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Peterhouse Girls

We Are Currently Closed

The health, safety and well-being of our staff, pupils, parents and visitors is our utmost concern and priority during these uncertain times. Strict measures have been taken with regards to sanitization, hygiene and entry on to our estates.

Please be advised that our school offices will be closed to the public with immediate effect until Monday 4th May 2020, unless we receive a directive to the contrary.

We will be in contact with current parents directly via e-mail and the d6 Communicator.

We ask that prospective parents wishing to submit Application Forms e-mail these to us in the first instance. Our Registrars will then contact you on their return to the office.

Wishing you a quiet and safe time over the April holidays.

Winning Gold & Silver at the South African Rowing Champs 2020

“Race day had come. Roodeplaat dam was overloaded with hundreds of tents and people all hungry to row. I was nervous and scared, my heart couldn’t stop pumping. My coach gave me the talk before I went out and he said, ‘Prove the nay-sayers wrong! Show them who you are and what you can do.’ As I approached the green, slimey waters, I entered my boat, hands quivering, head shaking and I said, ‘Let’s have at it!’” T.J. Gwaziwa

Our young rowers went to the SA Champs which were held at Roodeplaat Dam in Pretoria, South Africa, on the 1st March, to compete in the Regatta held over the first weekend of March from the 6th to 8th , 2020. It was a wonderful experience for our rowers.

A great deal of hard work and effort w

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Equestrian Results Hillcrest 2020

Hillcrest Eventing

Junior Eventing Class
1st Flaring - Erin Elliot
2nd Tex
7th Jenna - Sissi Page

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Interhouse Plays 2020

Earlier this term the girls put on their annual Interhouse Plays. The girls worked hard and hopefully learned much about how to improve their craft in the future. They should be proud of their efforts – some very real talent was evident on stage!

Two girls: Franchesca Chunhundu (Eland) and Tanya Kurenzvi (Sable) even took on the task of writing original plays for their respective Houses. They in particular should be given much commendation. Credit will definitely be given in the adjudication process for such efforts in the future.

Congratulations to Kudu who won the competition and were therefore the recipients of the Baxter Trophy for the Best Play Overall. Kudu also won the Laing Cup for Best Technical Production.

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Basketball vs Arundel 2020

1st Team lost 15-16

2nd Team won 10-8

U16 won 16-4

U15 won 20-2

U14 won 14-2

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Learner Guides Mururu Course 2020

This year’s Mururu Learner Guide course saw a number of past and present Peterhouse pupils in attendance. It was great for our pupils to network with each and share knowledge about the industry.

Daniel woods – presently VI Form
Shannen Wilson - left last year
Liam Robinson - left 2018
Luke MacDonald - external pupil for 6 weeks
Dylan Browne - now into his fourth year of apprenticeship
David Langerman – left 2001 (Head of School) now a fully qualified PH with his own conservation company who is giving back to the community.

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Triathlon National Champs 2020

A number of our pupils travelled up to Troutbeck, Nyanga, for the National Triathlon Championships at Half-Term. Well done to all who participated in this event. All the girls made the squad to race in Durban South African Championships.

Peterhouse Girls
Andy Kuipers came 4th in the African Cup Race and 1st in National Champs U19
Erin Elliot came 6th in the African Cup race and 1st in National Champs U17
Brooklyn Tippet came 4th in the African Cup race and 2nd in the National Champs U15

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Mashonaland Squash Champs 2020

Well done to our girls who did so well in the Mashonaland Squash Champs:

Bridget Lapham won 2 lost 2 and placed 4th out of 26
Deborah Davy won 3 lost 1 and placed 5th out of 26
Rebekah Royston won 2 lost 2 and placed 6th out of 26
Abigail Davy won 3 lost 2 and placed 10th out of 26
Bronwin Coleman won 3 lost 2 and placed 13th out of 26

Equestrian Results February 2020

Show Jumping held on the 28th February in Harare:
Taige Mannix came 1st in the 90cm on Supreme Jump off
Taige Mannix came 2nd and 3rd place in the 1m Supreme all speed classes
Taige Mannix achieved two 2nd places on Song Sung Blue at 80cm

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Combined Interhouse Athletics 2020

For the first time in many decades Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls came together to enjoy a Combined Interhouse Athletics meeting.

Overall Positions
1st Kudu
2nd Eland
3rd Sable
4th Impala

Victrix Trophies
Runner Up - Desire Chikamhi 30 points
Winner - Nicole Badwell 38 points

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Waterpolo Warwick Smith Trophy 2020

Peterhouse U15 vs Chisipite U14 lost 14-0
Peterhouse U15 vs Petra U15 lost 3-10
Peterhouse U16 vs Falcon U16 won 6-2
Petra U14 vs Peterhouse U14 won 12-2

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