15 won 2-0
U16 won 2-0
1st Team lost 1-2

U14A Tournament at Eaglesvale
PHG came 3rd out of 12 schools

Additional Sporting Achievements
Erin Elliott competed in the Spur Mountain biking Tour to South Africa where she competed for Peterhouse on Day 1 and for the Zimbabwe Team on Day 2. The event was attended by over 500 high school students from 85 schools in the Southern African region. On Day 1 Erin finished 3rd overall, and 4th on Saturday (after a nasty fall).


This year, PHG made 54 entries from D Block to VIth Form into the NIAA Literary Arts Festival, which were awarded as follows:
6 x 3rd
2 x 3rd+
12 x 2nd
7 x 2nd+
10 x 1st
8 x 1st+

The following girls achieved Honours grades for their creativity:
Makanaka Dzvurumi Prose
Munesushe Mushosho Prose
Ashleigh Beattie Poetry
Erin Elliott Poetry
Tadiwa Mafirambudzi Prose
Coutney Brown Prose

In addition to their Honours grades the following girls were awarded National prizes:

Deborah Davy Poetry
Caitlin Theron Poetry
Stephanie Lawrence Prose


Awards (from Trinity Term)
Cock’s Tie Kumikidzo Mukozho
Half Colours Denise Dowa, Faith Tsuroh
Full Colours Chiedza Mbidzo, Anesu Nyamupingidza

Distinction Taonga Mushoma, Tavonga Choga
Service Ties Tavonga Choga, Taonga Mushoma, Susan Li

Christian Fellowship
Service Ties Courtney Herring, Tannatswanashe Marimirofa

Service Ties Shamiso Chigadza, Ruvarashe Marufu
Half Colours Shamiso Chigadza

Credits Nyasha Ndudzo
Full Colours Yemurai Machacha

Half Colours Shanie Blake

Half Colours Tadiwa Makuni

Full Colours Sibusisiwe Maswaure, Julia Lagesse, Tariro Magure

Credit Tanya Odendaal, Ruvarashe Musarurwa, Shannon Kleinschmidt, Maita Jena, Shanie Blake
Distinction Natasha Simpson

Distinction Mitchell Tsikai, Tanyaradzwa Njanike, Tapiwanashe Matiza, Yemurai Machacha, Courage Kusena, Hazel Chitere, Shamiso Chigadza


v Convent: A’s won 13 – 7 v PHB: A’s lost 10 – 18
B’s lost 0 – 14 B’s won 15 – 0
C’s drew 10 – 10 C’s lost 4 – 14

v Arundel: A’s won 11 – 6 v PHB: A’s won 13 – 2
B’s won 16 – 11 B’s lost 1 – 2
C’s won 12 – 7 C’s won 18 – 1

Interhouse Juniors: 1st Eland and Sable, 3rd Kudu, 4th Impala
Best board player 1: Tinotenda Mapani (S)
Best board player 2: Courtney Marufu (E)
Interhouse Seniors: 1st Kudu, 2nd Impala and Sable, 4th Eland.
Overall: 1st Kudu, 2nd Sable, 3rd Eland, 4th Impala

v Convent: Juniors won with Rutendo Mupfumi as the best speaker
Seniors lost

Afternoon of Debators (Shamiso Chigadza)
On 14th September, the Senior Debate Society hosted the first ever Afternoon of Debate. It was an afternoon full of new discoveries and eye-opening conversations. Our guest speaker was Mrs Marikanda, the CEO of the Woman’s Bank, who gave us the motivation to continue to work and create opportunities. The society looks forward to hosting this event again in the near future.

At St Johns’: Juniors came 2nd out of 20 schools and together with the Senior team, we came 9th out of 20.

Drama (Yemurai Machacha)
On the 14th and 15th of September, after three terms of preparation, the Peterhouse Drama Department performed the 2018 school play, “It Runs in the Family”.
“A neurologist in Zimbabwe is about to deliver an extremely important speech to fellow neurologists from around the world when his mistress from nineteen years ago arrives at the hospital and delivers some unexpected news: she got pregnant and their daughter who is now eighteen, would like to meet her father.”
This hilarious comedy depicted how the neurologist went about his important day, lying to his wife, dressing up as a nurse and telling his daughter he was a vicar and did not work at the hospital.
The performances on both nights were magnificent as the entire cast embodied the characters they played whole-heartedly. The audience were enthusiastic in their support. A special thank you to Mr Nzanga and Mr Redfern for the time and effort they put into producing and directing this play.

Environmental Club (Kudzwaishe Chisveto)
On Saturday the 15th of September, the Environmental Club went on an educational trip to Kefalos Cheese – one of the country's leading suppliers of dairy products. The intent of the trip was to expand our knowledge on plastic packaging and the prioritisation of the issue of plastic pollution in different companies. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to be fully informed about their various departments and their particular contributions to issues circling the environment and more portentous, the issue of plastic pollution as they do use plastic substantially for their distribution. Upon asking a few questions regarding their environmental policies, plastic pollution was not a matter that they seemed concerned about and this was a cause for concern for us. All we could do was to impart some knowledge about it and give them marketing ideas, integrated with ways of bettering the environment, and they gladly accepted these ideas and promised to look into it further as we had "opened their eyes". At the end of our tour, courtesy of Kefalos, we enjoyed some ice-cream and yoghurt.

Interact Visit (Faith Tsuroh)
The visit to Musha Wevana is the one which everyone looks forward to at the beginning of the term. We stopped at a store on the way to Musha Wevana to buy some lollipops for the children. We arrived before most of the older children returned from school. As the children streamed in, smiles appeared on the faces of club members. Recognition struck the faces of lifelong friends who greeted each other with big hugs. This visit was intimate like the last two we’ve had because the happiness was definitely visible on our friends’ faces as each one of them received a sweet. This visit showed us that even something as small as a lollipop could be greatly appreciated. Remember this: you might not be able to do a big thing to change the whole world, but you can always do something small to make one person’s day.

Over the holiday period, Julia Lagesse and Sibusiswe Maswaure travelled to Durban to do their ABRSM Grade 7 examinations in flute and clarinet respectively. They played well and should be proud of the results they receive when they come out in November.
Peterhouse hosted Musicamp again this year, during the August holidays. It was another very successful camp with conductors from South Africa and Italy. The eight musicians who attended from Peterhouse learned a lot from them and from their fellow campers.

Shona Club
Culture diversity is one thing that we learn in the Shona Club. We have been able to have our weekly meetings to discuss and enlighten each other on the specifics and differences in our culture. We get involved in Shona quizzes which expose us to new and eye-opening conversations and research, and at the same time we get exposure through competing with other schools. We hosted a quiz and competed against Gateway, with 5 teams in total, our girls came 2nd and 5th. This session stretched their minds as most of the girls are no longer doing Shona as a subject. Their dedication is greatly appreciated.

World Scholars Cup
The global round was held in Melbourne in August where Tapiwanashe Matiza came in the top 45% in the Champion Scholars, in the top 50% in the Challenge Social Studies and the Challenge Literature. She also came 130th in the Writing Champions and achieved an honours medal for debate. Her two gold medals were for coming in the top 100 essay and being the top senior scholar. This was an incredible achievement for her and a great reflection of our school.


Holiday Tours and Fixtures
The following girls travelled to Algiers during the last week of term and participated in the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier where they won a Bronze medal and qualified for the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires:
Lilian Pope, Merce’des Beekes, Ruvimbo Dobbie (captain) and Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba.

Lilian Pope and Merce’des Beekes will travel to Buenos Aires (departing 1 October returning 22 October) for the Youth Olympic Games. Ruvimbo Dobbie and Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba have withdrawn from the team due to exams.
Andie Kuipers participated in the Youth Olympic Games Qualifiers where she won a Silver medal in the Finals for the triathlon event, and has been awarded her Junior National Colours from Zimbabwe Triathlon.

There were two waterpolo camps this holiday held at Chisipite and Hellenic. This built up to our senior team being entered into the St Johns Festival (mixed senior and U16). The girls played 4 matches (lost all) but managed to score 9 goals in total.

Sports Awards

Athletics (from Lent Term)
Cock’s Ties Allyson Gillwald, Sasha Mukucha, Courtney Brown, Zororai Musikavanhu, Shamiso Chikuri, Tandiwe Samson, Jade Carlisle, Michelle Murengami, Nyasha Kamba, Tinevimbo Mpofu, Victoria Wood, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, and Natasha Chinorwadza
Half Colours Anesu Mhete and Ruvimbo Dobbie

Basketball (from Trinity Term)
Cock’s Ties Rufaro Kaviya, Lindsay Chiutsi, Tapiwanashe Matiza, Precious Chemhere, Michelle Mafusire and Sasha Mukucha

Hockey (from Trinity Term)
Distinction Tanaka Muringani for her integral contribution to 1st Team Hockey as goalkeeper, over and above her commitment to U16A
Cock’s Ties Courtney Brown, Jade Carlisle, Jessica Kriel, Victoria Wood, Rebecca Gau, Laura Chinhundu and Georgina Lock
Half Colours Jaime Soper and Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
Full Colours Lilian Pope, Merce’des Beekes, Kundai Rugube and Bryony Dawson
Cock’s Ties Courtney Herring, Jade O’Donovan, Shanie Blake and Rebecca Gau

Half Colours Andie Kuipers

Sports Results
PHG came 4th out of 6 schools at the NASP Archery Meet at Peterhouse Boys

Interschools Golf in Ruwa
PHG came 4th out of 5 schools

HRC Regatta at Mazowe
2nd Place single Lara Weller
3rd Place single Samantha Davis
4th Place single Chrissy Wenham
7th Place single Hannah Borlase
5th Place double Samantha Davis and Hannah Borlase
6th Place double Chrissy Wenham and Lara Weller
2nd Place quad Lara Weller, Chrissy Wenham, Samantha Davis and Hannah Borlase

1st place single Genevieve Shoesmith
1st place single Kayla Kalweit
1st place double Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit

1st place single Stacey Dunstan
2nd place single Sophie le Boulengé
3rd place single Doné Erasmus
10th place single Megan Dunstan
1st place double Doné Erasmus and Sophie le Boulangé
2nd place double Stacey and Megan Dunstan
6th place double Ayanda Fambisayi and Tinevimbo Mangadze
1st place quad Doné Erasmus, Sophie le Boulengé, Stacey Dunstan and Megan Dunstan

SGBC Regatta at Mazowe
2nd place single Samantha Davis, 3rd place double with Lara Weller
8th place single Hannah Borlase, 2nd place double
9th place single Lara Weller, 3rd place double with Samantha Davis
10th place single Amy Scott Elliot, 5th place double with Brigit Botha
11th place single Brigit Botha, 5th place double with Amy Scott-Elliot
3rd place quad Lara Weller, Brigit Botha, Hannah Borlase, Samantha Davis, Amy Scott Elliot (Cox)

8th place single Megan Dunstan
1st place single Genevieve Shoesmith
1st place double Genevieve Shoesmith and Kayla Kalweit

Interhouse squash results 4th Impala
3rd Kudu
2nd Sable
1st Eland

Senior Squash Champion Lilian Pope
Junior Squash Champion Laura Lagesse
Most Improved Player Stacey Dunstan

Chisipite Invitational Relays Gala
PHG came 4th out of 6 schools

Relays Gala held at Arundel
PHG came 4th out of 6 schools

Finals Gala at Chisipite
PHG came 5th out of 7 schools

Interhouse Gala
4th Sable 365
3rd Impala 378
2nd Kudu 392
1st Eland 418

U14 Victrix Lodorum Winner Jodie Kuipers (Sable)
Runner up Pareena Niranjan-Bhana (Eland)
U15 Victrix Lodorum Winner Rebecca Botha (Sable)
Runner up Savannah Macmillan (Kudu)

U16 Victrix Lodorum Winner Aimee Barron (Impala)
Runner up Erin Elliott (Kudu)

Senior Victrix Lodorum Winner Courtney Brown
Runner up Siobhan Jones

Table Tennis
v Heritage
Juniors won 2 and lost 1
Seniors won all games

A League
v Lomagundi U14 won 10-12
U15 won 11-1
U16 won 9-3
1st Team won 11-1
B League
v Gateway U14 won 8-4
U15 won 8-4
U16 won 11-1
2nd Team won 12-0

Jaime-lee Soper U19 1st Half Distance
Louise van der Westuizen U19 1st Long Mini
Andie Kuipers U17 1st Half Distance

v HIS U14 won 2-0
U15 (HIS no age group)
U16 (HIS no age group)
2nd team lost 0-2
1st team won 2-0

v St. Johns High U14 won 2-0
U15 won 2-0
U16 won 2-1
2nd team lost 0-2
1st team lost 0-2

U16 Tournament at PHG
PHG U15A came 5th and U15B came 7th out of 8 schools.

at Chisipite
v Chisipite U14 lost 1-18
U15 lost 0-13
1st v 2nd lost 3-4

v Hellenic U14 lost 0-9
U15 lost 0-12
1st v U17 lost 2-4
1st v 2nd lost 4-5
v Chisipite U14 v U14B lost 3-9
U15 v U14A lost 1-5
U16 lost 0-12
1st v 2nd lost 0-3

v Hellenic U14 v U14B lost 0-9
U16 lost 0-10
1st v U17 won 4-3
1st v 2nd drew 4-4

Players, Hippo, Beare and Hammond Trophies at Hellenic
U14 finished 4th out of 4 schools
U15 finished 3rd out of 4 schools
No U16 or U17 age group
U19 finished 4th out of 4 schools