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Peterhouse Girls

From the Rector's Desk - 6th January 2021

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Christmas school holiday is quickly coming to an end and I do hope that you have managed to enjoy some quality family time, albeit under very different conditions to what we might be used to. Obviously we find ourselves starting the New Year in difficult times, and the onset of the second Covid wave is proving to be more demanding than was experienced in 2020. The result of this has been a significant rethink of our beginning of year arrangements.

In light of the national lockdown announced by the Vice President on 2 January, the school will be reverting to digi-school (online learning) from Wednesday 13 January, and the systems we used in 2020 will be reactivated. There will be some fine tuning in terms of what we do within the digi-school space, and this will largely relate to ensuring greater engagement by pupils in the ‘classroom’. This will enable us to reinforce accountability within the learning environment, since this was a source of concern for staff towards the end of online learning in 2020. The routine and timetable for digi-school will, to begin with, remain unchanged.

The Beginning of Lent Term arrangements for Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls are as follows:

Wednesday 13 January
07h15 Beginning of Term Assembly and Chapel Online
07h45 Tutor Lesson Online (C, B, A, Vth and VIth Forms only)
08h30 Digi-school re-opens (Lesson 1) Online (C, B, A, Vth and VIth Forms only)

Please note that for D Block, the planned Orientation programme that was scheduled to start at Peterhouse on 10 January, will no longer take place. A separate set of arrangements for the D Block, to cater for a revised Peterhouse orientation, will be circulated to D Block parents. This will make provision for the introduction of the Peterhouse online learning platforms.

For Springvale House the following beginning of term arrangements apply:
07h30 Headmaster’s welcome and Chapel Service Online
08h00 Digi -school re-opens Online

For our 2020 Cambridge examination candidates there are no changes to the announcement of results, with the AS/A level results scheduled for release after 10h00 on Monday 11 January. The release code will be sent to parents on Friday 8 January. The IGCSE results are scheduled for release on Tuesday 19 January. The release code will be sent to parents during the week 11–15 January.

It was of course our sincere hope that 2021 would have afforded us an opportunity to start rebuilding some degree of normality to our schooling environment; sadly, this is not the case. We are acutely conscious of the fact that this second wave is proving more challenging than the first, and as a school we support every effort to reduce risk by the wearing of masks, social distancing, sanitizing, and avoiding large group events. Hopefully we will be able to start the process of formally re-opening the school in early February.

In closing, we are aware that, across the spectrum of our community, members of the Peterhouse family have experienced some tough times over the holiday. In this regard we want to share our support for those who have not been well, or who have experienced demanding and difficult times.

As with 2020, appreciating that we live in an ever-changing environment, and as circumstances change for the school in managing the lockdown situation, we will communicate our response to you as quickly as possible.

With warm regards,

Jon Trafford