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Peterhouse Girls

Leavers' Service 2020

We said farewell to our Peterhouse Girls Class of 2020. During the Chapel Service several members of staff sang “Irish Blessing’’; the girls handed over their old school shoes to donate to those in need, and, Gideon bibles were given to each of them to guide them in the future.

It was a meaningful and emotional service, a time of sadness to be leaving the school community and a time of celebration, as each girl will go on to take her place in the world.

“I can’t tell you how much I have loved getting to know all of you. When I first met you in the chapel I was daunted at the prospect of being ‘mom away from home’ to 60 teenage girls! But you have all been amazing... I want to thank you for being respectful and gracious, you truly are a credit to Peterhouse.

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From the Rector's Desk - 30th October 2020

Friday 30 October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Functions and events during the course of this week will offer us a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge achievements in 2020. Given all that this year has been, it is remarkable to see how much has been achieved.

On Thursday, both Peterhouse Boys and Girls announced their Prefects for 2021. Congratulations to all those appointed to leadership roles, and we certainly wish them every success in their leadership journey. Equally, thanks must go to the outgoing Prefects who have presided over one of the most unique and disjointed years in our history. For them, many opportunities have been lost, but equally, there will be many valuable lessons learnt from their 2020 experience. We wish them every success as they leave Peterhouse and embark on the next phase of their lives.

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Office Bearers 2021

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected as Office Bearers for 2021.

Head Girl - Franchesca Chinhundu
Deputy Head Girl - Sophie le Boulengé

Head of Vth Form - Chimwemwe Msiska
Head of A Block (Elizabeth House) - Gamuchirai Mhere
Head of B Block (Margaret House) - Sarah Burdett
Head of C Block (Kathleen House) - Mupiwa Mungoni
Head of D Block (Tatanga House) - Doné Erasmus

Deputy Head of D Block - Caitlin Theron

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From the Rector's Desk - 22nd October 2020

Thursday 22 October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


During the course of the last week there has, in South Africa, been a lot of coverage of a Covid “superspreader” function in Cape Town, where over eighty matriculants, celebrating the end of formal schooling, have tested positive for Covid. These functions, common when pupils come to the end of an academic year, are increasingly seen as vehicles for the large scale spread of the Corona virus. It should be noted that in the case of these Cape Town pupils, this function took place prior to the start of their public examinations, consequently, they have placed themselves at serious risk of not writing their first examination papers.

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Tayleigh Taylor Triathlon Results October 2020

Well done to Tayleigh Taylor for her achievements at Triathlon recently.

Tayleigh came 2nd in her category/age group and 13th overall in the Super Sprint.

From the Rector's Desk - 16th October 2020

Friday 16 October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The beginning of the week was marked by some great rain as a series of thunderstorms swept across the school. In such an unusual year, even the weather cycles have been turned upside down. No-one is complaining and the school grounds, in response to the rain, are looking magnificent.

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Learner Guides Practical Target Practice 2020

Our Learner Guide pupils recently had practical lessons on the safety and use of firearms.

Instructors taught them how to stand correctly, hold the weapons correctly and aim at the targets.

The first weapons used were pellet guns, they then went on to using a .22 and the next step is heavier calibre firearms.

Other topics covered were care of firearms, cleaning kits, and then cartridge and bullet construction.

Further down the line, learners will do a shooting test as part of their journey to proficiency - it is very important to get the basics right.

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Equestrians Page & Mannix at Equigear 2020

Congratulations to Sienna Page and Taige Mannix who competed in the Equigear Show last weekend.
They achieved the following:

1st - 1m Champs on Jennah
2nd - 1m on Jennah
5th - 95cm on Chum
6th - 105cm on Jennah

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From the Rector's Desk - 9th October 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


One week into the Cambridge examinations and they appear to be consistent with our expectations, though thus far the majority have been practicals. Last weekend provided all our candidates an ideal opportunity to consolidate their preparation and the majority of those at school used their time both constructively and wisely. Once again, we are appreciative of all our families who embraced our desire to restrict movement during the Fixture Free Weekend.

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World Rowing Challenge 2020

A few weeks ago, World Rowing set out a challenge to rowing clubs and rowers around the world to show any tricks that they had to display. Several of our athletes decided to take this challenge head on, and on a calm and sunny day at Kushinga dam, they displayed what they could do without hurting themselves or their boats.

We are very excited that World Rowing has shared these images of our rowers with the world, allowing us to continue to grow the name of the Peterhouse Boat Club!"





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International Gavel Meeting with Canada 2020

Earlier this term our pupils were involved in a live Zoom Meet with a Gavel Club from Canada!
This is certainly one of the most extraordinarily positive events that has taken place, culturally, at Peterhouse, as a result of Covid 19 and learning via digi-school.

Twenty pupils from the Peterhouse Gavel Clubs met in the Megahey Center, masked up and rearing to go. Via a Zoom connection, the group of them were projected onto a screen next to a group of young Gavel members from a club called ‘Speak Up’ in Vancouver, Canada.

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