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Peterhouse Girls

Meet Jo-anne Schultz - VIth Form Housemistress

Jo-anne Schultz has always been driven to help people become the best version of themselves.

During her seventeen (17) years of working with people in the health and fitness industry she has learnt the value of hard work and digging deep to discover ones’ inner strength. She joined Peterhouse Girls in 2020 as Housemistress where she has enjoyed mentoring the 6th form girls. She is a passionate Strength and Conditioning Coach, CrossFit Coach, Specialist in Performance Nutrition and all-round chief motivator and cheerleader.

She has represented Zimbabwe for Practical Pistol Shooting at National and Inter-National Level. Jo-anne is also a Professional Guide and Lower Zambezi River Guide, she received the coveted Guide of the Year Award in her qualifying year. In a nutshell Jo-anne is a sporty, bush-loving gal who loves to show people how amazing they really are!

Introducing our 2021 Head of C Block - Mupiwa Mungoni

My name is Mupiwa Mungoni and I am in Impala.

I am from Harare and I went to Gateway Primary School. I have spent all six years of high school at Peterhouse and I am currently studying Mathematics, Business Studies and Biology.

At Peterhouse I enjoy playing volleyball and particularly like the music department where I participate in choir. One thing I appreciate most about Peterhouse is the vast amount of opportunity it offers. In April, 2019, I travelled to Denmark as part of a cultural exchange program. We had the opportunity to closely interact with the community which was great fun and very enlightening not only about the Danish but about other European countries and their cultures.

During my free time I enjoy singing. I am currently studying grade 7 ABRSM singing as a practical which creates a balance between enjoying myself and challenging myself.

Form 1, January 2022 - Registration in Progress

It may seem like a whole year away but before you know it half the year has passed, the Common Entrance Assessments have been written and our intake confirmed - all before the end of July. 

Introducing our 2021 Head of B Block - Sarah Burdett

My name is Sarah Burdett and I am Head of B Block (Form 3) for 2021.

I am from a small town in Mozambique called Catandica. I started my first two years of junior school at Sharon school in Harare, I then went to Njerenji, a small school just outside Chimio in Mozambique.

I have been at Peterhouse since D block (Form 1). I am currently studying Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology and hope to pursue a career in environmental industry. I am interested in a variety of things and have been very grateful to be able to do most of these at Peterhouse. For example, I enjoy waterpolo training, I also play chess for Peterhouse and participate in hospital visits.

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From the Rector's Desk - 26th February 2021

Friday 26 February 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,


I do hope that the recent half term provided you all with a good break from the demands of online schooling. As the week has unfolded we have, increasingly, grown in expectation of an announcement about the re-opening of schools. This has been prompted by the school having to complete documentation on our preparedness to re-open the school for the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. I would certainly like to think that we have everything in place to get our pupils back.

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Introducing our 2021 Head of A Block - Gamuchirai Mhere

My name is Gamuchirai Mhere and I am in Impala House.

I am from Chiredzi and I went to Hippo Valley Estates Primary School for my junior education.
I joined Peterhouse in D block and am studying English Language, Information Technology and Mathematics for A Level. IT is my favourite subject and an area of study that particularly fascinates me.

I enjoy a range of activities at Peterhouse which include practising my tennis with the 2nd team, attending archery sessions as well as helping at table tennis sessions as I am a member of the 1st team. I am also in the Senior Girls’ Choir and have been competing in the annual Eisteddfod since D block.
The thing I enjoy the most about Peterhouse is the fact that I always have my friends around me, unlike at home, because I don’t live in Harare where most of them stay. Being at Peterhouse has allowed me to make great friends that I know will stick with me even years after we’ve left school.

In my spare time, it’s rare to find me without a good novel in my hands; I love to read. If I am not reading, I probably have my headphones on, listening to my favourite podcast show. I also enjoy cooking and baking so I’m in the kitchen a lot, trying out new recipes.

Danni Kaschula World Rowing Record Breaker 2021

Huge congratulations to Dannielle Kaschula, Peterhouse Girls, who re-broke her World Record for the U14s 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships in the Peterhouse Boys gym on Wednesday. 

Danielle also rocked the rowing world with her third place finish in the finals of the U19 Women’s World Indoor Rowing Championship. Danielle represented both Zimbabwe and Africa in this competition, having completed a rigorous qualification process. Given Danielle’s age against that of her competitors, this was an amazing achievement. She has certainly done her school, indeed her country, proud. She was supported by a small, yet very vocal, audience, who egged her on to finish in an impressive 1:31:9.

Meet Sherrill Bowker - English Teacher 2021

Sherrill Bowker joined Peterhouse Girls in January 2021 to teach English. In 2020 she graduated with distinction from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelor of Education.

Sherrill grew up in Bindura, Chinhoyi then Harare and attended Arundel School.

Sherrill is a D-Block tutor and helps with both Christian Fellowship and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.

Sherrill finds great joy in helping others learn and love English and her heart resonates with the motto ‘Everybody always’.

Introducing our 2021 Head of Vth Form - Chimwemwe Msiska

My name is Chimwemwe Msiska and I am in Kudu House.

I am from Harare, went to Springvale House and joined Peterhouse in D block. I am studying Biology, Physical Education and Music and hope to go on to study Physiotherapy in the future.

When I am not singing in the Senior Girls’, Senior Mixed and Eucharist choirs, as well as attending vocal lessons and Drama Club sessions, you can find me training for athletics in the first term and soccer in the second term. 

What I enjoy the most about Peterhouse is how varied the afternoon activities are so we can all choose activities that cater to our individual interests. I am really interested in learning foreign languages. Therefore, in my spare time I often find myself practicing my Spanish skills through podcasts and interactive videos. I also enjoy cooking for my family. 


ATS - Playing the Claim Game 2021

February 2021

Dear ATS Parent


I have referred elsewhere to a lovely piece (originally produced as a poem) which recorded that a university professor once bemoaned about his students that, “Such rawness is a shame; Lack of preparation in the school is to blame.” The Sixth Form teacher countered, “Good heavens, what crudity! The boy’s a fool. The fault, of course, is in the Lower school.” The Secondary school teacher blamed the Primary teacher who in turn derided the ECD. The ECD teacher declared, “Such lack of training never did I see! What kind of woman must his mother be?” The mother answered, “Poor helpless child; he’s not to blame. His father’s people were all the same.” Not to be outdone, however, “Said the father, keeping in line, ‘I doubt the rascal is even mine.’”

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From the Rector's Desk - 17th February 2021

Wednesday 17 February 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Below are two pieces of art recently completed by Sean Rogers (PHB) and Kayleigh Weeks (PHG); in the hurly burly of all that is digital schooling, it is reassuring to recognise that we continue to express our creativity in ways which are both bold and spectacular.

It was not my intention to write a mid-term letter, but on the back of recent announcements it seems appropriate to provide comment. The announcement of an extension to the lockdown has provided some clarity on the issue of schools not re-opening until, at best, the beginning of March. Obviously, from our perspective, this is disappointing, and we can only hope that the Covid situation in the country will improve to a point which will facilitate a re-opening of schools.

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