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Peterhouse Girls

Newsletter FFW (Current)



Thursday 21st June 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The senior girls have now completed their mock examinations and should take the opportunity this weekend to rest and recover. Mock examinations are important for many different reasons: the revision process allows pupils to practise study techniques; the result gives a snapshot of where the pupil is right now; and the review of the examination helps them to identify misunderstandings and areas of weakness. Once the review of examinations is completed the girls should assess where they are against where they want to be and plan their study programme accordingly.

For sometime now we have been reviewing what is reported in our newsletter with regards sporting and other achievements by the girls. Until now the policy has been to only report results of Peterhouse fixtures and record provincial or National selection. It has become increasingly difficult to decide what should or should not be recognized given the wide variety of activities the girls participate in beyond school fixtures. I recognise it is important to the pupil, her parents and to the school to acknowledge all that the girls do and I have decided therefore to report a much broader range of achievements in our newsletter, although due to time constraints we are not able to mention everything in assembly. To help us in this, if at any time your daughter has any achievements which you would like the school to recognise please would you send BRIEF details to us and we will endeavour to report them in the next newsletter.

Please may I remind parents of Vth and VIth Form that the girls are not allowed to be signed out from Peterhouse Boys for any reason. For their own safety the girls must always return to Peterhouse Girls and sign out from here.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Parents’ Forum in Harare last week. This gave us an opportunity to launch the Peterhouse Group ALPHA Programme, details of which are given in the Rector’s newsletter and to give brief details of the new Curriculum Support building for Peterhouse Girls. This is an exciting development and we look forward to sharing pictures with you once the build commences.

Thank you to all the girls who have completed their squares for the winter drive. A special thanks also to the mums and aunties who came along on Sunday to help the girls and teachers to sew the squares into blankets. It is a tedious and thankless task made easier by a morning of good company.

Kind regards,

Mrs Tracy Blignaut


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement. If you have made a payment which is not reflecting, please contact Peggy Morgan or Juliette Kwesha as soon as possible, so that we can rectify our records.

If you have any queries regarding charges on your statement, please may you contact Peggy or Juliette ASAP so that they can assist you.

Fee Clearance Letters were emailed to parents on Tuesday 19th June for pupils who had a fee statement balance of $200 or less. Fee Clearance Letters were also issued for those pupils who had a balance greater than $200, but are in line with their Payment Plans with Peterhouse. Please ensure that your child/ren do not return to school after the mid-term break without a Fee Clearance Letter.

It is vital that we always have up to date contact information for each pupil, so please check that the contact information at the bottom of your child’s statement is correct. Kindly advise Sue Heathcote if any changes are to be made to them.

A separate notification has gone out to parents of all November examination candidates indicating the examination fees per subject that payable by the start of next term in USD cash and/or by bank transfer from an account outside of Zimbabwe to the schools Zimbabwe Barclays account. Kindly contact Sue Heathcote if your child is writing a November Cambridge exam and you have not received the notification. Please note that the invoice will follow later this term after the mock exams have been marked.

We would like to wish you all a lovely half term weekend with your children.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker


1.1World Environment Day
The Peterhouse Group celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June by wearing green and having a lesson on the topic “Beat Plastic Pollution” which is a worldwide problem. As a spin off from this we are going to make an effort to reduce our ‘Single Use Plastics’ and are encouraging all pupils to provide their own multiuse water bottles.

1.2 Confirmation – Thursday 21 June
We were delighted to hold our annual Confirmation Service this morning. The Rt Rev Dr Chad Gandiya, the Bishop of Harare, confirmed 24 boys and 21 girls. The highlight for most of the boys and girls was the Confirmation Retreat last weekend, which was excellently hosted by Zambesi Holidays and combined plenty of fun with real spiritual value. Our school chaplains have often praised “Zam Hols” for their commitment to - and investment in - Peterhouse over many years, and encourage every boy and girl at Peterhouse to go on a Zambesi Holidays camp in any of the school holidays - find them on Facebook for more information.


2.1 Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their first Mark Order, Trinity Term:

D Block –Cydney Buckler, Samantha Davis, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Kyuri Kim, Tayla Lowden-Stoole, Rufaro Mapfumo, Ropafadzo Maumbe, Kimberly Maworise, Zandile Mbofana, Mafaro Musimwa, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Brooklyn Tippett

C Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Praise Jakaza, Nandi Mbele, Luanna Page, Amber Robinson, Genevieve Shoesmith

B Block – Alicia Chiremba, Erin Elliott, Laura Lagesse, Abigail Mahofa, Tinotenda Mapani, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa

A Block – Tadiwa Mafirambudzi

Vth Form – Rebecca Gau, Matinatsashe Hove, Bekezela Mbofana, Natalie Moores, Chiedza Njike

VIth Form – Susan Li, Mazvita Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Kumikidzo Mukozho, Ruvarashe Musarurwa, Michelle Mwenje, Shumirai Njaravaza, Jessica Palmer, Deeyana Patel, Natasha Simpson


v Arundel: A’s lost 8 – 21 v PHB A’s won 13 – 1
Bs drew 13 – 13 B’s won 12 – 2
C’s lost 2 – 8 C’s lost 0 – 10

v St John’s College: A’s lost 14 – 20 v PHB A’s lost 0 – 25
B’s won 18 – 2 B’s won 16 – 1
C’s lost 0 – 8 C’s lost 0 – 28
Interschools Bridge: PHG came 5th in the A room and 1st in the B room. Special mention
goes to Susan Li and Laura Lagesse for calling and making a slam.

v Convent: Juniors lost 0 – 6
Seniors lost 1 – 5

v St John’s College: Seniors lost 190 – 160 with Keara Shumba as the second best speaker
Juniors won 195 – 175
Tinashe Rwodzi Invitational Debate: Congratulations to Shamiso Chigadza who was placed in the top 5 speakers at this event.

Environmental Club
Plastic pollution is becoming an epidemic as every year people produce enough plastic waste that is enough to circle the earth four times. World Environmental Day, this year, was centered around beating plastic pollution.

All girls were dressed up in green and we had a prize for the “most green” in each Block, chosen by club members. There was an awareness campaign on plastic pollution where Kudzwaishe Chisveto, the club president, presented facts on plastic pollution and what can be done to reduce plastic pollution. She urged everyone to reduce the use of plastic and to foster this, a competition to collect the most plastic around the school was completed. This was a gratifying step in the right direction in reducing, reusing and refusing PLASTIC.

The winners of the Green Day contest were:
D Block: Ella Pope
C Block: Gabriella du Plessis
B Block: Rutendo Mandivenga
A Block: Priscilla Muhita
Vth Form: Megan Hough
VIth Form: Natasha Simpson
Staff: Mrs Claire Hough
The girls who collected the most plastic were Chaneil Yosa and Kimberley Joseph.

Buckland Arts
This has been a very successful year for the Buckland Arts. The quality of the pieces of work created was outstanding.
Congratulations go to the following girls who won in their categories:

Flower Arranging
Juniors Tammy-Anne Tippett (S)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Julia Lagesse (S)
Overall 1st Sable, 2nd Impala, 3rd Kudu, 4th Eland

Juniors Meagan De Kock (E)
Middles Alicia Chiremba (I)
Seniors Rufaro Songore (E)

Choral Sable
Overall 1st Eland, 2nd Impala, 3rd Sable, 4th Kudu

Juniors Amy Scott-Elliot (K) and Hannah Martin (E)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Amy Doorman (I)
Overall 1st Impala, 2nd Eland, 3rd Sable, 4th Kudu

Juniors Katie Loubser (S)
Middles Allyson Gillwald (I)
Seniors Taige Innes (E)
Overall 1st Eland, 2nd Sable, 3rd Impala, 4th Kudu

Juniors Mackenzee Watt (I)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Ella Parham (S)
Overall 1st Sable, 2nd Impala, 3rd Kudu, 4th Eland

Juniors Daniella Anderson (I)
Middles Laura Lagesse (S)
Seniors Jessica Saunders (I)
Overall 1st Impala, 2nd Sable, 3rd Eland, 4th Kudu

Juniors Kudu
Middles Kudu and Impala
Seniors Kudu
Overall 1st Kudu, 2nd Impala and Eland, 4th Sable

Juniors Deborah Davy (S)
Middles Anna Montgomery (E)
Seniors Sibusisiwe Maswaure (K)

Juniors Shalom Mandudzi (E)
Middles Tyra Matizanhau (E)
Seniors Anotidaishe Musa (I)
Choirs Impala
Overall 1st Sable and Eland, 3rd Impala, 4th Kudu

1st Sable, 2nd Eland, 4th Impala and Kudu
The Marondera Garden Trophy for the best flower arrangement went to Tammy-Anne Tippett
The Buckler Trophy for the most contribution to her house went to Laura Lagesse
The Buckland Trophy for the most points overall went to Sable
Overall 1st Sable, 2nd Impala, 3rd Eland, 4th Kudu

Interact visit to Musha weVana
We all look forward to our visit to Musha we Vana at the beginning of the term. This term we donated 50 books, thanks to the English Department. This generated a lot of excitement at the orphanage and it was encouraging to see the Grade 7s utilizing the books, even before we left.

The Fantastic Leo Weekend (7th and 8th July 2018)
The LEO Club is holding two events on the weekend of 7th and 8th July to raise funds for various charities around Marondera.

There will be a dance on the 7th July with an entrance cost of $15 and a Fun Day on the 8th July with an entrance cost of $5.

The dance is going to be an amazing evening of fun and dance. It is themed in line with the recent big hit movie, Black Panther. If your child is planning on attending this extravagant dance, please be advised to ensure all dresses and suits are brought to school after the half-term break. The dance is open to A Block and above.

The Junior end of the school is invited to share in the festivities of the weekend at the Fun Day being held at the Springvale House Pavilion on Sunday 8th July. There will be multiple activities in throughout the day, including the fun park from Kingdom Inflatables.

These events will be charged to your account if your child wishes to attend.
Please send an email to Mrs Shamiso Mukucha, PHG or Mr Taurai Mhete PHB if you do not want your account to be charged.


4.1 Sports Results

PHG was Runner-up Senior Team against St Georges, Hellenic, Gateway, PHB and Archer’s Access -
Shirea Brits won best senior girl with a score of 286/300.

Basketball v St John’s High U14 won 11-0
U15 lost 1-4
U16 lost 3-14
2nd Team won 5-4
1st Team lost 9-35

Basketball v Convent U14 drew 4-4
U15 lost 5-6
U16 lost 4-12
2nd Team lost 2-4
1st Team lost 20-28

U15 Festival at Eaglesvale PHG finished 5th out of 6 schools

U16 Festival at Arundel PHG finished 3rd out of 6 schools

MCD Basketball Trials
The following girls were selected for Mashonaland Country Districts:
Ruvarashe Marufu, Yemurai Machacha, Shumirai Njaravaza, Anesu Nzenza-Grant, Precious Chemhere

U20 IPT Tournament
Anesu Nzenza-Grant was selected for the ATS U20 Zimbabwe Select Basketball Team.

Interschools Golf was held at Hillside Golf Club, Mutare. PHG finished 4th out of 6 schools.

The following girls were selected for the Zimbabwe School Girl’s Hockey Teams:
U18A Ruvimbo Dobbie, Bryony Dawson and Lilian Pope
U18B Jamie Lee Soper and Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba
U16A Courtney Brown and Doné Erasmus
U16B Victoria Wood and Jessica Kriel

A League Hockey
v Chisipite U14A won 1-0
U15A drew 0-0
U16A lost 1-2
1st Team lost 3-1

v Hellenic U14A drew 0-0
U15A won 3-0
U16A lost 3-0
1st Team drew 1-1
B League Hockey
v Arundel B U14B won 8-1
U15B won 2-1
U16B won 3-1
2nd Team won 4-0

v Bulawayo Convent A U14B won 6-0
U15B won 5-0
U16B lost 2-1
2nd Team drew 1-1
C League Hockey
v Goldridge A U14C (Goldridge forfeited)
U15C lost 3-0
U16C lost 3-1
3rd Team drew 1-1

v St John’s Emerald High A U15 Social won 1 - 0
U16C lost 0 - 3
3rd Team drew 0 - 0
Mountain Biking
A beautiful track was cut through the miombo woodland of Calderwood Park and early on Sunday morning, nearly 40 riders turned up at Dombo Dam to race each other on it. We had competitors from Falcon, St Johns, Lomagundi, Peterhouse Girls and Peterhouse Boys.

Erin Elliot finished in 1st position out of the girls beating many of the boys’ times as well.

v Convent won 1-0
v Arundel lost 2-3

v Chisipite lost 2-3
v Hellenic lost 0-5
v St Georges lost 0-5

Table Tennis
v Westridge Juniors won 4-1
Seniors won 3-0

v PE Juniors lost 4-0
Seniors won 4-0
Andie Kuipers was awarded Junior National Colours for Triathon.


5.1 Chimanimani Outward Bound Programme (PHG B Block – 21st to 27th September 2018)
The B Block will depart to Chimanimani for the Outward Bound Teambuilding and Personal Development Programme early next term. This programme is compulsory. By now you will have received an email from the Head with a kit list, indemnity form and ‘a letter to your daughter’ attached. Please go through this information carefully with your daughter and ensure the indemnity form is delivered to her Housemistress when she returns to school after Half Term. The programme will cost $270 which will be added to your account at the end of this term. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Mistress.