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Peterhouse Girls

Newsletter FFW (Current)


Thursday 11th April 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Many of the girls have been involved in the Eisteddfod festival this term and they along with the Music Department have worked so hard and done so well (results under Cultural Activities). My particular thanks to Milupi Imbula, our new music teacher; the first term at a new school is never easy and he has coped so well with the added workload and logistical challenges of organising the Eisteddfod entries this term.

This week in assembly, Tinaishe Madavo (A Block) spoke to the girls about “Girls R Us”, the charity started by her aunt and which she also works to support. Each term, we ask the girls to bring back to school at least one extra packet of sanitary pads to donate to this cause. So many girls miss school because they do not have sanitary wear and it is a cause we are keen to continue to support.

The last weekend of term was particularly busy with inter-schools athletics and our first ever Tatanga Camping Weekend in Gosho Park on Saturday, the Petrean Sports Day on Sunday and a Kukura neShungu tracksuit party for D and C Block on Sunday evening.

Well done to all our athletes who performed so well, allowing us to beat Arundel by a small margin to place first in the final meet of the season. The Tatanga Camping Weekend was a great success; thank you to all the parents who supported this and to Louise Hildebrand and all those who helped her to organise this fun, happy event.

Two reminders for next term with regards the calendar: the term dates have changed and boarders will return to school on TUESDAY 7th May, we also have a number of closed nights next term to facilitate compulsory support of first team basketball and hockey – please take note of these and make plans accordingly.

May I also remind parents that the PHG office may not receipt more than USD$50; any amounts over this must be taken to the Accounts Department at PHB. Please avoid sending your daughters to school with cash; rather use the textacash cards for your girls to have money to spend and either visit the Accounts Department in person or use the banking system to make school fee payments. These measures are for everyone’s protection.

The girls have now signed up for all activities for next term except for extra paid-for sessions. The girls will not be allowed to sign up for these activities without a physical copy of a signed permission slip from their parents. Please see the form at the very end of the newsletter and print and complete the form if you wish your daughter to take part in any of these activities.

For the senior girls it is important they spend time this holiday studying and preparing for the mock examinations next term. It is also important, of course, for all the girls to have some time to rest and recover from a very busy term and to ensure they have energy for the long and demanding term ahead.

Wishing you all a restful Easter.

Warm regards,

Mrs Tracy Blignaut


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received your child’s fee statement, which reflects the balance outstanding as at the end of the Lent Term, as well as the Fee Note for the Trinity Term 2019. If you have any queries regarding your statement, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can refer them to the relevant staff member or department before school closes. If you have made any payments which are not reflecting on your statement, please email us a copy of your proof of payment so that we can identify it in our Unclaimed Deposits and rectify our records accordingly.
Please note the following with respect to payments:
• ZIPIT payments continue to present us with difficulties, as we receive no reference enabling us to identify who they are for. It is imperative that we receive a copy of your ZIPIT payment as soon as it has been made, in order for us to identify it.
• If you are using Cabs School Card to pay your fees, please send us a copy of your slip when you have paid us using your Cabs School Card, as we only receive the settlement advices from CABS after 24 hours, and this may delay you receiving your Fee Clearance Letter.
• If you are using Credfin to pay your fees, please send us a signed copy of the Agreement with Credfin with the page that reflects the amount Credfin will be paying Peterhouse. This will enable us to send your Fee Clearance Letter before we receive the settlement from Credfin.
• If you require a payment plan for your school fees, please contact either of the following:
o Cabs School Card – Melissa Madzana or Olivia Tsikayi Tel: Tell:(04)852351-55 (extension 2048/2008/2049) or
o Credfin – Dale Jackson  Tel: 442737 / 442902 / 481003)
o Payment plans are also available from the School, but must be requested via email to myself however I urge parents not to leave it to the first day of school to contact me. Please note that I am away returning on the 28th so will only be able to respond at that time.
• Please note a discount of a 75% is offered on the $RTGS school fee for ALL Telegraphic Transfers and USD cash payments to the school’s $US NOSTRO account, the details of which can be found on the fee statement. This equates to a 300% premium on all $US payments.
• Parents may also fix the school fee for the Trinity term, or for the remainder of 2019, by paying the following in USD per term.

o US$1,510 - SVH Day Scholar
o US$2,515 - SVH Boarder
o US$1,870 - PHG Day Scholar
o US$3,130 - PHG/PHB Boarder

If you would like to take up the option to fix your fees, please email Sue Heathcote to inform her and attach your proof of payment. Any balances owing from the Lent Term, as well as the Trinity sundry charges on your statement, will need to be settled in addition to the payment for fixing your fees, which may be settled in RTGS. If they are included in the US$ payment, the 75% discount will be applied.
The Accounts Department will be open this holiday from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, except from 1pm Friday 12th April to 8am Tuesday 23rd April 2019.
Examination Fees for those writing in May/June are due in full in US$ before the beginning of next term. Invoices have been emailed to those concerned.
We will only begin to email out Fee Clearance Letters on Thursday 25th April 2019, to those who have cleared their account in full.
We would like to wish you all a lovely Holiday with your children and look forward to having them back with us on Tuesday 7th May 2019.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker


1.1 Sanitary Wear Drive
Girls R Us is an organisation that sources sanitary wear for young girls in the rural areas, who often fail to attend school or participate in other regular activities during their menstrual period. Peterhouse girls are encouraged to bring an extra pack of sanitary wear at the beginning of term in support of this very noble cause.

1.2 Kidzcan Run/Walk 2019
The Kidzcan run/walk will be held on Sunday 12th May at Peterhouse Boys and we ask that the girls return to school with something orange to wear in support of this event.

1.3 Tatanga Camp Out 2019
Last weekend, over sixty families joined their daughters for an enchanting Camp Out in Peterhouse’s stunning Miombo woodland game reserve, Gosho Park. This conservation area, with its wide range of faunal residents, is wonderfully managed by Penny Raynor and her scouts, who ably facilitated hosting a remarkable 270 campers (with a lot of help from Leon Greeff and his Estates team).

There was quite a festive feel as families arrived to set up tents, many for their first ever camping adventure! Some groups then enjoyed a relaxing game drive before the Tatanga prefects presided over engaging and often hilarious games for the girls and their parents to play together. These energetic activities exposed the competitive nature of some and prompted many a smile and a laugh.
As braais were lit, the delicious smell of cooking emanated from around the camp, with even the girls whose parents could not make it cooking their own suppers on the fire.

All in all, it was a memorable and delightful evening and a wonderful opportunity for parents to get to know staff and to enjoy a relaxed soirée together. Thank you to all who helped to make this event such a success.


2.1 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards
Dhalika Goven and Andie Kuipers have been invited to an awards ceremony on Thursday 23rd May at Cresta Lodge to celebrate the achievements of Cambridge Learners throughout Zimbabwe in the two examination series of 2018.
Dhalika will be receiving an award for Top in Zimbabwe for her Design and Technology and Andie will be receiving an award for High Achievement in her Physical Education examination and we congratulate them both on their outstanding performances.

2.2 Academic Awards
Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Mark Order:

D Block – Mikayla Burl, Shumirai Chigadza, Aneni Chigwedere, Tasha Chikasha, Nelie Chikwana, Chloe Chiremba, Anna Davy, Oanaya Dongo, Kimberly Gono, Tanatsirwa Jambwa, Jiayi Le, Gamuchirai Mavhinga, Anike Mparuri, Thandiwe Mtwazi, Nadine Mudzimuirema, Ruvarashe Nhongonhema, Sienna Page, Reina Parirenyatwa, Stephanie Russell, Chloe Scott-Elliot, Savanna Seaman, Naledi Taundi, Gina Utsiwegota, Jewantee Yakiti

C Block – Amy Chadwick, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Takomborerwa Makiwa, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Rudado Matondo, Kimberly Maworise, Zandile Mbofana, Tavimba Mukozho, Munesushe Mushosho, Mafaro Musimwa, Ella Pope, Chrissy Wenham, Fadzai Zitsanza

B Block – Tawananyasha Banda, Deborah Davy, Kayla Kalweit, Kyuri Kim, Tanatswa Matonda, Idi Musimwa, Luanna Page.
A Block – Alicia Chiremba, Laura Lagesse, Tinotenda Mapani, Gamuchirai Mhere, Jemimah Muusha, Tatenda Ndaudzwa.

VIth Form – Wadzanai Chiweshe, Bekezela Mbofana, Caroline Mufanebadza, Chiedza Njike, Omega Nyamushanya

2.3 A Block, Vth and VIth Form Holiday Homework
If your daughter is in A Block, Vth Form or VIth Form, she will have been given some holiday prep at the end of the term. In addition to the formal holiday work, please note that there is a large bank of subject specific resources, including past papers, on our Revision website, which can be accessed on Please assist us in preparing your daughter for the important Mock examinations, which begin on the 10th June, by ensuring that she has time and a suitable venue to work during this short holiday period.

2.4 CAT4 Tests
The C Block girls will be writing the Cognitive Ability Test 4 on 16th May. More details will be e-mailed to C Block parents about these tests.

2.5 D Block Parent/Teacher Meeting
The D Block Parent/Teacher Meeting will be held in the dining hall at PHG on 24th May. It will be preceded by a Parents Meeting at 9:30am.


As won 22 – 2
Bs won 6 – 1
Cs lost 8 – 9

v PE
As lost 0 – 38
Bs lost 0 – 26
Cs lost 0 – 20

As lost 37 – 11
Bs won 10 – 33
Cs won 16 – 17

Mashonaland Bridge Pairs Tournament
As- Shamiso Chikuri and Tanatswa Njanji came 3rd out of 16 couples
Chiedza Njike and Tinotenda Mapani came 8th out of 16 couples
Bs- Nokutenda Gundo and Sandlasenkosi Mushambavanhu came 4th out of 16
Michelle Muringani and Rufaro Makoni came 6th out of 16

3.2 Debate
v Hellenic Academy
Juniors lost 217 – 235

v Watershed
Junior won 267 – 184
Seniors lost 69 – 75
3.3 Chess
v Gateway
PHG lost 1 – 11

3.4 Drama
It has been a productive term in the Peterhouse Drama Department this term with the Peterhouse Girls kicking off with some exquisite Interhouse Plays. Thank you to the girls and to Ms Bronkhorst for their efforts.

Towards the end of May next term (29 May to 1 June) the PHG seniors put on Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ and we look forward to watching a talented group of girls perform on stage.

We also hope to host Rory Kilalea’s troupe - iThemba Academy next term. They perform ‘Macbeth’ – a set IGCSE text.

Musical auditions (Once on This Island) were held this term, the cast and crew has been published and the first read-through done, all in preparation for what is hopefully a successful production in the Trinity Term. Save the dates from the 24th – 27th July for what is sure to be a spell-binding experience. More information to follow next term.

Some boys and girls visited Chisipite and Hellenic to watch their plays ‘Girls Like That’ and ‘Great Expectations’ respectively. They were both captivating shows and we thank both schools for accommodating us. There is always much to be learnt from watching one another’s school productions.

The Speech and Drama Festival is coming up next term and we look forward to quality pieces. Please encourage your children, if they are that way inclined, to think about entering. The deadline for entries is in the third week of term.

Boys will be able to sign up for drama sessions starting next term, and both boys and girls may sign up specifically to join the stage and technical crews should they wish to do so. The afternoon activities schedules detail which sessions are available for these.

3.5 Environmental Club
The Environmental Club had a successful educational trip to Pepsi Cola. The girls learnt how the beverage company uses plastic for their packaging. They also learnt how the company is providing collection bins in public centers. The company is hoping to increase its awareness on proper disposal of the plastic bottles for a clean environment. They have already a project in place whereby they pay people to pick up plastic bottles in their endeavour to clean the environment.

3.6 Kukura neShungu Report
Throughout this term, Kukura neShungu has been a success. Our two events combined (the Movie Night and Junior Social) have been the highlights of our fundraising efforts, generating close to $5,000 in funds, with the movie night making $2,600 and the Social making $2,100. We intend to use this money to ensure that the lives of our friends at Kukura neShungu are made better by the generosity and love of the
Peterhouse Group of Schools. Our fundraising, though successful, however has not been our best experience. The simple ability to change someone’s life by your presence and make them feel loved is something that we have been blessed with. Because it is a voluntary club, it is difficult to get people to join but with the dedicated people we have already, we continue to put our best foot forward and change the world by helping others.

Special thanks go to Mr Chiminya and Mrs Fantiso for their unending support and aid. He has been instrumental in our success, and in our quest to put smiles on the faces of every single individual at Kukura ne Shungu.

3.7 Music
The Eisteddfod 2019 recorded some outstanding results for Peterhouse musicians. There was a lot of positive feedback and encouragement towards the performances from Mr. Paul Colman, a London based professional musician who adjudicated this year. Our Senior Mixed choir attained Honours and a cup for their outstanding performance, Keara Shumba was awarded an Honours for her vocal solo and went on to compete in the NIAA vocal challenge for which she received a Commendation. The Senior Girls’ Choir was asked to perform in the NIAA highlights concert – a great achievement as only the best are asked to perform. The top results listed below:

Senior Mixed Choir Honours and the Cup
Senior Choir A Honours
African Choir 1st plus
Senior Mixed Choir – Church 1st Plus
Junior Choir B 1st plus
6th Form Vocal Ensemble 1st Plus
5th Form Vocal Ensemble 1st Plus
A block Ensemble 1st Plus
Senior Choir B 1st

Keara Shumba, vocal solo Honours
Amber Charles, Saxophone solo 1st plus
Dhalika Goven, Piano Duet 1st plus
Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Piano Duet 1st plus
Anesu Mhete, vocal solo 1st plus
Danai Mandebvu, vocal solo 1st plus
Danielle Machibaya, vocal solo 1st plus
Faith Kunaka, Matinatsashe Hove, vocal duet 1st plus
Karen Nleya, voice solo 1st plus
Danai Mandebvu, Praise Jaravani 1st plus
Aneni Chigwedere, piano solo 1st

C Block A Honours
Mufaro Nazare and Kimberly Maworise 1st plus

Eisteddfod Highlights concert
The Eisteddfod Highlights concert took place last Friday evening; 65 minutes of musical entertainment was enjoyed by all those present. Many thanks to Mr Mpofu for acting as Master of Ceremonies and to our music teachers, Mrs Covini, Mr Imbula, Daniel Delfino and Kudzaishe Rufasha for their input.
Thanks too to Mrs Shoesmith, Mr Barbour and Mr de Kock for taking charge of the logistics. It was a fabulous evening. Well done to all concerned.

Pastis had a meeting with the St George’s College, where they discussed a variety of topics and had meaningful conversations about equality.

3.9 Pecha Kucha 2019
Members of this Club are in VIth Form. Pecha Kucha means ‘chit chat’ in Japanese. People in over 900 cities around the world meet up at various venues to listen to various Pecha Kucha presentations. This world renowned, highly visual, exciting but prescriptive presentation technique is a great way to represent what the person is passionate about. It is more relaxed than the Gavel Club structure but still has strict rules and high expectations on the quality and delivery of each speech.

Anyone in VIth Form is welcome to attend these gatherings every month on a Wednesday night in Week B, in the Megahey Centre. There is a rotation on who runs the meetings each night – ably demonstrated by Rufaro Hoto and Tawanda Chauruka so far this term.

3.10 Poetry Slam
The Peterhouse Boys’ English Department hosted a very successful ‘Poetry Slam’ on Thursday 4th April in the Megahey Centre. Here twenty-eight young poets from Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls wrote and presented their poems to an audience and a panel of judges (Mr Hanly and Mrs Kapuya). The poems were insightful and a lot of planning went into the recitations. The boys and girls gave an entertaining performance and the audience was both supportive and involved in the proceedings. Mr Davy kept the programme flowing with his witty anecdotes and heartfelt - often very funny - renditions of famous poetry.

Winners of the Competition were:
Juniors: 1st Munesushe Mushosho with 82 points for her poem ‘Ambition’.
Runner Up: TJ Gaziwa (PHB) 72 points for his poem ‘Ambition’.

Middles: 1st S Uriri (PHB) 80 points for his poem ‘Keeping up with the Pack’.
Runner Up: Deborah Davy 77 points for her poem ‘Keeping up with the Pack’.

Seniors: 1st Matinatsashe Hove with 81 points for her poem ‘Awake’.
Runner Up: Anesu Mhete with 78 points for her poem ‘Awake’.

3.11 World Book Day
World Book Day was a great success again this year; pupils and staff alike dressed up as their favourite book characters and created a colourful and vibrant array of costumes to cheer us all up at the end of term.
A Block Winner: Abigail Mahofa as Harry Potter
Runners up: Chelsea Dengwani as Dracula; Sarah Burdett as Tinkerbell

B Block Winners: Meagan de Kock as Goosebumps
Runners up: Amy Scott Elliot as Pippi Longstocking; Jamie-Lee Kaschula as Madame Mim

C Block: Amy Chadwick as Goldilocks
Runners up: Amy Ferreira as Cheshire Cat; Anna Freeth and Brooklyn Tippett as Tom and Jerry

D Block: Melissa Kamusasa as ‘Africana’
Runners up: Chidochashe Munyonga as Nutcracker; Kaleigh Weeks as Dorothy

Staff winner: Mr Trewartha as ‘Mr Bump’


4.1 Sports Awards

1st Team Tracksuits
Andie Kuipers, Courtney Brown, Rebekah Royston, Chaneil Yosa, Doné Erasmus, Maja Potzas, Franchesca Chinhundu, Tiffany Nyamupingidza, Victoria Wood, Mitchelle Mafurise

Cock’s Ties
Andie Kuipers, Rebekah Royston, Erin Elliott, Chaneil Yosa, Doné Erasmus, Kimberley Tambula, Karen Mharadze, Jade Carlisle, Maja Potzas, Franchesca Chinhundu, Chimwemwe Msiska

Cross Country
1st Team Tracksuit
Andie Kuipers, Courtney Brown, Victoria Wood, Lillian Pope, Kylie Loubser, Louise van der Westhuizen, Natalie Moores, Amy Baxter, Erin Elliott, Doné Erasmus, Rebekah Royston, Stacey Dunstan

Cock’s Ties
Andie Kuipers, Erin Elliott, Doné Erasmus, Rebekah Royston, Stacey Dunstan

Half Colours
Andie Kuipers, Courtney Brown, Victoria Wood

Full Colours
Amy Doorman

1st Team Tracksuit
Erin Elliott

Cock’s Tie
Erin Elliott

Full Colours
Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Anesu Nzenza-Grant

4.2 Sports Results

Interprovincial National Athletics
Danielle Murrell came 6th in Zimbabwe for javelin in the U16 age group

Athletics Meet at Arundel (Field events only)
PHG came 3rd out of 5 schools

Athletics Meet at Chisipite
PHG came 2nd out of 6 schools

Well done to the following girls for breaking records at this Meet:
Gabriella Gonye U15 Shot Put
Danielle Murrell U15 Javeline
Junior 4 x 400m relay team (Hayley Chiutsi, Leesa Mutandwa, Stephanie Russell and Emily Wood)

Athletics meet at Lomagundi
PHG came 4th out of 10 schools

Invitational Relays meet at Peterhouse
PHG came 1st out of 5 schools

1st Sable 2874
2nd Impala 2778
3rd Eland 2765
4th Kudu 2683

Congratulations to the following girls who received trophies for the Athletics season:
U14 Best Aggregate HV Lilford Trophy
Runner up: Stephanie Russell
Winner: Anike Mparuri

U16 Best Aggregate MP Pereira Trophy
Runner up: Tanyaradzwa Changa
Winner: Leesa Mutandwa

U17 Best Aggregate FD Johnson Trophy
Runner up: Karen Mharadze
Winner: Doné Erasmus

Junior Pentathlete Adas Trophy
Runner up: Tanyaradzwa Midzi
Winner: Leesa Mutandwa
Senior Pentathlete Adas Trophy
Runner up: Doné Erasmus
Winner: Bryony Dawson

Junior Victrix Ludorum Adas Trophy (U15)
Runners- up: Chrissy Wenham and Tanatswa Chirenda
Winner: Debrah Nakhozwe

Senior Victrix Ludorum Adas Trophy (Snr)
Runner up: Anesu Mhete
Winner: Bryony Dawson

Best Senior Hurdler Tanya Spain Trophy
Runner up: Jade Carlisle
Winner: Bryony Dawson

v Arundel U14 won 10-8
U15 won 3-2
U16 won 10-7
2nd Team lost 2-7
1st Team lost 19-20
Horse riding
Arlington Show
Erin Elliot 2nd place 80cm Junior
Kylie Loubser 2nd place 105cm Junior
Adel Kotze 4th place Hunter Trials

PEC Easter Show
50cm class: 1st Kyra Peters, 2nd Georgia Grubb, 3rd Nokutenda Mangwiro, 4th Jenna Palframan
60cm class: 1st Ella Pope, 2nd Savanna Seaman, 3rd Chloe Hewer, 4th Anna Davy
70cm class: 1st Anna Freeth, 2nd Kayla Kalweit, 3rd Ashley Dziva, 4th Mazvita Mwedziwendira
80cm class: 1st Emily Wood, 2nd Sienna Page, 3rd Hannah Palmer, 4th Erin Mann
90cm class: 1st Luanna Page, 2nd Katie Loubser, 3rd Sienna Page
105cm class: 1st Kylie Loubser

Kayla Rouse 2nd Kyu Brown Belt
Tawonga Nyamhingura Purple Belt
Shannen Wilson Green Belt
Tinotenda Chirombe Yellow Belt
Vatida Nhemachena Yellow Belt
Priyali Rama Orange Belt
Tariro Muvevi Orange Stripe

Holly Bicknell has been selected to represent the RAZ (Rowing Association of Zimbabwe) Junior Rowing squad.
Sophie le Boulengé, Doné Erasmus and Stacey Dunstan were selected for the RAZ Development Team.

Peterhouse Kushinga Regatta
Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Genevieve Shoesmith, Kayla Kalweit and Megan Dunstan (Cox)
came 4th
Holly Bicknell and Victoria Wood came 19th
Lara Weller came 20th
Krystal Barber came 23rd
Samantha Davis came 25th
Bridgit Botha came 30th
Sophie le Boulengé came 10th

Doné Erasmus, Stacey Dunstan, Genevieve Shoesmith, Kayla Kalweit and Megan Dunstan (Cox)
came 5th in the A final
Holly Bicknell and Victoria Wood came 3rd in the C final
Sophie le Boulengé came 1st in the D final
Lara Weller came 2nd in the E final
Krystal Barber came 3rd in the E final
Samantha Davis came 2nd in the F final
Bridgit Botha came 3rd in the F final

v Hellenic won 4 – 0
v Chisipite won 4 – 2

Congratulations to Andie Kuipers who finished in 1st place on National series points.

King Price South African Triathlon Championships
U16 – 17 Girls Age Group
4th Place Andie Kuipers
9th Place Erin Elliott


5.1 Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards
Congratulations to Tinotenda Mapani and Abigail Mahofa for attaining their Bronze Awards.

New Registrations
The minimum age to start the Duke of Edinburgh International Award is 14 years of age at Bronze Level, 15 years at Silver and 16 years of age at Gold. Girls can register roughly 2 months before their birthday at the respective levels. Please may all payments for registration be made at the Accounts office at Peterhouse Boys. The girls must NOT bring the money to school with them to hand in.

Holiday Hours
A reminder that holiday hours cannot be collected without approval from Mrs Shoesmith or Mrs Phiri. An email must be sent requesting approval even if they are using the same coach from school. This is important for monitoring purposes.

Please do not hesitate to email Mrs Mazwi Phiri on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries or to get further details on the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

5.2 Outback (C Block 2019)
All C Block parents should have received the Outback Newsletter and indemnity forms: Dates are from the 12th – 15th May for PHG. Please note the equipment list on the letter and make sure your child returns to school with all the necessary kit for this at the beginning of the Trinity Term. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6.1 Dates to Diarise
Trinity (2nd Term)
Begins Tuesday 7th May
Boarders return by 17.00
Lessons begin Wednesday 8th May
1st Fixture Free Friday 24th - Monday 27th May
Half-Term Thursday 20th - Tuesday 25th June
3rd Fixture Free Friday 12th - Monday 15th July
Ends Thursday 8th August

Michaelmas (3rd Term)
Begins Tuesday 10th September
1st Fixture Free Friday 27th - Monday 30th September
Half-Term Thursday 17th - Tuesday 22nd October
3rd Fixture Free Friday 15th - Monday 18th November
Ends Thursday 5th December

Lent (1st Term 2020)
Begins Tuesday 14th January 2020