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Peterhouse Girls

Introducing our 2021 Dept. Head of School - Sophie Boulenge

My name is Sophie Le Boulenge and I am in Eland house.

I was born in Bruxelles, Belgium and have lived in different countries during my childhood. I have therefore experienced two junior schools including the International School of Lusaka and B Sainte Collette la Providence School in Cognac, France. I had the privilege to join Peterhouse in B block (Form 3).

I am currently studying Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry at A level and hope to continue this scientific path by studying medicine at university. At Peterhouse, I particularly enjoy athletics, cross country and rowing. On the cultural side, my favourite activity is Model United Nations.

I love the variety of cultural and sporting activities where I feel that there is something for everyone to enjoy. I also enjoy the way the school welcomes us and makes us a part of a community where we all develop in our own unique way.

During my spare time, I enjoy the company of my friends and family but also exploring my creative side by indulging in painting, writing and fashion. I love visiting art exhibitions or national monuments or just going for a walk with a friend. I like taking pictures and meeting new people. When I am back home in Belgium I spend as much time with my younger cousins as possible doing whatever they fancy.

In my time at Peterhouse, I have had the chance of representing my school with my rowing crew in South Africa and taking part in a MUN meet we hosted at Peterhouse with different schools. The highlight of the last few years was building various friendships and seeing them grow and feeling integrated into a place I never thought I would belong.

I am still growing and my journey to become an adult continues but this unique experience I am living at Peterhouse is one of the best I have lived so far. We are very fortunate in that with the help of our teachers and staff, our cultural and sport coaches and of course our peers we learn to develop both as individuals and as a group.