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Peterhouse Girls

Newsletter FFW (Current)



Dear Parents and Guardians,

The term and year are finally drawing to a close and I am sure everyone is looking forward to a well-earned rest. During the course of the term all the girls have been focused on examinations at one time or another, whether that be public or internal. The junior girls have of course received their results whilst those writing Cambridge exams have a little longer to wait. I am hopeful that the A and AS results will make for pleasant reading but am a little more concerned for some of the IGCSE results (I hope this proves to be un-founded). My thanks go to Michelle Scott Elliot, Director of Studies and Simon Carter, Deputy Director of Studies for their sterling work this term in running the examinations so efficiently.

As is tradition at Peterhouse, our final weekend of the year is marked by the Peterhouse Carol Service and the Marondera Schools Carol Concert – both very special occasions. On Wednesday we enjoy a Christmas Dinner followed by Vth Form Entertainment and my thanks to all the girls and staff who have been involved to make this a special final evening together.

The Parents’ Association led by Mrs Mbofana, have kindly organized a Tree Planting event for D Block girls and their parents. This will take place in Gosho Park immediately after our final chapel service on Thursday morning. Penny Raynor and her team have prepared the site and organized the trees and I am sure it will be a special occasion. I hope it will inspire the girls to care about and enjoy our park more over their years at Peterhouse.

For those who are leaving us, we wish you all the best for the future and for those returning to Peterhouse we look forward to welcoming you back in January for a year full of new opportunities and challenges.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Tracy Blignaut


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement, which reflects the balance outstanding as at the end of the Michaelmas Term, as well as the Fee Note for the Lent Term 2018. If you have any queries regarding your statement, please contact the Accounts Department as soon as possible so that we can refer it to the relevant staff member or department. If you have made any payments which are not reflecting on your statement, please email us a copy of your proof of payment so that we can identify it in our Unclaimed Deposits and rectify our records accordingly.

We are receiving quite a number of payments from parents via telephone banking or ZIPIT, however there is no reference to the pupil when it appears on our bank statement. Please ensure you send us a copy of your payment, no matter what method you use, as it will assist us to identify your deposit and allocate it accordingly.

The Accounts Department will be closed from 1pm Thursday 21st December to 8am Tuesday 2nd January 2018. We will have an Accounts representative at Cabs Platinum, Northridge Park, Borrowdale on Wednesday 3rd January from 9am to 3pm, to receive all cash payments for school fees. Parents paying by RTGS and telegraphic transfers are encouraged to e-mail their proof of payments to the accounts department who in turn will respond by e-mail.

We will only begin to email out Fee Clearance Letters on Wednesday 3rd January 2018, to those who have cleared their account in full.

If you require a payment plan for your school fees, please contact either of the following:
Cabs School Card – Olivia Ndebele (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 04-852351-55 ext 2013)

Credfin - Bev Craven (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 442737 / 442902 / 481003)

Please note that if the foreign exchange position does not improve into 2018, Cambridge examination fees will need to be paid in US$ cash. As a guide parents need to budget as follows per subject:
IGCSE Examination Fees 66.00
A2 Examination Fee 73.00
AS Examination Fee 73.00
AS Global Perspectives Examination Fee 138.00
A Level Examination Fee 112.00

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year with your children and look forward to having them back with us on Monday 8th January 2018.

Kind regards

Mark Whitaker
Business Director


Although the 2018 Vth Formers will still be waiting for their IGCSE Cambridge results, they are expected to return to school at the beginning of term, Monday 8th January. Lessons will begin on Tuesday morning as usual.

Cambridge examination results will be published on the following dates:

AS and A level 10th January at 10am
IGCSE 17th January at 10am

During the first week of school, we will be emailing access codes to all those whose accounts with the School have been cleared. This will enable you to access the results on the Cambridge website.

Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations:
D Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Anya Erasmus, Penelope Kadzura, Kayla Kalweit, Nandi Mbele, Luanna Page.
C Block – Precious Chemhere, Erin Elliott, Anne Kirkman, Laura Lagesse, Bridget Lapham, Tinotenda Mapani, Gamuchirai Mhere, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa, Maja Potzas, Rebekah Royston
B Block – Courtney Brown, Tadiwa Mafirambudzi, Zororai Musikavanhu, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Tsitsi Nyatsuro.


The Junior Drama Club performed “James and the Giant Peach” with Meagan de Kock in the lead role as James. This was a good performance from novice actresses and we look forward to what they will accomplish next year.

We came 11th out of 14 schools at the Quiz held at St Georges.


NASP Competition at Chisipite
Best Senior Archer - Ria Pareekh
Highest Individual Score and Silver Medal - Shirea Brits
Peterhouse Girls came 3rd overall in 2017 with Bronze Medals awarded to Julia Lagesse, Ria Pareekh, Shirea Brits, Tawana Banda, Sallie Kloppers.

Katie Loubser has been selected to represent Zimbabwe in Zambia as part of the African Shield Team.

Erin Elliot 1st in Quarter Distance U14/15 Age Group
Andie Kuipers 2nd in Quarter Distance U16/17 Age Group
Jamie Soper 1st in Half Distance U18/19 Age Group
Holly Wallace 1st in the Long Mini Triathlon

Eaglesvale U14 Tournament
Peterhouse Girls U14A basketball won the tournament.

The JBC Pavilion has been converted into a gymnasium that is currently equipped with 5 cardio vascular machines, and a small selection of portable and functional fitness equipment. This facility has been very popular with the girls this term who have been able to incorporate circuit training by Miss Gray and Ms. Cordy (both qualified Fitness Instructors), into their fitness programmes. In order to maintain existing equipment, as well as facilitate the procurement of additional equipment as and when necessary or possible, there will be a nominal Gym Membership fee of $20 levied per term per girl, from January 2018 onwards.


While a great many of Zimbabwe’s post IGCSE pupils head out to party, the Peterhouse pupils embark on the Far and Wide experience in the Nyanga Mountains. For some the FOMO of not being on O Break still batters their attitude! But, for the vast majority these days, the F&W experience has become a
healthy part of tradition at Peterhouse, and is one they look forward to for many reasons. Building relationship has come to be the cornerstone of the trip, but many pupils learn a lot about the strengths of diversity in groups (particularly how the opposite sex’s strengths usually counter their own genders’ weakness. All pupils grow in self-awareness, develop resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness. Everyone leaves with a sense of pride in some aspect of their accomplishment.

We had two options this year:
Firstly, we had 65 trekkers on the Turaco Trail (56km). It is one of the most beautiful trails that Zimbabwe has to offer, encompassing two magnificent river systems – the Pungwe and the Gairezi with Mount Nyangani in the middle. Even though the views were shielded with grey clouds most of the time, the trekkers got to walk through the most incredible indigenous forests and Nyanga bush. Evenings were completed with leadership tasks and reflections on these, and the day’s activities.

The other group did the traditional Leadership Camp at Far and Wide. On arrival at the camp site they were welcomed by Bernie and Julie Cragg. The bus was unpacked and the children were immediately divided into three teams. Friends were separated and most found themselves teamed up with new and unfamiliar peers. Activities required both mental and physical strength and groups had to work as teams in order to achieve. As they learned to be patient and encourage one another, they overcame their fears and most tasks were completed. It was interesting to see the 6Cs come into play, and for the children to realise from experience, how important these are. This year Bernie had a surprise activity in store for the Far and Widers… a chance to experience his newly built skywalks: one measuring 30m and another 90m across the Mtarazi Falls. In addition to this, the children were given the opportunity to do the zip-line - approximately 700m up and 400m across; the highest zip line in the world! What an opportunity that the children no doubt treasured, and one that will hopefully spur them on to encourage their friends and family to come and experience the same, as there is truly nothing like it.

The final leg of the Far and Wide experience has the much dreaded hike. Most found the terrain unfriendly and physically draining, the weather did not help either. But how proud they all were of their accomplishments at the end of it all!

Many life lessons are learnt from our outdoor educational trips. When placed in an unfamiliar environment, with unfriendly weather, in a team with people with different characters, values and outlook from yours and asked to do challenging tasks, one can only learn from the experience and a metamorphosis takes place. The bonds created here and a new found tolerance for one another is one that will serve them positively moving forward into their future years at Peterhouse and life beyond.
We thank Far and Wide and especially the Cragg family who work tirelessly to make this programme a success for us. Thanks also go to the following staff for their support during the programme: Ms Rinashe, Ms Barrie, Miss Amm, Miss Muromba, Miss Musarurwa, Mr Carter, Mr Mukucha, Mr Mpofu and Mrs Shoesmith.

Andrew Shoesmith and Chipo Mtakwa.
ICs Outdoor Education.


The 2017 Leavers Ball has come and gone. It was a memorable and beautiful evening filled with so many memories. The committee consisted of about 25 ladies headed by the mothers of the Heads of Schools; Joyce Malaba and Alice Sachiti, and our thanks go to them for all their hard work.

We are happy to announce that the 2017 fundraising committee exceeded expectations. They raised enough money to enable us to reduce the Leavers’ Ball Tickets’ from the $65 charged in the past years to $45 through a variety of fundraising activities. These included a St Patrick’s Day Quiz, the Bon Marche? Walkerobics and Market Day and a Raffle Draw.

Lent (1st) Term
Begins Monday 8 January
(National Youth Day – Wednesday 21 February)
1st Fixture Free Friday 26 - Monday 29 January
Half-Term Friday 16 (depart 12.30) – Wednesday 21 February (return 17.00)
3rd Fixture Free Friday 9 – Monday 12 March
Ends Wednesday 28 March
(Easter: 30 March - 2 April)

Trinity (2nd) Term
Begins Monday 7 May
(Africa Day - Friday 25 May)
1st Fixture Free Thursday 24 - Monday 28 May
Half-Term Thursday 21 - Tuesday 26 June
3rd Fixture Free Friday 13 - Monday 16 July
Ends Thursday 9 August

Michaelmas (3rd) Term
Begins Monday 10 September
1st Fixture Free Friday 28 September - Monday 1 October
Half-Term Thursday 18 - Tuesday 23 October
3rd Fixture Free Friday 9 - Monday 12 November
Ends Thursday 6 December

Lent (1st) Term 2019
Begins Monday 7 January 2019

Managed via the PH Interact Club and staff of SVH, in partnership with Miracle Missions, Spar, Hunyani Packaging, Rank Stationers and Vimba.

Many thanks to the Heads, to Parents and of course the children of The Peterhouse Group of Schools for their support in putting together boxes of joy for the children of St Francis.

To refresh your memories, this annual countrywide project is aimed at helping as many vulnerable school going children as possible to start the 2018 New Year with the necessary educational stationery, equipment and hygiene items needed for approximately one term’s worth of school work.

The above sponsors donated the cardboard cases and our job was to fold them into shape, fill them & distribute them to the students of St Francis School (situated next to Peterhouse Girls). Pupils were asked to bring certain stationery items to school, which were used to fill the boxes. Thank you to those who provided more than what was listed, and a special thank you to Jill Jury, who donated an excess of 350 prime reading books to include in each box.

All the stationery was collected, and where essential stationery items were lacking the Interact Club funded the purchase of the necessary items. 14 C Block girls folded all 350 boxes, and filled 200 of them with books and stationery, leaving the Interact Club members, with the help of 5 D Block girls, only 150 boxes to fill. Our thanks go to those selfless girls for their incredible commitment to the cause.

At the St Francis Speech day and opening of the new ECD Centre on the 29th of November 2017, 20 boxes were displayed for the children to see what was to come in the near future. Mrs Gono was very grateful and acknowledged the sponsors of the boxes, as well as the Peterhouse Group of schools for their thoughtfulness and kind gesture.

The remaining 330 boxes were finally delivered to St Francis School on Tuesday 5 December. St Francis has 423 pupils in total, but the ECD children have recently been built a new classroom block (a donation from the Peterhouse UK Appeal Fund) so the recipients of the boxes were from grades 1 -7.

What a heartwarming experience this has been for the Peterhouse Group pupils. An appropriate and literal ‘Christmas Box’ to the St Francis children who can look forward to a new year with hope, knowing they have the majority of stationery they need, plus some ‘luxury’ goodies too!

Thank you once again to you all for you generosity. May you be blessed this festive season as you have blessed others.

Merry Christmas!

Chipo Mtakwa
Interact Club