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Peterhouse Girls

Floating Weekends Policy

All pupils are allowed six “floatings” when they are permitted to stay at home over a weekend.

Floating nights may be applied for and taken with the permission of the housemaster/housemistress. If a pupil has a Sunday detention, is gated, or is being otherwise punished then the floating request is likely to be denied.

Pupils are allowed a total of six floating nights per term, taken in any combination of the following:

1. Single floating. One night only (Friday, Saturday or Sunday night).

2. Normal floating. Two nights (any two-night combination of the above).

3. Double floating. Three nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday night).

In addition to floatings and at the discretion of the Housemaster/Housemistress pupils may be granted additional nights at home (i.e. a free night out) prior to or after a school commitment or other external commitment such as a triathlon/equestrian/motor-cross/sailing event; on such occasions all protocols and school standing instructions will apply.

If any pupil is involved in a school activity on a fixture free weekend they may request additional floatings equivalent to the number of days and nights foregone for the event.

Floatings start at 12.30 on a Friday or 09.00 on a Saturday or Sunday;

Floatings finish at 17.30 on a Saturday or Sunday or at 07.00 on a Monday.

Pupils may not leave for their floating until they have met their school commitments i.e. after their afternoon sessions or school sport and cultural commitments on a Friday or after prep or after their sport and cultural commitments on Saturday morning.

Pupils should apply for a floating by filling in the floating application form and handing it in to the Housemaster/Housemistress. Applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday evening roll call. Floating application forms, which should be completed in blue/black ink, are available in House.

On departure/return to/from a floating, pupils must sign out/in their House.

All pupils leaving or returning to school must be dressed in their Number Ones.

Pupils leaving for a floating after an away sports’ fixture must get an “after sports chit” signed by their Housemaster/Housemistress and hand this to the team coach before they depart. No pupil may leave until all the teams have completed their matches.