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Peterhouse Girls

Adventurous Journey to Imire Bush Camp 2019

Anyone afraid of bats? Or getting lost for a few hours?

Our second Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Exploration journey found us ten times wiser than the first had been. Strategies and rough route maps, which were influenced by the location of the irritable Black Rhino were all in place. It was all very exciting for the pupils who picked the Exploring over the Expedition. They felt it would be easier, which it is in some ways, but walking still needs to be done and the usual self-catering, self-sustaining has to happen all of which can be hard work.

There was a buzz of excitement on the bus – lots of chitter chatter with the boys and girls not too sure what was in store for them. What was felt by all was the heat, that no one had been prepared for. So after arriving at Imire on Friday 8 march, without wasting much time a short briefing on orientation and navigation was done and it was off to work!
The blazing sun in the open plains was felt by all. The groups spent hours looking for things for their purpose that ranged from various types of dung to animal habitats, spoor and an investigation into animal dependency. All very exciting and Imire provides the perfect environment for such purposes. The first night –after calling for lights out – ALL the boys were outside their chalet daring each other to go in – afraid of the bats that clearly had a community gathering in the ceiling of their chalet. Some opted to sleep under the stars until a broom finally did the trick!

Great fires were set for meal times – which often made it difficult to reach the pot on the stove but lessons learnt all the same. No one planned on getting lost for a few hours but the navigation lessons and orienteering of using the sun only helped people find their way back albeit angry, hungry and frustrated. All exploring was done without back packs except on the last day when we packed up camp and set off at 6am with all our belongings. Exploring with the back pack was tiring. There were loud shouts of celebration when the buses arrived to pick up the Explorers and this time – all that could be heard, was not excited chitter chatter but the soft snores of 20 boys and girls who had stretched their minds, adapted to new environments and worked tirelessly to fulfil their purposes.

Mrs Mazwi Phiri
Duke of Edinburgh International Award