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Peterhouse Girls

Newsletter FFW (Current)



Thursday 8th August 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been a long and busy term and pupils and teachers alike are exhausted. It has of course been a very productive term too and the newsletter highlights many of the accomplishments of the girls during the course of the last few weeks.

I do hope many of you were able to watch the school musical “Once On This Island”. It was such a great show and whilst many people worked hard to make it happen, special mention must be made of Chipo Mtakwa and David Bvumbe, the Producer and Director respectively. They, along with the Music Department, did a great job and the girls performed and sang beautifully.

Those of you who followed the Golden Girls Tournament last weekend will already know our 1st Team placed second overall after a hard-fought and nail-biting final which went to sudden death extra-time after a full time score of 1-1. Whilst I was heart sore for the girls that they did not manage to lift the trophy, I was also immensely proud of them. They played hard, worked as a team and had great spirit and sportsmanship. What more could one ask for?

For the senior girls, the holiday should first of all be a time to rest and recover from the term, but more importantly it is a time to consolidate and study in preparation for the final examinations. Certainly those who make good use of their holiday time will cope better with the demands of the term ahead.

There is important information later in the newsletter both for B Block parents with regards the Chimanimani trip and for A Block parents with regards their post-IGCSE trip, this year to the Matopos. Please do read these, especially if they pertain to your daughter.

Finally, a few reminders for next term’s calendar. As well as the closed weekends at the beginning and end of term, the weekend of Friday 25th October is a closed weekend until after Speech Day has finished. This year the PHG Speech Day is on Saturday 26th October and girls will not be allowed out on Friday evening or be allowed to participate in fixtures on the Saturday. They will be allowed to take floatings after Speech Day which usually finishes just before lunchtime.

The second reminder I would like to make is that school finishes on Thursday, 5th December at 7.30am. I have been frustrated and disappointed by the flurry of emails I have received in the last few days asking for early departure, many of which were not for good reason. I do, of course, understand that family emergencies arise, but on the whole pupils should be at school until the last day. I strongly urge you to support the school in this matter and make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Wishing you all a restful holiday.

Kind regards,

Mrs Tracy Blignaut


Dear Parents and Guardians,

By now you will have received two fee statements, the:

1. First one in Z$s from May to July 2019.
2. Second one in PHUs from 1st August reflecting the opening balance having converted your Z$ statement balance to PHUs at 10:1, as well as the Michaelmas Term fee note.

Please note that all outstanding Cambridge Examination fees have been transferred to the Z$ fee account.

With regards to payments:

• Z$ payments will be receipted at the RBZ Midrate on the date that the funds are received (the date that the payment reflects on the schools statement), and NOT on the date of the payment instruction.
• If you would like to know the RBZ Midrate before you make your payment, please use the link .
• Parents are still able to make payment by telegraphic transfer to the schools USD Nostro accounts from external accounts, and these will be receipted at 1:1.
• We will begin issuing Fee Clearance Letters on Tuesday 3rd September, to those who have cleared their fees in full.
• Please remember to always send us a copy of your payment to ensure your Fee Clearance Letter is issued timeously.

Special Payment Plans in PHUs are still available to parents. Please email Mark Whitaker, if you require one, but please avoid leaving it to the first day of term.

The Accounts Department said farewell to Peggy Morgan at the end of July. Peggy has been with us since March 2010. We wish her well in her retirement and thank her for all of her hard work. We would like to welcome Stacey Bailey to the Accounts Team who will be on the same e-mail address. 

It is vital that we always have up to date contact information for each pupil, so please check that the contact information at the bottom of your child’s statement is correct, and if any changes are to be made to them, please advise Sue Heathcote.

The Accounts Department will be closed from 1pm on Friday 9th August, until 8am on Monday 19th August.

We would like to wish you all a restful holiday with your children.

Kind regards,

Mark Whitaker
Business Director


1.1 Dorados Is Back!!!
An invitation to join Dorados - both old and NEW members!
Dorados is a Mashonaland Country Districts based swimming club. We will provide your swimmer with extra training in the form of fitness, stroke technique and racing strategies – equipping your swimmer with the edge they need to perform to their full potential in galas. It also offers the opportunity for your swimmer to take their swimming to the next level in the form of competitive swimming.
If you would like your daughter to take part in club swimming, please could you contact Mrs Maria Marruchi our chapter rep for further information about training with Dorados Club.

1.2 Expedition 2019 - Multi day rafting trip – Zambezi River
Dates: 22 – 28 November 2019 (7 days total – 5 rafting)
Approximate Costs – the RTGS equivalent of about USD 1250 (includes Rafting, flights, accommodation most meals etc. Prices to be confirmed – E&OE)
Once in a life time chance…
The Batoka Dam site will eventually flood most of this part of the Zambezi River.
This is a once in a life time opportunity to adventure on the best white water in the world with your friends. This trip will be classified as a school trip and as such normal school rules relating to behaviour will apply.
This trip will qualify as DOE-IA Gold or Silver Adventurous Journey.

Eligible age groups – School Pupils in Form IV and VI.
By application to CEO of Outward Bound Zimbabwe

Please let Andrew Shoesmith know if you would like to participate in this trip by application letter with a reference letter from your Headmaster/Headmistress.


2.1 Academic Awards

Congratulations to the following girls who received Commendations for their Mark Order:
D Block - Shumirai Chigadza, Aneni Chigwedere, Chloe Chiremba, Anna Davy, Oanaya Dongo, Kimberly Gono, Tanatsirwa Jambwa, Makanaka Makuni, Zuva Mangoma, Anike Mparuri, Thandiwe Mtwazi, Nadine Mudzimuirema, Ruvarashe Nhongonhema, Zoey Nortier, Reina Parirenyatwa, Chloe Scott Elliot, Delph Sithole, Naledi Taundi, Gina Utsiwegota, Jewantee Yakiti

C Block – Amy Chadwick, Makanaka Dzvurumi, Anna Freeth, Rumbidzai Mapokotera, Rudado Matondo, Zandile Mbofana, Munesushe Mushosho, Thando Ntini, Ella Pope, Chrissy Wenham, Fadzai Zitsanza, Megan Ziyanga

B Block - Tawananyasha Banda, Ruvimbo Chauruka, Deborah Davy, Kayla Kalweit, Kyuri Kim, Tanatswa Matonda, Idi Musimwa, Luanna Page.

A Block – Sarah Burdett, Erin Elliott, Anne Kirkman, Laura Lagesse, Tinotenda Mapani, Gamuchirai Mhere, Tatenda Ndaudzwa.

VIth Form - Wadzanai Chiweshe, Rebecca Gau, Caroline Mufanebadza, Chiedza Njike

2.2 A Block, Vth and VIth Form
Just a reminder that there is a large bank of subject specific resources, including past papers, on our Revision website, which can be accessed on

A Block, Vth and VIth Form will start their study leave at half term. Vth Form will not be permitted to leave school during this time.

A Block girls need to submit their subject choices to Mr Griggs by the first day of next term. His e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.3 C Block Parent/Teacher Meeting
The C Block Parent/Teacher Meeting will be held in the dining hall at PHG on the Friday of the first Fixture Free weekend, 27th September. It will be preceded by a Parents Meeting at 9:15am to discuss subject choices for IGCSE.


3.1 Cultural Results

Five of our students attended an evening of Debaters at St George’s College alongside other speakers from different schools. The motion for the debate was: "This house believes that we cannot have true democracy in a country that does not guarantee absolute freedom of expression."

The guest speaker was an old Georgian and celebrated comedian, Mr Sam Monro who spoke about justice and how to fight for what one believes, which is very much in line with the Jesuit values that the school is founded on. Such an event gives students an opportunity to socialise and share ideas with other schools.

Our meeting with Prince Edward was entertaining and informative. We discussed several issues, among them Teenage Depression which was quite enlightening. We had a testimony from one of the boys who shared how depression is real among teenagers especially in this current generation. We pondered on why depression was not highlighted in previous generations.

Interhouse Public Speaking
The Gavel Club organised the annual Inter-House Public Speaking competition, which was held on Friday 2 August (juniors) and Saturday 3 August (seniors). Gavel Club members were the facilitators for both events. Many thought-provoking speeches were presented by both juniors and seniors, and the overall results were all very close. Many thanks to Ms Rinashe, I/C Gavel and Miss Ntini, who was the adjudicator; her feedback to all the speakers was invaluable.

The results were as follows:
1st Tanatswa Matonda 60 points - Eland
2nd Amy Scott Elliot 56 points - Kudu
3rd Chloe Scott Elliot 53 points - Kudu
4th Gamuchirai Mavinga 51 points - Impala

1st Rutendo Mupfumi 60 points - Impala
2nd Jordan Lindsay 59 points - Eland
3rd Anesu Mhete 58 points - Sable
4th Tawana Mahari 56 points - Kudu

Overall results
1st Kudu 217 points
2nd Eland 216 points
3rd Impala 204 points
4th Sable 201 points

Interhouse Quiz
1st Impala 59 points
2nd Kudu 54 points
3rd Sable 52 points
4th Eland 50 points

1st Impala 40 points
2nd Sable 34 points
3rd Eland 32 points
4th Kudu 30 points

Combined Results
1st Impala 99 points
2nd Sable 86 points
3rd Kudu 84 points
4th Eland 82 points

Musical Report – ‘Once On This Island’
This year, the Peterhouse Music and Drama Departments produced an energetic one-act play – ‘Once on This Island’ directed by David Bvumbe. A captivating and enchanting musical fable (19 songs) tells the story of the forbidden romance between a peasant girl and a rich city boy whom she saves from death. The musical delivered melody, love and joy in tropical abundance during a depressed season in Zimbabwe and was very well received by audiences during all 4 performances (24-27 July). The AFDIS/Reps adjudicator Sue Bolt praised the leads, orchestra, ensembles, director, costumes and producer/choreographer for a bewitching experience and delightful performance.
Many thanks to a notably large number of people and departments within the Peterhouse Group of Schools who helped bring this production alive, and of course to our Top Management Team for their support.

Next term, a very excited bunch of junior girls perform ‘The Lion King’ on 8th and 9th October.

Shona Club
One of the main aims of the Club is to teach the members how to prepare traditional dishes using an open fire. The girls did very well under the guidance of their teacher. A delicious meal was produced after 3 hours of hard work. The girls, both junior and senior, enjoyed the home cooked meal and an afternoon of lively interaction.

The Director of Culture graced the occasion by complimenting the girls on a job well done. We had sadza, vegetables in peanut butter soup, beef stew mixed with covo. A modern touch of white rice, roasted pork chops and chicken, was added to the traditional meal. To add some crunchiness, a coleslaw salad was added to our cuisine.


Distinction Chiedza Njike

Distinction Chiedza Njike, Matinatsashe Hove
Silver Service Tie Tatenda Zvidzai

Cock’s Tie Natercia Makwiranzou

Christian Fellowship
Distinction Amy Baxter, Chipo Chidakwa, Bryony Dawson, Amy Doorman, Megan Hough, Karen Nleya, Jessica Saunders

Service Tie Faith Kunaka, Anesu Mhete, Caroline Mufanebadza, Chiedza Njike, Primrose Rundogo, Tatenda Zvidzai

Full Colour Matinatsashe Hove, Danai Mandebvu, Keara Shumba

Credit Sarah Burdett, Laura Lagesse, Chioniso Madamba, Rebekah Royston, Anashe Utsiwegota

Distinction Sharonrose Mandudzi

Cock’s Tie Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Kayla Rouse

Half Colours Tanyaradzwa Kurenzvi, Jordan Lindsay, Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba,
Kayla Rouse

Full Colours Chipo Chodakwa, Anusha Chonzi, Danai Mandebvu, Bekezela Mbofana, Shannen Wilson, Natasha Nathoo, Caroline Mufanebadza, Mufaro Mutangadura, Stephanie Lawrence, Rufaro Songore

Kukura neShungu
Distinction Mitchelle Mafusire, Anesu Mhete

Distinction Wadzanai Chiweshe, Matinatsashe Hove, Chiedza Njike, Stephanie Lawrence

Half Colour Amber Charles, Chipo Chidakwa

Full Colour Tatenda Zvidzai

Distinction Adeline Boka, Mitchelle Mafusire

Cocks Tie Tatenda Zvidzai


4.1 National Selection
This month, Lilian Pope will be travelling to Stellenbosh as part of the Zimbabwe Ladies National Hockey Team who will be competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Qualification Tournament.

Andie Kuipers has been selected to join the Zimbabwe Triathlon Team as they compete at the Africa Games being held in Morocco this month.

4.2 Sports Results

NASP Archery Tournament
Peterhouse combined came runner up

v. Arundel U14 won 18-0
U15 lost 3-4
U16 lost 2-3
1st team won 23-13

Interhouse Basketball
1st Eland 18 points
2nd Sable 14 points
3rd Impala 12 points
4th Kudu 4 points

Golden Girls Tournament
Pool game results: v. Girls College won 2-1
v. Chisipite won 1-0
v. Gateway won 3-0
v. Kyle won 4-0
v. Eaglesvale won 4-0

PHG was the only school in the 2 pools of 12 to finish their pool games with maximum points (15, 5 wins, no losses and no draws).

Semi Finals: v. Arundel won 2- 0
Finals: v. Chisipite drew 1-1 in normal time but lost 0-1 in extra time

Congratulations to Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba who was nominated the 2019 Golden Girls Player of the Tournament.

A League
v. Chisipite A U14A lost 0-1
U15A drew 0-0
U16A lost 0-2
1st team lost 0-1

v. Watershed A U14A won 5-0
U15A drew 2-2
U16A won 8-0
1st team won 9-0

v. Girls College A U14A won 6-0
U15A drew 0-0
U16A won 2-1
1st team won 5-2

B League
v. Arundel B U14B won 2-0
U15B won 2-0
U16B won 4-0
2nd team drew 1-1

v. Chisipite B U14B won 6-0
U15B won 3-0
U16B won 2-0
2nd team drew 2-2

C League
v. Chisipite C U15C won 1-0
U16C lost 0-1
3rd team lost 0-1
(Chisipite cancelled the U14C game)

Overall A League Results
By Age Group: U14A 2nd out of 10 schools
U15A 5th out of 10 schools
U16A 1st out of 10 schools
1st Team 2nd out of 10 schools

PHG 1st Team finished the season with the highest goals scored in the league and least amount of goals conceded (28 for and 3 against).

Combined overall results A League: 1st Hellenic 84 points
2nd PHG 80
3rd Chisipite 76
4th Arundel 59
5th Lomagundi 58
6th Girls College 45
7th Gateway 39
8th Kyle 27
9th Harare Convent 21
10th Watershed 15
Overall B League Results
By Age Group: U14B 1st out of 10 schools
U15B 4th out of 10 schools
U16B 3rd out of 10 schools
1st Team 6th out of 10 schools

Combined overall results B League:
1st Hillcrest A 79 points
2nd Petra A 75
3rd Peterhouse B 65
4th Byo Convent A 59
5th MCC A 47
6th Eaglesvale A 45
7th Hellenic B 41
8th Arundel B 33
9th Heritage A 30
10th Chisipite B 30

Horse Riding
Pony Show (Harare)
Erin Elliot: 3rd for Welcome Stakes Flaring, 4th for Flaring Hunting horse, 2nd for Texacana, 2nd for 90cm Flaring and overall came 3rd in the Peterhouse team event.
Luanna Page: 1st for Gymkhana, 2nd for Showing, 4th and 2nd for Jumping and overall 1st and 3rd for Interschools.
Katie Loubser: 3rd and 4th for Gymkhana, two 3rd’s for the Showing class, 3rd for 1m jumping class, 4th for dressage and overall received the trophy for best turned out horse for the whole show.

v. Dominican convent (cancelled by DC)
v. Heritage (cancelled by Heritage)
v. Hellenic drew 2-2
v. Arundel lost 0-2

Chisipite invitational Soccer Tournament
1st Round v. Gateway (forfeit by Gateway)
v. Convent PHG won 5-2
v. Chisipite PHG drew 1-1
Semi Final v. Arundel PHG won 2-0
Final v. Mabelreign PHG lost 0-1

Table Tennis
v. BMC cancelled by BMC

4.3 Sports Awards

Distinction Franchesca Chinhundu, Charissa Manhanga, Kimberley Tambula, Anesu Nzenza-Grant, Mitchelle Mafusire

1st Team Tracksuit Precious Chemhere, Ayanda Fambisayi, Charissa Manhanga, Franchesca Chinhundu, Kimberley Tambula, Tyra Matizanhau, Rudairo Mutasa

Half Colours Precious Chemhere

Distinction Taige Innes, Lilian Pope, Merce’des Beekes, Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba, Rebecca Gau, Bryony Dawson

1st Team Tracksuit Tanaka Muringani, Amy Kluckow, Chipo Chidakwa, Chaniel Yosa, Doné Erasmus, Allyson Gillwald

Half Colours Victoria Wood, Courtney Brown, Jade Carlisle

Full Colours Bekezela Mbofana, Makanatsa Mtausi-Gwaradzimba

1st Team Tracksuit Bridget Lapham, Laura Lagesse, Deborah Davy, Stacey Dunstan, Rebekah Royston


5.1 B Block Chimanimani Expedition
Please see below the following reminders in regards to the Chimanimani expedition:

Dates: Friday the 20th to Wednesday 25th September 2019
Due to the dates the girls leave for and return from Chimanimani, transport arrangements for the 1st FFW will have to be finalised in the 1st week of Michaelmas Term. Please arrange and confirm plans with your daughters accordingly.

Indemnity Form: If you have not done so already, please return the indemnity form on the first day of the Michaelmas Term.

Kit List: It is compulsory for your daughter to have her own sleeping bag. We encourage your daughter to source her own 60litre rucksack, two man tent, camping stove and camping pots but will have this equipment for her from Outward Bound Zimbabwe, if you do not have it.

Solo Letter: Your daughter will spend time alone in a safe, quiet environment as part of the self – awareness component of the journey. Please write her a personal letter, which we will give her as she goes off on her solo time. This is a powerfully moving experience, and a damaging one if your daughter is without a letter when her peers have one, so please may we insist on this being done. The letters are due on the first day of Michaelmas Term, but you are welcome to hand them in earlier. Please deliver them to the Housemistress – Mrs Chinodyaruswa - in a sealed envelope clearly labelled with your daughter’s full name and ‘Solo’ written on it so that we know what the contents are.

Thank you for your continued support in our endeavours to provide your daughters with a wide and fruitful breadth of education.

5.2 A Block Outdoor Education (Post IGCSE Exams)
After the final IGCSE exams are over, the entire A Block will depart to Matopos National Park for their last memorable step in their Infinity Program at Peterhouse. The course will run from the 15th to the 20th November (returning to Harare around 1700hrs).

We have run similar programmes for A Block for several years now and they are invaluable in the networking, familiarisation and collaboration required when they meet again in Vth Form 2020. This is the first and only co-educational step in our Outdoor Education Programme where the A Block boys and girls really get to know one another using an exciting, challenging and very engaging outdoor program. Matopos National Park is a unique and very beautiful part of our Zimbabwean cultural and natural heritage, and one corner of our amazing country that we would really like to expose our A Block pupils to as they get to work together.

This programme is a compulsory part of our Peterhouse Curriculum – please can you plan your child’s holiday to commence after the 20th of November. Peterhouse will be running the programme utilising the services of Outward Bound, so we can expect to reduce the costs of this course quite substantially.

Please contact Andrew Shoesmith if you have any questions.  


6.1 Term Dates to Diarise

Michaelmas Term 2019
Boarders return Tuesday 10 September (by 17.00)
Lessons start Wednesday 11 September
1st Fixture Free Friday 27 - Monday 30 September
Half-Term Thursday 17 - Tuesday 22 October
3rd Fixture Free Friday 15 - Monday 18 November
Ends Thursday 5 December

Lent Term 2020
Begins Tuesday 14 January 2020

6.2 Assembly by Matinatsashe Hove and Amy Doorman
Good morning school, today we will be talking to you about Humour, Honesty and Teamwork which is all part of the Prefects goal for this year: extracting your individual excellence for the excellence of the school.

Humour is the quality of being amusing or comic. We are all aware of the current economic situation in Zimbabwe: long food queues, high food prices and most pressing - no electricity. Yet how many of you have read numerous memes and posts that have literally made you laugh out loud, despite the seemingly miserable situation? You see, that’s the purpose of humour, to take your focus off the miserable for a little while and help you look on the bright side. But how do we use humour in school? We can use it in a similar way. For example, if you see someone who seems to be having a miserable day, why not cheer them up by cracking a joke or two: What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops? Guardians of the Galaxy.
Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed.

Not only will the humour, according to research, help their psychological and physical wellbeing and boost your creativity, but the laughter will benefit their circulation, lungs and muscles, and even though you only set out to make someone’s day better, in the process you would have helped their health and built a relationship.

Honesty is being free of deceit, being truthful and sincere. Honesty is not just about telling the truth but it is also about being honest with people and yourself. If you know that you won’t be able to do something on your own, you need to be honest with yourself and ask for help. If you know words you have said may have been hurtful to someone, you need to be honest enough to admit it and apologise. Fun fact: two University of Notre Dame professors conducted an honesty experiment and they concluded that telling the truth when tempted to lie can significantly improve a person’s mental and physical health. As you can see, honestly also helps your health and it will benefit when working as a team, which brings us onto teamwork.

Teamwork is the combined action of a group working effectively and efficiently towards a common goal. In our case, our goal is extracting your excellence for our excellence and this can only be done if we work as a team. Teamwork doesn’t only have to be on the sports field, it can also be done in other places around school. In the houses, you can ensure the wings stay neat if everyone does their duties. In the class, you can improve your grades by working in a study group or as a team with your teacher and so improve the pass rate and make the school excellent.

We will leave you with a quotation by Simon Sinek, “A team is not a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other”, and to trust each other you need honesty, a touch of humour and then teamwork will make the dream work!