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Peterhouse Girls

Annual General Meeting


Saturday 28 May 2016, Fieldsend Hall, Peterhouse Boys

Present: Mrs Nyasha Mbofana (Chairlady)
Mr Ben Mushavi (Vice-Chair)
Mr Howard Blackett (Rector)
Mrs Trevlynne Manuel (Secretary)
Mrs Lindsay Rendell
Mr Kazito Makuni

Apologies: Ms Lynn Green

Mrs Mbofana welcomed those present.

Mrs Mbofana presented her report as attached.

Mr Blackett presented his report as attached.

• Academic results - Girls by nature are self driven. Boys do not like to read. They should be encouraged to read.
• Is next year’s intake almost certain? Looking healthy.
• What is the school’s policy on scholarships and bursaries? These are revised on an annual basis.
• If numbers for intake are low, could the school not offer scholarships to encourage exceptional students? In line with ATS policy, Chisz schools do not offer scholarships.

Mrs. Nyasha Mbofana - Chairlady PHB & PHG
Mr. Ben Mushavi - Vice Chairman PHB
Mrs. Trevlynne Manuel - Secretary PHB
Mr. Kezito Makuni PHG
Mrs. Lindsay Rendell PHB & PHG
Mr. William Whaley SVH
Mrs. Lynne Green PHG
Mr. Terence Chaparamhosva PHB

• Mr Harold Muvuti automatically is no longer a member of the committee as his son is no longer a student at PHB.
• Mrs Mutukwa volunteered but the committee already has enough representation of C Block Parents.
• Nyasha urged parents from the other blocks to volunteer or nominate new members.

• The cold weather - the boys have to wear their khakis, can they be allowed to dress warmly? The boys are actually allowed to wear their tracksuits to prep.
• Why has the Falcon weekend changed, the junior boys away at Falcon and the seniors at home? It was done due to the fact that this weekend there was too many fixtures and the school would of needed to hire buses. Cannot afford to hire buses in the current economic situation.
• Why did PHB not participate in Daribord rugby festival this year? PHB play teams like St Georges and St Johns in this tournament and yet they play the same schools twice during the term.
• PHB food not sufficient. This is the first complaint since Introwise took over the kitchens. There is a procedure to follow if any pupil is not satisfied with their meals.
• PHG not utilising all their food, could they not share with PHB?
• Housemasters meeting - food is always an issue.
• Digital cocaine meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 10:10am.

AGM – 28 MAY 2016

Mr Arthur Mutsonziwa a Petrean, former parent , member of Exco and the Peterhouse Board of Governors passed away two weeks ago. He passionately served the school for many years and will be sorely missed.
The Peterhouse Group of Schools is run very effectively and efficiently by the Rector and his staff. A tremendous effort has been made by all stakeholders to ensure that our children receive a world class education.

The role of the PA is clearly tabled in the Constitution and we have made great strides in achieving the objectives. We have a very close working relationship with the School. Our committee members have had an opportunity to contribute to innumerable issues. All matters that are raised are debated robustly. Our aim is not to run the school, but to bring parental perspective to the fore. We agree on most issues, but we have agreed to disagree on others.
As stated last year, we do not conduct any fund raising activities. Therefore, there are no financial accounts to present.
We are planning to hold Practical Parenting talks whose objective is to raise awareness on various challenges that both parents and children face. One of the topics to be discussed is “digital cocaine” which will focus on digital addiction and the side effects of our technologically saturated society.

Our Committee Meetings are held in Harare and the Rector is a regular attendee. In future, the Development Officer will also attend. I would like to thank the ATS/Chisz Executive for allowing us to meet at their offices in Chisipite.
In October 2015 the Rector invited the PA to tour Grinham house after completion of its refurbishment. Those with children in this and other refurbished houses can attest to the positive impact and quality of workmanship. Malvern and Snell will be attended to in the near future.
A meeting was held in March 2016 to discuss a proposed fee increase to cover the additional cost of formerly Government-employed teachers. Parents ratified the proposed fee increase.
Parents are represented on the Executive and Finance Committes of the Board of Governors (EXCO and FINCO) by the Chair and Vice Chair of the PA in compliance with the Education Act.

I represent Peterhouse parents at the ATS PA Chairs meetings which are held every term. Chairs of PA s meet to discuss topical issues affecting ATS schools. Whilst this association has been in existence for a few years on an informal level, the ATSP Constitution has recently been finalised and the first AGM will be held in Harare on 11 June 2016.

The academic profile of the school remains a key priority for the Rector and his team as evidenced by the ever improving performance of Peterhouse pupils in public examinations. Please refer to the school website and the Rectors report for further details.

Our children continue to excel in sports and culture and each child has a wide array of activities to choose from.

The Rector and his team have been formulating various school policies over the last few years. These are clearly outlined on the website and I would encourage each parent to familiarise themselves with them.

Parents are critical stakeholders and play a vital role in supporting the school, mainly through payment school fees payment and support of all sporting and culturing activities; it is this spirit that holds the Peterhouse Community together.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the PA Committee for their sterling work and support of the school over the last year. The Committee will continue to serve both the school and parents for the mutual benefit of our children.
Thank you for your support.

Nyasha Mbofana
Peterhouse Parents Association



I would like to thank members of the Parents’ Association committee led by Nyasha Mbofana for their support over the past twelve months – the school and the PA have a very healthy and constructive working relationship and the parents are well represented by the PA on EXCO; parents’ concerns and aspirations are regularly raised at these meetings.

It my hope that over the years ahead the Parents’ Association and the School will continue to work well together for their mutual benefit and, above all, for the benefit of pupils at Peterhouse. As I said last year’s AGM the Parents’ Association does have a number of specific responsibilities/tasks, which are laid out in the Parents’ Association constitution, but in general terms the Parents’ Association should be seen as a useful conduit between the School and parents and as a body which will support the School; it should not be seen as a mechanism for raising complaints and interfering with the management/leadership of the School.

The Peterhouse Group operates as efficiently as possible and the Business Director, Mark Whitaker keeps a very close eye on expenditure during the financial year.

The school’s Top Management (three Heads and the Business Director) together with Members of EXCO are highly sensitive to the difficulties parents face in meeting their school fee commitments and do all they can to keep fee increases to a minimum. I would like to thank parents for agreeing to the recent modest increase in fees to cover the additional burden of government teachers coming fully onto the Peterhouse pay roll.


3.1 Peterhouse Boys School

In the recent past the following work has been done:
• The refurbishment of Grinham (complete)
• The refurbishment of two chemistry classrooms as a result of a $25k donation from the Curtain Foundation
• Upgrading of the estate (NB improvements to all playing fields)

Planned projects
• The Megahey Building
• Further work to classrooms
• Further improvements to playing facilities
• The refurbishment of Malvern and Snell

3.2 Peterhouse Girls School

The expansion of PHG has been completed but further work is required as follows:

• Renovation of the old DH and kitchen into alternative use (not yet decided)
• Renovation of the PHGHM’s office/entrance area

3.3 Springvale House

In the recent past the following work has been done:
• Phase 3 of the new pavilion (almost complete)

Planned project:
• Phase 4 of the new pavilion

In addition to the planned projects the Group’s Top Management Team (Rector, Business Manager, HMPHG and HMSVH) has drawn up a list of other major projects and planned maintenance work.

4.1 Public Examination Results

Last year’s public examination results were as follows:
• A Level PHB/PHG combined: overall pass rate was 99%. (2014 pass rate – 99%)
• IGCSE PHG The overall pass rate was 92% (A*15%; A 25%; B 27%; C 25%). (2014 pass rate – 88%)
• IGCSE PHB The overall pass rate was 82%. (A* 6%; A 21%; B 25% and C 31%) (2014 pass rate – 83%)

4.2 Pupil Discipline

The overall standard of discipline remains excellent, in spite of the effective abolishment of corporal punishment; in its absence a new disciplinary code has been introduced (boot camp etc.)

4.3 Pupil activities

The breadth of opportunity within the Peterhouse Group is outstanding and it is good to know that so many pupils achieve so much – all reflected in this year’s first class school magazine. Under the general heading of pupil activities I would like to highlight the great value/importance I place on the following:
• The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
• Leadership training
• Outward bound activities
• The Group’s Infinity Programme led by Andrew Shoesmith

4.4 Pupil recruitment/marketing

Interest in all three schools remains healthy but there is no room for complacency. I spend a great deal of time, together with the other two Heads and Catriona Borman, marketing the school. In the recent past the following has been done:
• Recruitment visits to major feeder schools (Ruzawi, Lilfordia, Bryden, Hippo Valley, Triangle, Victoria Falls etc.)
• Recruitment cocktail parties in Harare
• Recruitment visits to Botswana and Mozambique (planned for later in the year)
• The school web site and other marketing literature are regularly updated to present with a corporate identity

5. CHISZ (The Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe) and ATS (Association of Trust Schools) matters
None of consequence to report this year.

6.1 Development Plan

The Development Plan is available on the Group’s website.

6.2 PH60
PH60 (2015) was a highly successful year; a well-coordinated programme of events, which included a Jubilee Dinner in Oxford and a Jubilee Dinner in Harare (which dovetailed with the Falcon w/e), was led/organised by the PH60 committee, expertly chaired by Simon Philp, together with Corralee Greeff, our Development Officer. I would like to thank all concerned for their energy and commitment.

6.3 PHG30
2017 in the 30th anniversary year of the founding of PHG; a PHG30 committee has already been formed and a programme of events for 2017 is beginning to take shape.

I am delighted to report that the Peterhouse Group remains in excellent form.

My three priorities for Peterhouse since I have arrived have been:
i. to raise the school’s academic profile;
ii. to develop a culture/ethos which ensures that all pupils enjoy school and feel safe and secure; and
iii. to develop a well-structured programme of personal/leadership development which results in senior pupils understanding a good leadership model.

In all respects much progress has been made; there is, of course, always room for improvement and we have ambitious plans for future development, but the quality of education which pupils receive is very good indeed and Peterhouse remains Zimbabwe’s premier school.

Thank you for your continued support.

Howard Blackett MA (Oxon)

9 June 2016